A Guide to Fantasy Authors and Tales

compiled by George Jelliss

Part 4 — The Age of Science Fiction

There is a surprising amount of agreement among science fiction aficionados that there was a ‘Golden Age’ of the genre, and that it began in the late 1920s and early 1940s, and is especially associated, at least in the USA, with pulp magazines like Weird Tales and Astounding Science Fiction. Many authors of this period wrote first for these magazines and their stories were later collected and made more widely known in book form in the 50s to 70s. Also a number of the Golden Age authors have had very long and prolific writing lives, and also began writing collaborative works in the twilight of their careers. The authors in this section were born between 1907 and 1924 inclusive. We may say that they were the generation that experienced the Second World War. In fact the first two on our list, Robert Heinlein and L. Sprague De Camp spent most of the war in the US Naval Air Experimental Station alongside a younger companion by name of Isaac Asimov.

Robert A(nson) Heinlein (1907-1988)
Short stories: "Lifeline" first 1939, "By His Bootstraps" every character is the same character at various points of a circular time trip; Citizen of the Galaxy,; Glory Road; Starship Troopers; The Door into Summer; The Moon is a Hard Mistress; Lazarus Long stories: Methuselah's Children, Time Enough for Love; Stranger in a Strange Land 1960s;

L(yon) Sprague de Camp (1907-2000)
Lest Darkness Fall 41, a time traveller in ancient Rome tries to prevent the Dark Ages; The Incomplete Enchanter [with Fletcher Pratt] (first published as The Roaring Trumpet and The Mathematics of Magic) 41; Land of Unreason [with FP] 42; The Carnelian Cube [with FP] 48; Divide and Rule 48; The Stolen Dormouse 48; The Wheels of If 48; The Castle of Iron [with FP] 50; Genus Homo [with P. Schuyler Miller] 50, a group of humans in suspended animation awake to find a world dominated by evolved apes; Rogue Queen 51, introducing democracy to a hive culture; The Tritonian Ring 51; The Undesired Princess 51; The UP and Mr Arson 51; Continent Makers and other tales of the Viagens 53; The Tritonian ring and other Pusadian tales 53; Cosmic Manhunt (A Planet Called Krishna) 54; Solomon's Stone 57; An Elephant for Aristotle 58; The Tower of Zanid 58; Wall of Serpents (The Enchanter Compleated) [with FP] 60 (76); The Bronze God of Rhodes 60; The Glory That Was 60; The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate 61; The Search for Zei (The Floating Continent) 62; The Hand of Zei 63; Gun for Dinosaur and other Imaginative Tales 63 (69); The Arrows of Hercules 65; The Goblin Tower 68; The Golden Wind 69; Demons and Dinosaurs 70; The Reluctant Shaman and other Fantastic Tales 70; The Clocks of Iraz 71; Phantoms and Fancies 72; Scribblings 72; The Fallible Friend (Fiend?) 73; The Virgin and the Wheels 76; The Hostage of Zir 77; The Queen of Zamba 77; The Great Fetish 78; The Best of ... 78; The Purple Pterodactyls 79; Footprints on Sand 81; Heroes and Hobgoblins 81; The Prisoner of Zhamanak 82; The Unbeheaded King 83; The Bones of Zora [with Catherine Crook de Camp] 83; The Incorporated Knight [with CCdeC] 87; The Stones of Nomuru [with CCdeC] 88; The Honorable Barbarian 89; The UP and the Enchanted Bunny [with David Drake] 90; The Pixilated Peeress [with CCdeC] 91; Sir Harold and the Gnome King 91; The Swords of Zinjabar [with CCdeC] 91; The Enchanter Reborn [with Christopher Stasheff] 92; The Venom Trees of Sunga 92; Rivers of Time 93; The Exotic Enchanter [with CS] 95; The Reluctant King 96. Also contributions to the Conan seres.

Maurice (Lane) Richardson (1907-1978)
The Exploits of Engelbrecht 46/50, a dwarf involved in surrealistic 'sports'; Fits and Starts 79, includes 'Fiendish Nuptials; A Horroratorio'.

Stephen Tall (Compton Newby Crook 1908-1981)
The Stardust Voyages 75; The Ramsgate Paradox 76; stories from the log of the 'Stardust' scientific survey spaceship.

'Jack' (John Stewart) Williamson (1908-)
Golden Blood 33/64; Wizard's Isle (Lady in Danger) 34 (45) Darker Than You Think 40/48, hero is destined to rule the werewolf race; The Reign of Wizardry 40/64/79, set in Minoan Crete; Dragon's Island 51; Demon Moon 94; The Humanoids; Legion of Space, The Cometeers, One Against the Legion. [as Will Stewart]: Seetee Ship, Seetee Shock. Also collaborations with Frederick Pohl.

August (William) Derleth (1909-1971)
Following the death of H.P.Lovecraft in 1937 Derleth besides publishing his works completed some of his manuscript fragments and began to extend the Cthulhu mythos. The Lurker at the Threshold with H. P. Lovecraft (1945); The Shuttered Room (1959) based on H. P. Lovecraft fragments; The Mask of Cthulhu (1958); The Trail of Cthulhu (1962).

Neil R(onald) Jones (1909-1988)
The Death's Head Meteor Air Wonder Stories 30, “the first sf story to use the word ‘astronaut’.” [ESF]; Professor Jameson series: most published in magazines 1931-51 and collected as: The Planet of the Double Sun 67; The Sunless World 67; Space War 67; Twin Worlds 67; Doomsday on Ajiat 68.

Edgar Pangborn (1909-1976)
A Mirror For Observers 54; Davy 64; The Judgement of Eve 66; Company of Glory 75.

John W. Campbell (1910-1971)
Also wrote as Don A. Stuart. The Mightiest Machine 1947; The Incredible Planet 1949; Who Goes There? ?, The Moon Is Hell! (ss)1951; Cloak of Aesir (ss)1952; The Black Star Passes 1953; Islands of Space 1953; Invaders from the Infinite 1961; The Best of ... (ss)1973/76.

(W.) Sam(uel Kimball) Merwin Jr (1910-)
The House of Many Worlds 51/83; Three Faces of Time 55; The White Widows (The Sex War) 53/60; Chauvinist(r)o 76.

Sarban (John William Wall 1910-1989)
Ringstones and Other Curious Tales 51; The Sound of His Horn 52, a Nazi fantasy; The Doll Maker and Other Tales of the Uncanny 53.

Fritz (Reuter) Leiber (Jr) (1910-1992)
Smoke Ghost 41; Conjure Wife 43, "all women practice witchcraft but men are unaware of it" [HBB], filmed twice (Weird Woman 44, Burn Witch Burn 61); Adept's Gambit 47; The Sinful Ones (You're All Alone) 50/72/80; A Bit of the Dark World 62; Gonna Roll the Bones 67; Night Monsters 69/74; The Book of... 74; The Best of... 74; Belsen Express 75; The Worlds of... 76; Our Lady of Darkness 77; Heores and Horrors 78; Ervool 80; Quicks around the Zodiac 83; The Ghost Light 84; Coming Attractions; The Night He Cried; Black Gondolier; Four Ghosts in Hamlet; Gather Darkness!; The Big Time; The Mind Spider; The Wanderer. — Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series: Night's Black Agents 47/61/78; Two Sought Adventure (Swords against Death) 67 (70); Swords in the Mist 68; Swords against Wizardry 68; Scylla's Daughter (The Swords of Lankhmar) 61(68); Swords and Devilry 70; The Second Book of... 75; Rime Isle (Swords and Ice Magic) 77; Bazaar of the Bizarre 78; The Knight and Knave of Swords 88; — Critical: Fafhrd & Me 63/75/91. Thought to have coined the term 'Sword and Sorcery'.

Hugh B(arnett) Cave (1910-)
The Witching Lands 62; Murgunstrumm and Others 77, title story is "about the cursed Gray Toad Inn and its vampiric inhabitants" [HBB]; Legion of the Dead 79; The Nebulon Horror 80; The Evil 81; Shades of Evil 82; Disciples of Dread 88; The Corpse Maker 88; The Lower Deep 90; Lucifer's Eye 91; Death Stalks the Night 95; Bitter/Sweet 96; The Door Below 97; Isle of the Whisperers 99; The Dawning 2000; also known as 'Justin Case'.

Raymond Z(inke) Gallun(1911-1994)
The Crystal Ray ?; Old Faithful 34; Davy Jones' Ambassador 35; Derelict 35; People Minus X 58; The Planet Strappers 61; The Eden Cycle 74; The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun 78; Bioblast 85; Skyclimber ?, autobiography.

Mervyn (Laurence) Peake 1911-68
Titus Groan 46; Gormenghast 50; Titus Alone 59; Published together under various titles 67/83/88/91]; Mr Pye 53; Boy in Darkness 76. Other works include poetry and illustrations.

Henry Treece (1911-66)
I Cannot Go Hunting Tomorrow 46; Legions of the Eagle 54; The Eagles Have Flown 54; Ask for King Billy 55; Viking's Dawn 55; The Great Captains 56; The Golden Strangers (The Invaders) 56; The Road to Miklagard 57; Red Queen, White Queen 58; The Return of Robinson Crusoe 58; The Golden One 61; Jason 61; Electra 63; The Burning of Njal 63; Oedipus 64; The Last of the Vikings 64; The Green Man 66; The Windswept City 67; Vinland the Good (Westward to Vinland) 67; The Dream Time 67; The Invaders 72.

Anthony Boucher (William Anthony Parker White 1911-1968)
Rocket to the Morgue 42 [as H.H.Holmes]; Far and Away 55; The Compleat Werewolf and other stories 69; The Compleat Boucher 99. Boucher's earliest stories were written for John W. Campbell's Unknown 41-5.

William (Gerald) Golding (1911-)
Poems 34; Lord of the Flies 54, schoolboys stranded on a tropical island revert to savagery; The Inheritors 56, what happened to the Neanderthals; Pincher Martin 56; Free Fall 59, The Spire 64, The Pyramid 67, Darkness Visible 79, Rites of Passage 80; The Paper Men 84; Close Quarter 87; Fire Down Below 89.

L(afayette) Ron(ald) Hubbard (1911-1986)
The Final Blackout 1940; Slaves of Sleep (1939); Fear (1940); Typewriter in the Sky hero becomes trapped in the world created by a bad writer.

C. L. Moore (Catherine Lucille Moore 1911-1987) See also Lewis Padgett.
Shambleau (Weird Tales 1933) a medusa-like alien seduces Northwest Smith; Black God's Kiss (WT 1933) includes possibly the first "wormhole", from Joiry's dungeons to the Black God's world; Black Thirst (WT 1934); Jirel Meets Magic (WT 1935); Earth's Last Citadel 1943; Judgement Night 1952; Shambleau and others 1953; Northwest of Earth 1954; Doomsday Morning 1957; Jirel of Joiry 1969; The Best of C. L. Moore 1975; Northwest Smith 1981;. Wrote about 20 short stories plus 16 others with Henry Kuttner.

James H(enry) Schmitz (1911-1981)
Witches of Karres ?; A Tale of Two Clocks 62; Agent of Vega 60; — Telzey Amberdon series: The Universe Against Her 64; The Telzey Toy 73; The Lion Game 73.

George O(liver) Smith (1911-1981)
Venus Equilateral 47/75, stories from Astounding SF 1942-5; The Brain Machine (The Fourth R) 59/68; Troubled Star 53/57; Path of Unreason 47/58.

Margaret St Clair (1911-1995)
Agent of the Unknown 56; The Green Queen 56; The Games of Neith 60; Sign of the Labrys 63; Three Worlds of Futurity 64; Message from the Eocene 64; The Dolphins of Altair 67; The Shadow People 69; The Dancers of Noyo 73; Change the Sky 74; The Best of MSC 85.

A. Bertram Chandler (1912-1984)
Bring Back Yesterday 61; The Three Suns of Amara 61; Rendezvous on a Lost World 61; The Rim of Space 61; The Hamelin Plague 63; The Ship from Outside 63; Beyond the Galactic Rim 63; The Deep Reaches of Space 64; Into the Alternate Universe 64; The Coils of Time 64; Glory Planet 64; Empress of Outer Space 65; The Alternate Martians 65; Space Mercenaries 65; Nebula Alert 67; Contraband from Otherspace 67; The Road to the Rim 67; False Fatherland (Spartan Planet) 68; The Rim Gods 68; Catch the Star Winds 69; The Sea Beasts 71; What You Know 71; The Dark Dimensions 71; To Prime the Pump 71; Alternate Orbits 71; The Gateway to Never 72; The Inheritors 72; The Hard Way Up 72; The Bitter Pill 74; The Big Black Mark 75; The Broken Cycle 75; The Way Back 76; Star Courier 77; Far Traveller 77; To Keep the Ship 78; Commodore at Sea 79; Matilda's Stepchildren 79; Star Loot 80; The Anarch Lords 81; Up to the Sky in Ships 82; Kelly Country 83; The Wild Ones 84; The Last Amazon 84; Frontier of the Dark 84; From Sea to Shining Star 89; The 'Rim' series are merchant space fleet adventures at the galactic edge featuring Commmander Grimes.

Andre Norton (Alice Mary Norton 1912-)
The Prince Commands 34; Rogue Reynard 47, based on 'Reynard the Fox'; Huon of the Horn 51, based on 'The Song of Roland'; Dread Companion 70; High Sorcery 70; Garan the Eternal 72; Here Abide Monsters 73; The Many Worlds of ... 74; The Book of .. 75; Merlin's Mirror 75; Perilous Dreams 76; Wraiths of Time 76; Quag Keep 78, based on the 'Dungeons and Dragons' game; Yurth Burden 78, Moon Called 82; Wheel of Stars 83; Moon Mirror 88; Grand Master's Choice 89; Wizards Worlds 89; Mark of the Cat 92, inspired by the cat paintings of Karen Kuykendall; The Hands of Llyr 94; Mirror of Destiny 95; Beast Master; Lord of Thunder; The Sioux Spaceman; Catseye; Daybreak (Star Man's Son) 2250AD; Star Rangers; The Crossroads of Time; Quest Crosstime. — Witch World series: Witch World 63, Web of the WW 64, Year of the Unicorn 65, Three Against the WW 65, Warlock of the WW 67, Sorceress of the WW 68, Spell of the WW 72, The Crystal Gryphon 72, The Jargoon Pard 74, Gryphon in Glory 81, Horn Crown 81, Trey of Swords 77, Zarsthor's Bane 78, Lore of the Witch World 80, 'Ware Hawk 83, Were-Wrath 84, Serpent's Tooth 87, The Gate of the Cat 87. — Moon Magic series: Moon of Three Rings 66, Exiles of the Stars 71, Flight in Yiktor 86, Dare to Go A-Hunting 90. — Forerunner series: Storm Over Warlock, Ordeal in Otherwhere, Forerunner Foray 73. — Solar Queen series: Sargasso of Space, Plague Ship, Voodoo Planet, Postmarked The Stars. — Ross Murdock series: The Time Traders, Galactic Derelict, The Defiant Agents, Key Out of Time. — Magic (jv) series: Steel Magic (Gray Magic) 65, Octagon Magic 67, Fur Magic 68, Dragon Magic 72, Lavender-Green Magic 74, Red Hart Magic 76. — Joints: with A. C. Crispin Gryphon's Eyrie 84, Songsmith 92; with P. M. Griffin Storms of Victory 91; with Lyn McConchie The Key of the Keplian 95; with Phyllis Miller Seven Spells to Sunday 79, House of Shadows 84, Ride the Green Dragon 85; with Robert Bloch The Jekyll Legacy 90. See also Marion Zimmer Bradley (Trillium), Mercedes Lackey (Halfblood). Also anthologies.

A(lfred) E(lton) van Vogt (1912-)
The Book of Ptath (Two Hundred Million AD) 43/47 (64); The World of A-Null; The Players of A-Null; The Voyage of the Space Beagle; The War Against the Rull; The Silkie; Supermind; Slan; Empire of the Atom; The Wizard of Linn.

Ian Wallace (John Wallace Pritchard 1912-)
Every Crazy Wind 52; Pan Sagittarius 73; "stories about Pan, operative for 'Operation Second Chance', a group within Hell that, using 'if nodes', crisis points in a web of alternate universes, allows some people to replay pivotal situations in their lives" [RGS]; The World Asunder 76; — Croyd series: Croyd 67; Dr. Orpheus 68; A Voyage to Dari 74; Heller's Leap 79; — St Cyr series: The Purloined Prince 71; Deathstar Voyage 69; The Sign of the Mute Medusa 77.

Alfred Bester (1913-87)
Who He? 53; The Demolished Man 53, murder mystery among telepaths, first Hugo Award winner; The Stars My Destination (Tiger! Tiger!) 56; Starburst 58; The Dark Side of the Earth 64; The Computer Connection 75; The Light Fantastic 76; Star Light, Star Bright 76; Golem 100 80; The Deceivers 81; Tender Loving Rage 91; Virtual Unrealities 97, collected short stories; Psychoshop 98, completed by Roger Zelazny.

Cordwainer Smith (Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger 1913-1966)
You Will Never Be The Same 63, Stardreamer 71, Space Lords 65; The Quest for Three Worlds 66, four novellas about Casher O'Neill; Norstrilia 75 [= The Planet Buyer 64; The Underpeople 64].

Robert (Fordyce) Aickman (1914-1981)
Dark Entries 64; The Late Breakfasters 64; Powers of Darkness 66; Sub Rosa 68, Cold Hand in Mine 75; Tales of Love and Death 77; Intrusions 79; Painted Devils 79. Posthumous: Night Voices 85; The Wine-Dark Sea; The Model 88; The Unsettled Dust 90; The Collected Strange Stories of ... 99.

R(afael) A(loysius) Lafferty (1914-)
Day of the Glacier 60; Fourth Mansions 69; Past Master; Ginny Wrapped in the Sun 67; The Reefs of Earth 68; Past Master 68; The Devil is Dead 71; Archipelago 79; Space Chantey 68; Arrive at Easterwine; The Flame is Green; Strange Doings; Not to Mention Camels 72; Apocalypses 77 [= Where Have You Been, Sandaliotis? + another]; More than Melchisedech [= Tales of Chicago, Tales of Midnight, Anamnesis] 92; My Heart Leaps Up 86-90; Grasshoppers and Wild Honey 92.

Henry Kuttner (1914-1958) see also Lewis Padgett
The Dark World 1946; Fury 1947; The Proud Robot 1952; Mutant 1953; Ahead of Time 1953; No Boundaries 1955; Destination: Infinity 1956; Bypass to Otherness 1961; Return to Otherness 1962; Clash by Night and other stories 1980; Elak of Atlantis 1985; Prince Raynor 1987; The Startling Worlds of Henry Kuttner 1987; The Book of Iod 1995; Creature from Beyond Infinity; Dr Cyclops; The Time Axis; Valley of the Flame 1946. Wrote about 40 short stories, including five about Gallegher in Startling Stories.

Lewis Padgett (C.L.Moore and Henry Kuttner - see separate entries)
A Gnome there Was and other tales 1950; The Far Reality 1951; Tomorrow and Tomorrow 1951; Well of the Worlds 1953; Line to Tomorrow 1954; The Mask of Circe (as HK and CLM) 1971; Beyond Earth's Gates 1994; According to [RGS] they also wrote under 18 other names!

H(orace L(eonard) Gold (1914-1996)
Inflexure [as Clyde Crane Campbell], in Astounding SF 34; A Matter of Form, in Astounding 38; Trouble With water 39; Day Off 39; Warm, Dark Places 40; None But Lucifer [revised by L. Sprague de Camp] 39; And Three To Get Ready 52; Don't Take It To Heart 53; The Old Die Rich and other science fiction 55; What Price Wings? 62; Founder editor of Galaxy Magazine 1950-61.

(Arthur) Wilson Tucker (1914-)
The City in the Sea 51; Wild Talent 54; Tomorrow Plus X 57; The Lincoln Hunters 58; The Year of the Quiet Sun 70;

Leigh (Douglass?) Brackett (Hamilton) (1915-1978)
No Good From a Corpse 43; Shadow over Mars 51; The Sword of Rhiannon 53, not the celtic Rhiannon, but a demon-god of Burroughsian Mars; The Starmen 54; The Big Jump 55; The Galactic Breed 55; The Long Tomorrow 55; An Eye for an Eye 58; Nemesis from Terra(The Coming of the Terrans ?) 61; Alpha Centauri - or Die! 63; Follow the Free Wind 63; People of the Talisman 64; The Secret of Sinharat 64; The Halfling and other stories 73; The Ginger Star 74; The Hounds of Skaith 74; The Reavers of Skaith 76; The Starmen of Llyrdis 76; The Best of ... 77; Posthumous: Eric John Stark: Outlaw of Mars 82; The Jewel of Bas 90; Martian Quest: The Early Brackett 2000. Lorelei of the Red Mist [with Ray Bradbury] 46.

Charles (Leonard) Harness (1915-)
Flight into Yesterday 53; The Paradox Men 55; The Rose 66/93; The Ring of Ritornel 68; Wolfhead 78; The Catalyst 80; Firebird 81; The Venetian Court 84; Redworld 86; Krono 88; Lurid Dreams 90; Lunar Justice 91; An Ornament to His Profession 98; Rings 99.

George Hopley (Cornell George Hopley Woolrich)
The Bride Wore Black; The Black Curtain; Black Alibi; The Black Angel; The Black Path of Fear; Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1945)

Fred Hoyle (1915-2001)
The Black Cloud 59; Ossian's Ride 61; Fifth Planet 65; Element 79 67; October the First Is Too Late 68; Rockets in Ursa Major 71; Seven Steps to the Sun 73; Into Deepest Space 75; The Westminster Disaster 78; The Incandescent Ones 79; The Molecule Men ?. — Joint with John Elliot: A for Andromeda 64; Andromeda Breakthrough 66.

Raymond F. Jones (1915-)
Test of the Gods Astounding SF 41; Utility ASF 44 (as David Anderson); Renaissance (Man of Two Worlds) ASF 44/51 (63); This Island Earth Thrilling Wonder Stories 49-50/52, filmed 54; The Cybernetic Brains Startling Stories 50/62; The Toymaker 51; The Alien 51; Son of the Stars (jv) 52; Planet of Light (jv) 53; Noise Level ASF 52, Trade Secret ASF 53, The School ASF 54, sequence about antigravity; The Secret People (The Deviates) 56 (59); The Year When Stardust Fell (jv) 58; The Non-Statistical Man 64; Syn 69; Moonbase One 71; Renegades of Time 75; The King of Eolim 75; The River and the Dream 77; — with Lester Del Rey: Weeping May Tarry 78;

Lester del Rey (Ramon ... Alvarez-del Rey de los Verdes 1915-)
Attack from Atlantis (jv) 53; Mission to the Moon (jv) 56; Nerves 48, possibly the first about problems with nuclear power plants; The Eleventh Commandment 62/70; Pstalemate 71, about ESP; The Sky is Falling 54; Police Your Planet 53/56; The Scheme of Things 66; Badge of Infamy 59/63/73.

James Tiptree Jr (Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon 1915-1987)
Warm Wor(l)ds and Otherwise 75; 10,000 Light Years from Home 73/75; Star Songs of an Old Primate 78; Up the Walls of the World 78.

'Jack' (John Holbrook) Vance (1916-)
Green Magic 36/79; The Dying Earth 50; Big Planet 52/57; The Moon Moth 61; The Dragon Masters 63; The Eyes of the Overworld 66; The Last Castle 67; Eight Fantasms and Magics 69/78; Showboat World 75; Cugel's Saga 83 [= The Bagful of Dreams 79, The Seventeen Virgins 79]; Lyonesse [Suldrun's Garden 83, The Green Pearl 85, Madouc 89]. Rhialto the Marvellous 84; Space Opera "takes an opera company on a tour of wacky planets" [RGS]; The Languages of Pao; To Live Forever; Emphyrio; The Gray Prince; Alastor [= Marune: Alastor 933, Trullion: Alastor 2262, Wyst: Alastor 1716]; Durdane [= The Anome (The Faceless Man), The Brave Free Men, The Asutra]; Planet of Adventure [City of the Church, Servants of the Wankh, The Dirdir, The Pnume]; Demon Prince [= Star King, The Killing Machine, The Palace of Love, The Face];

Robert Bloch (1917-1994)
The Opener of the Way 45; Sea-Kissed 45; The Scarf 47; The Kidnapper 54; Spiderweb 54; The Will to Kill 54; The Shooting Star 58; Terror in the Night and other stories 58; This Crowded Earth 58; Psycho 59, filmed by Alfred Hitchcock 60; The House of the Hatchet 60; Pleasant Dreams 60; The Dead Beat 61; Firebug 61; Nightmares 61; The Couch 62; Atoms and Evil 62; More Nightmares 62; Terror 62; Bogey Men 63; Horror-7 63; 15 Grusel Stories 64; Blood Runs Cold 64; The Skull of the Marquis de Sade and other stories 65; Tales in a Jugular Vein 65; Chamber of Horrors 66; The Living Demons 67; The Star Stalker 68; Dragons and Nightmares 69; The Todd Dossier 69; It's All In Your Mind 71; Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow 71; American Gothic 74; Ladies Day and This Crowded Earth 74; Night World 74; The Best of ... 77; Cold Chills 77; The King of Terrors 77; The Laughter of a Ghoul: What Every Ghoul Should Know 77; Out of the Mouths of Graves 78; Strange Eons 78; There Is A Serpent In Eden 79; Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of 79; Mysteries of the Worm 81; Psycho 2 82; Twilight Zone: the Movie 83; The Night of the Ripper 86; Out Of My Head 86; Lost in Time and Space with Lefty Feep 87; Lori 89; Fear and Trembling 89; Final Reckonings 90; Psycho House 90; Posthumous: The Jekyll Legacy [with Andre Norton] 91; The Early Fears 94; The Lost Bloch (3 vols) 99/2001. Wrote over 150 short stories.

(Dallas) Mack(=McCord) Reynolds (1917-1983)
Joe Mauser series: Mercenary from Tomorrow 86; The Earth War 63; Time Gladiator 64; Fracas Factor 78; — United Planets series: Section G: United Planets 67; Code Duello 68; Planetary Agent X 65; Rival Rigelians 60/67; Amazon Planet ?; Dawnman Planet 66; Brain World ?; — North Africa series: Black Man's Burden 61-2/72; Border, Breed, Nor Birth 62/72; The Best Ye Breed 78.

Arthur C(harles) Clarke (1917-)
Prelude to Space 51; The Sands of Mars 51; Islands in the Sky 52; Expedition to Earth 53; Childhood's End 53; Earthlight 55; The City and the Stars 56 (based on: Against the Fall of Night, in Startling Stories 48); Reach for Tomorrow 56; Tales from the White Hart 57(72); The Deep Range 57, underwater farms; The Other Side of the Sky 58; A Fall of Moondust 61; Tales of Ten Worlds 62; Dolphin Island (j) 63; Glide Path 63; The Lion of Comarre 68; 2001: A Space Odyssey 68; The Space Dreamers 69; Of Time and Stars 72; The Wind from the Sun 72; The Best of ... 73; Rendezvous with Rama 73, mile-long space ship; Imperial Earth 75, optimistic view of 2276AD; The Fountains of Paradise 79; 2010: Odyssey Two 82; The Sentinel and other stories 83; The Songs of Distant Earth 86; 2061; Odyssey Three 88; Cradle (with Gentry Lee) 88; Rama II [with GL] 89; The Ghost from the Grand Banks 90; Beyond the Fall of Night [with Gregory Benford] 90; The Garden of Rama [with GL] 91; A Meeting with Medusa 91; The Hammer of God 93; Rama Revealed [with GL] 93; Richter 10 [with Mike McQuay] 96; 3001: The Final Odyssey 98; The Trigger [with M.P.K.McDowell] 99; The Light of Other Days [with Stephen Baxter] 2000; The Collected Stories of ... 2001; Space Trilogy 2001. Has written over 100 short stories.

Zenna Henderson (1917-1983)
Pilgrimage: The Book of The People 61; The Anything Box 65; The People; No Different Flesh 66; Holding Wonder 71; Ingathering 1998, the complete People stories. The 'People' are nice aliens here on Earth.

D(ennis) F(eltham) Jones (1917-1981)
Implosion 67; Denver is Missing (Don't Pick the Flowers) 71; The Floating Zombie 75; Earth Has Been Found (Xeno) 79; Bound in Time 81; — Colossus series: Colossus 66, megalomaniac computer, filmed 69; The Fall of Colossus 74; Colossus and The Crab 77.

Theodore Sturgeon (born Edward Hamilton Waldo, 1918-85)
Cargo 40; It 40/48; The Ultimate Egoist 41; Bianca's Hands 47; Cellmate 47; The Perfect Host 48; (Not) Without Sorcery 48/61; One Foot and the Grave 49; The Dreaming Jewels (The Synthetic Man) 50; Excalibur and the Atom 51; The Silken-Swift 53; E Pluribus Unicorn 53; Caviar 55; A Way Home (Thunder and Roses) 55 (57); The Graveyard Reader 58; A Touch of Strange 58; Aliens 4 59; Need 60; Beyond 60; Some of Your Blood 61; Sturgeon in Orbit 64; The Joyous Invasions 65; Starshine 66; Sturgeon is Alive and Well 71; The Worlds of ... 72; To Here and the Easel 73; Cave and the Dreamer 74; The Stars are the Styx 79; The Golden Helix 79; Godbody 86; A Touch of Sturgeon 87; Alien Cargo 87; More than Human ?; Venue Plus X ?.

Philip José Farmer (1918-)
Night of Light, Inside/Outside, The Book of Philip José Farmer, A Woman a Day, The Unreasoning Mask, Dayworld (Granada 1985) a world where people are stored at the end of each day to reawake next week, while some immortals live every day but as different people. Sexual Fantasy SF: The Lovers, Dare, Flesh, Strange Relations, Image of the Beast, Blown, Feast Unknown; Riverworld series: planet on which historical characters are reborn; To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design, The Magic Labyrinth, Riverworld and other stories, Gods of Riverworld; World of Tiers series: about gods who create parallel universes and fight boredom by fighting each other; Maker of Universes, The Gates of Creation, A Private Cosmos, Behind the Walls of Terra, Lavalight World; Updates or spoofs: The Lord of the Trees the 'true' Tarzan story, Doc Caliban, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, The Wind Whales of Ishmael based on the Moby-Dick character; A Barnstormer in Oz .

Joseph Payne Brennan (1918-1990)
Nine Horrors and a Dream 58; Scream at Midnight 63; The Casebook of Lucius Leffing 73; The Chronicles of Lucius Leffing 73; Stories of Darkness and Dread 73; The Shapes at Midnight 80; The Border Just Beyond 86; The Adventures of Lucius Leffing 90; Act of Providence [with Donald Grant] 79; Creep to Death 81; Evil Always Ends 82. Nightmare Need 64 poems.

John Rankine (Douglas R(ankine) Mason 1918-)
Blockage of Sinitron 66; Interstellar Two-Five 66; One is One 68; Binary Z 69; 'Space: 1999' series of novelizations.

Shirley Jackson (1919-65)
The Haunting of Hill House (1959) investigator becomes ghost.

John Boyd (1919-)
The Last Starship From Earth 68, "alternate universe with ... computerised Pope" [RGS]; The Slave Stealer [as Boyd Upchurch] 68; The Pollinators of Eden 69, sentient flowers; The Rakehells of Heaven 69; The Organ Bank Farm 70; Sex And The High Command 70, "a broad slap at male chauvinism and ... carrying women's liberation too far" [RGS]; The Gorgon Festival 72; The IQ Merchant 72; The Doomsday Gene 73; Andromeda Gun 74, alien becomes symbiotic with western gunfighter; Barnard's Planet 75; Scarborough Hall [as BU] 76; The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes 79.

Frederick Pohl (1919-)
Drunkard's Walk 60; Man Plus 76, man adapted to Martian conditions; — collaborations with C.M.Kornbluth and Jack Williamson.

E(dwin) C(harles) Tubb (1919-)
Death is a Dream ?; The Space-Born 56; Moon Base 64; — Dumarest series: Winds of Gath 67; Derai 68; Toy Man 69; Kalin 69; Jester at Scar 70; Lallia 71; Technos 72; Veruchia 73; Mayenne 73; Jondelle 73; Zenya 74; Eloise 75; Eye of the Zodiac 75; Jack of Swords 76; Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun 76; Haven of Darkness 77; Prison of Night 77; Incident on Ath 78; Quillian Sector 78; Web of Sand 79; Iduna's Universe 79.

Richard (George) Adams (1920-)
Watership Down 72, authentic rabbit behaviour combined with anthropomorphism, as a community of rabbits set out to found a new warren; Shardik 74, a bear's account of man's beastliness to beasts; The Plague Dogs 77; The Girl in a Swing 80.

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992)
Asimov is particularly known for his series of robot stories and for his Foundation series on psychohistory, a supposed science capable of predicting or guiding future events discovered by Hari Seldon. In his later books he tried to combine the two series together into a consistent future history. Robbie (Strange Playfellow) Super Science Stories ix40; Reason Astounding SF iv41; Liar! Astounding SF v41, introduced Susan Calvin, robopsychologist; Runaround Astounding SF iii42, first explicit statement of the Three Laws of Robotics; Evidence Astounding SF ix46, first humanoid robot, Stephen Byerley; Little Lost Robot Astounding SF iii47; The Evitable Conflict Astounding SF vi50; I, Robot (S)50; Pebble in the Sky 50; The Stars, Like Dust 51; Foundation 51; The Currents of Space 52; Foundation and Empire 52; Second Foundation 53; Sally Fantastic v-vi53; The Rest of the Robots 53?; The Caves of Steel serial in Galaxy x, xi, xii 53, and novel 54, murder mystery featuring detective Elijah Baley and robot assistant R. Daneel Olivaw; Franchise If: Worlds of Science Fiction viii55; The End of Eternity 55, different eras connected by time travel ... reality maintained by time police; Someday Infinity SF viii56; The Last Question SF Quarterly xi56; The Naked Sun serial in ASF x–xii56, novel 57, second Baley/Olivaw story; Galley Slave Galaxy? 57; Lenny Infinity SF 58; The Feeling of Power If ii58; Nine Tomorrows 59; Fantastic Voyage 66; Segregationist Abbottempo 4 67; Feminine Intuition Magazine of Fantasy and SF x69; Nightfall and other stories (S)69; Mirror Image Analog 72; The Early Asimov (S)72; The Gods Themselves 72; Buy Jupiter 75; The Bicentennial Man in Stellar #2 76; Think! IA's SF Magazine Spring 77; The Complete Robot 82; Foundation's Edge 82; The Robots of Dawn 83, third in Baley/Olivaw series; Robots and Empire 85; The Winds of Change 86; Robot Dreams (S)86; Foundation and Earth 86; Fantastic Voyage Two: Destination Brain 87; Christmas without Rodney IA's SF Magazine xii88; Azazel 88; Prelude to Foundation 88; Too Bad! The Microverse xi89; Nemesis 89; Robot Visions (S) and essays 90; The Complete Stories 2 vols 90/92; Forward the Foundation 93. Posthumous: Gold (S)95; Magic (S)95. Also, with Robert Silverberg: Nightfall 90; Child of Time 91; The Positronic Man 92. He also wrote two juvenile series, one featuring ‘Lucky Starr, Space Ranger’; and another with Janet Asimov about a robot called ‘Norby’. [Following Asimov's death several authors have published ‘authorised’ continuations of his Foundation series see – in Part 5 – the ‘B-team’ of Bear, Benford and Brin and, on Robots, Allen.]

Ray(mond Douglas) Bradbury (1920-)
Dark Carnival 47; The Martian Chronicles 50; The Illustrated Man 51; The Golden Apples of the Sun 53; Fahrenheit 451 53; "a dour look at a book burning future" [RGS] The October Country 55, Dandelion Wine 57; The Day it Rained Forever 59; R is for Rocket 62; Something Wicked This Way Comes (1962); The Machineries of Joy 64; The Vintage Bradbury 65; S is for Space 66; I Sing the Body Electric! 69; Long After Midnight 76; To Sing Strange Songs 79; The Stories of ... 80; Dinosaur Tales 83; The Toynbee Convector 88; Quicker Than The Eye 96; Driving Blind 97; Ahmed and the Oblivion Machine: A Fable 98.

Frank Herbert (1920-1986)
The Dragon in the Sea (Under Pressure) 56, submarine thriller; 21st Century Sub 61; The Eyes of Heisenberg 66; Destination: Void 66; The Green Brain 68; The Heaven Makers 68; The Santaroga Barrier 68; Whipping Star 70; The Worlds of FH 70; Soul Catcher 71; The Godmakers 72; Hellstrom's Hive 73; The Book of FH 73; The Best of FH 75; The Dosadi Experiment 77; Direct Descent 80; The Priests of Psi 80; The White Plague 82; Eye 85; Man of Two Worlds 86; — Dune series: Dune World 63; Dune 65; Dune Messiah 69; Children of Dune 76; God-Emperor of Dune 81; Heretics of Dune 84; Chapterhouse: Dune 85; — Joint with Bill Ransom: The Jesus Incident 78; The Lazarus Effect 83; The Ascension Factor 88.

William Tenn (Philip Klass 1920-)
The Human Angle 56; The Square Root of Man 68; A Lamp for Medusa 51/68; Of Men and Monsters 63/68.

(H.) Kenneth Bulmer (1921-)
City Under the Sea 57; The Secret of ZI 58; The Changeling Worlds 59; The Earth Gods Are Coming 60; Beyond The Silver Sky 61; No Man's World 61; The Wizard of the Starship Poseidon 63; Demons' World (The Demons) 64; Behold the Stars 65; The Doomsday Men 68; Kandar 69; The Wizards of Senchuria 69; The Electric Sword-Swallowers 71; The Hunters of Jundagai 71; The Insane City 71; The Chariots of Ra 72; On the Symb-Socket Circuit 72; Roller Coaster World 72; Star City [as Tully Zetford] 74; Boosted Man [as TZ] 75; To Outrun Doomsday 75; Whirlpool of Stars [as TZ] 75; Virility Gene [as TZ] 76; Dream Chariots [as Manning Norvil] 77; Whetted Bronze [as MN] 78; Quench the Burning Stars (Blazon) 79; The Diamond Contessa 83; The Ulcer Culture ; Cycle of Nemesis ; The Key to Irunium ; The Key to Venudine ; The Million Year Hunt ; Operation Susie [as Ken Blake] ; The Ships of Durostorum ; The Wizard of Starship Poseidon ; Worlds for the Taking; Stained Glass World .
— as Alan Burt Akers: Dray Prescott series: Transit to Scorpio; The Suns of Scorpio; Warrior of Scorpio; Swordships of Scorpio; Prince of Scorpio; Manhounds of Antares; Arena of Antares; Fliers of Antares; Bladesman of Antares; Avenger of Antares; Armada of Antares; The Tides of Kregen; Renegade of Kregen; Krozair of Kregen; Secret Scorpio; Savage Scorpio; Captive Scorpio; Golden Scorpio; A Life for Kregen; A Sword for Kregen; A Fortune for Kregen. "Antares is a double sun in the constellation Scorpio, and the planet Kregen orbits Antares ... the epicentre of a vast intergalactic struggle ... [involving] earthman Dray Prescott". [RGS]

F. M. Busby (1921-)
Cage a Man 73, Proud Enemy 75, Rissa Kerguelen 76, (part 2 The Long View 76, was initially published separately); The End of the Line 80; Zelde M'Tana 80; Young Rissa 84; The Alien Debt 84; Rebel's Quest 84; Star Rebel 84; All These Earths 85; Rissa and Tregare 85; Rebel's Seed 86; The Breeds of Man 88; Slow Freight 91; The Singularity Project 93; Islands of Tomorrow 94; Arrow From Earth 95; The Triad Worlds 96; Getting Home ; The Rebel Dynasty.

Stanislaw Lem (1921-)
The Futurological Congress; The Star Diaries; The Cyberiad; Solaris filmed; The Invincible.

James Blish (1921-1975)
Jack of Eagles 52; The Warriors of Day 53; Earthman, Come Home *55, They Shall Have Stars *56, The Seedling Stars 57; The Frozen Year 57; Year 2018! 57; Fallen Star 57; The Triumph of Time *58; ESPer 58; Vor [with Damon Knight] 58; A Case of Conscience 58, Jesuit priest/biologist meets aliens with no concept of sin; Galactic Cluster 59; The Duplicated Man [with Robert A. W. Lowndes] 59; So Close to Home 61; The Star Dwellers 61; Titan's Daughter [with Virginia Kidd] 61; The Night Shapes 62; A Life for the Stars *62; Doctor Mirabilis ^64, "historical novel on the life of Roger Bacon" [RGS]; Best Science Fiction Stories of ... 65; Mission to the Heart Stars 65; A Torrent of Faces [with Norman L. Knight] 67; Black Easter ^68; Giants in the Earth 68; The Vanished Jet 68; Welcome to Mars! 68; Anywhen 70; Cities in Flight 70, this comprises the four earlier titles marked *, they feature the spin-dizzy which nullifies gravitation and enables cities, of near-immortal inhabitants, to wander the universe until it ends and a new one is born; The Day After Judgment ^71; ...And All the Stars a Stage 71; Midsummer Century 72; Spock Must Die! 72; The Quincunx of Time 73; A Clash of Cymbals 74; Posthumous: The Testament of Andros 77; The Best of ... 79; Fallen Star 83; Dusk of Idols 96. The three titles marked ^, form the After Such Knowledge series which "wrestles with: is the unceasing quest for knowledge a sin?" [RGS] "In these books a munitions manufacturer hires a black magician to release all the demons in Hell for one night. The results are predictably disastrous." [RGS]. Also edited 12 Star Trek collections 57-77. Wrote over 100 short stories.

Christopher Anvil (Harry C. Crosby Jr, 1922-)
Pandora's Envoy 61; The Day The Machines Stopped 64; Pandora's Planet 72; Warlord's World.

Hal Clement (Harry Clement Stubbs 1922-)
Needle 50, alien detective and criminal on Earth; Ice World 53, Earth through alien eyes; Mission of Gravity 54; Ranger Boys in Space (j) 56; Cycle of Fire 57; From Outer Space 57; Close to Critical 64; Natives of Space 65; Small Changes 69; Space Lash 69; Star Light 71; Ocean on Top 73; Through the Eye of the Needle 78; The Best of ... 79; The Nitrogen Fix 80; Intuit 87; Still River 87; Isaac's Universe: Fossil 93; Half-life 99; The Essential ... (3vol) 99/2000.

Kingsley Amis (1922-)
The Green Man 69; The Alteration 76

John Christopher (Christopher Samuel Youd 1922-)
The Death of Grass 56; Planet in Peril 59; The Year of the Comet 59; The Long Winter 62; The Twenty-Second Century 62; Sweeney's Island 64; The World in Winter,/i> 64; The Possessors 65; A Wrinkle in the Skin 65; The Little People 66; No Blade of Grass 67; The Ragged Edge 67; Tripods series: When the Tripods Came 67, The White Mountains 67, The City of Gold and Lead 67, The Pool of Fire 68; Pendulum 68; The Lotus Caves 69; The Guardians 70; The Prince in Waiting 70; Beyond the Burning Lands 71; The Sword of the Spirits 72; Wild Jack 74; Empty World 77; Fireball 81; New Found Land 83; Dragondance 86; A Dusk of Demons 94.

(Thomas) Nigel Kneale (1922-)
Colected short stories: Tomato Cain 49. — TV serials, later filmed and published as plays or novels: The Quatermass Experiment (The Creeping Unknown) TV 53, film 55, text 59; Quatermass II (Enemy from space) TV 55, film 57, text 60; Quatermass and the Pit (Five Million Years to Earth) TV 58-59, text 60, film 68, excavations in London uncover an ancient Martian spacecraft - the Martians were the origin of hobgoblins and demons in the human unconscious; The Road TV 63, ghosts from the future; The Year of the Sex Olympics TV 69, future apathy control; The Stone Tape TV 72; Beasts TV 75; Quatermass (Conclusion) TV/video/text 79; Kinvig TV 81, satirising SF fandom.

Damon (Francis) Knight (1922-)
Resilience Stirring Science Stories 41; Not with a Bang Fantasy and SF 49; To Serve Man FSF 50; Four in One FSF 53; Babel II FSF 53; Double Meaning (The Rithian Terror) Startling Stories 53/74/91 (65); Natural State (Masters of Evolution) Galaxy SF 54/67/75 (59); The Earth Quarter (The Sun Saboteurs) If 55/70/74 (61); The Country of the Kind FSF 55; Hell's Pavement (Analogue Men) 55 (62); Stranger Station FSF 56; The People Maker (A for Anything) 59 (61); Far Out 61; In Deep 63/64; Beyond the Barrier 64; Mind Switch (The Other Foot) 65 (66); Off Center 65/69; Turning On 66/67; World Without Children 70; The Best of ... 76; Rule Golden 79/91; The World and Thorinn 81; The Man in the Tree 84; Late Knight Edition 85; CV 85; The Observers 88; A Reasonable World 91; One Side Laughing 91; God's Nose 91; Why Do Birds 92. Editor of numerous anthologies. In Search of Wonder 56/67, collected reviews. — with Kate Wilhelm: Better than One 80.

Walter (Michael) Miller (1922-)
A Canticle for Leibowitz 59, the Earth in a post-atomic war era, rediscovering technology (originally published as three novellas: Fiat Homo, Fiat Lux, Fiat Voluntas Tua); Conditionally Human 62; The View from the Stars 65.

Avram (James) Davidson (1923-1993)
Joyleg (with Ward Moore); Clash of the Star Kings; Masters of the Maze; Mutiny in Space; Rork!; Rogue Dragon; The Kar-Chee Reign; The Island Under the Earth.

Gordon (Rupert) Dickson (1923-)
The Dragon and the George dragon rescues damsel from evil knight; Childe cycle: break-up of mankind and efforts to reunite The Necromancer (No Room for Man), The Tactics of Mistake, The Genetic General (Dorsai!), Soldier, Ask Not, The Spirit of Dorsai.

Lloyd Biggle Jr (1923-)
The Angry ESPers 61; The Fury Out Of Time 65; Watchers of The Dark *66; The Rule of the Door and other Fanciful Regulations 67; The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets 69; World Menders 71; The Light That Never Was 72; Metallic Muse 72; Monument 74; All The Colors of Darkness *75; This Darkening Universe *75; A Galaxy of Strangers 76; Silence is Deadly *77; The Whirligig of Time *79; Alien Main [with T.L.Sherred] 85; The Timesmith 90. *Jan Darzek series.

James E. Gunn (1923-)
This Fortress World 55; Station in Space 58; The Joy Makers 61; The Immortals 62; Future Imperfect 64; The Witching Hour 70; Breaking Point 72; The Burning 72, revolt against technology; The Listeners 72; Some Dreams Are Nightmares 74; The End of the Dreams 75; The Magicians 76; Kampus 77; The Dreamers (The Mind Master) 81; Tiger! Tiger! 84; Crisis! 86; Human Voices 99; — with Jack Williamson: Star Bridge 55; with Theodore Sturgeon: Star Trek: The Joy Machine 96.

Judith Merril (Juliet Grossman 1923-)
Shadow on the Hearth 50/66, realistic aftermath of atom bomb; The Tomorrow People 60; The Best of ... includes 'Daughters of Earth'. Collaborations with C. M. Kornbluth.

C(yril) M. Kornbluth (1924-1958)
The Syndic; Not this August 1955. Also joint works: with Judith Merril: Gunner Cade; Outpost Mars. with Frederick Pohl: The Space Merchants 1952; Gladiator-at-Law; Search the Sky; Wolfbane. (also wrote as Cecil Corwin)