A Guide to Fantasy Authors and Tales

compiled by George Jelliss

Part 5 — The Age of Science Fantasy

The authors in this section were born between 1925 and 1938 inclusive. Thus all of these writers would have lived through the period of the second world war, but only a few of the older ones would have experienced it as combatants.

Brian (Wilson) Aldiss 1925-
The Brightfount Diaries 55; Non-Stop (Starship) 58 after colonising a distant planet the returning expedition, due to alien contamination and other disasters, over several generations, loses memory of its mission; Vanguard from Alpha 59; Bow Down to Nul 60; Cryptozoic (?) "a man who moves through layers of time" [RGS]; The Primal Urge 61; The Male Response 61; Hothouse (The Long Afternoon of Earth) 62 "Earth no longer rotates and the hemisphere that faces the sun is overgrown with sometimes sentient flora, rather less than friendly to mankind, or what is left of it." [RGS]; The Dark Light-Years 64 "about a race of repulsive but cultured ... aliens" [RGS]; Greybeard 64; Earthworks 65; An Age 67; Report on Probability A 68 "reality and illusion become indistinguishable" [RGS] "an exercise in the anti-novel" [CGL]; Barefoot in the Head: A European Fantasia 69 "the aftereffects of an acid (LSD) war in which the Middle East has virtually stoned all of Britain and Europe" [RGS]; Frankenstein Unbound 73 "has been called a love letter to Mary Shelley" [RGS]; The Eighty Minute Hour: A Space Opera 74; The Malacia Tapestry 76; Brothers of the Head 77; A Rude Awakening 78; Enemies of the System: A Tale of Homo Uniformis 78; Moreau's Other Island 80; Helliconia Spring 82, Helliconia Summer 83, Helliconia Winter 85; The Year Before Yesterday 87; Ruins 87; Forgotten Life 88; Dracula Unbound 91; Remembrance Day 93; Somewhere East of Life 94; White Mars: A Modern Utopia with Roger Penrose 99. Short story collections: Space, Time and Nathaniel (Presciences) 57; No Time Like Tomorrow 59; The Canopy of Time 59; Galaxies Like Grains of Sand 60; The Airs of Earth 63; Best Science Fiction Stories of BWA 65; The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths 66; Intangibles Inc. and other stories 69; The Moment of Eclipse 70; The Book of Brian Aldiss 72; Last Orders and Other Stories 77; New Arrivals, Old Encounters 79; Foreign Bodies 81; Seasons in Flight 84; The Magic of the Past 87; Best SF Stories of BWA 88; Science Fiction Blues 88; A Romance of the Equator: Best Fantasy Stories 89; Bodily Functions 91; A Tupelov Too Far 94; The Secret of this Book 95; Common Clay 96. Also non-fantasy work: The Hand-Reared Boy 70; A Soldier Erect 71; Life in the West 80;

Harry Harrison (1925-)
Deathworld (1, 2 and 3) 60/64/68; Planet of the Damned (A Sense of Obligation) 62; War with the Robots 62; Plague from Space 65; Make Room! Make Room! 66, (filmed as Soylent Green); The Man from PIG 68; The Technicolor Time Machine 68, shooting a historical epic using a time machine; Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows 68; Captive Universe 69; In Our Hands, the Stars 70; One Step from Earth 71; Tunnel Through the Deeps 72; Skyfall 77; Planet Story 79; Planet of No Return 81; Starworld 81; Wheelworld 81; Homeworld 82; The Jupiter Plague 82; Invasion: Earth 83; A Rebel in Time 83; Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers 83; Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died 83; West of Eden 84; To the Stars 87; The Hammer and the Cross 93; Galactic Dreams 94; One King's Way 96; Stars and Stripes Forever 98; Stars and Stripes in Peril 2000; Stars and Stripes Triumphant 2001; 50 in 50 2001. — (undated): The Daleth Effect; The Jupiter Legacy; Prime Number; Return to Eden; A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!; — Stainless Steel Rat series: The Stainless Steel Rat 61; The SSR's Revenge 70; The SSR Saves the World 72; The SSR Wants You! 79; The SSR for President 82; The Adventures of the SSR 83; A SSR Is Born 85; The SSR Gets Drafted 87; Stainless Steel Visions 93; The SSR Sings the Blues 94; The SSR Goes to Hell 96; The SSR Joins the Circus 99. —: Bill series: Bill the Galactic Hero 65; The Planet of Robot Slaves 89; with David F. Bischoff: The Planet of Tasteless Pleasure 90; with Robert Sheckley: The Planet of the Bottled Brains 90; with DFB: The Planet of Ten Thousand Bars 91; with DFB: The Planet of the Hippies from Hell 91; with Jack C. Haldeman II: The Planet of the Zombie Vampires 91; with David Harris: The Final Incoherent Adventure 92. — with Gordon R. Dickson: The Lifeship 76; with John Holm (Tom Shippey): King and Emperor 97.

(John) Keith Laumer (1925-1993)
Greylorn (The Other Sky) Amazing Stories 59 (68); Bolo: The Annals of the Dinochrome Brigade 76/90; Rogue Bolo 86/90; The Stars Must Wait 90; A Trace of Memory 63; The Great Time Machine Hoax 64; A Plague of Demons 65, human mercenaries in alien hostilities; Embassy 65; Catastrophe Planet (The Breaking Earth) 66 (81); The Monitors 66, benificent aliens wreak havoc by forbidding violence; Nine by Laumer 67; Galactic Odyssey 67; The Day Before Forever and Thunderhead 68; It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy 68; The Long Twilight 69; Time Trap 70; The House in November 70/81; Dinosaur Beach 71; The Star Treasure 71/86; The Infinite Cage 72; Timetracks 72; The Big Show 72; (K)Night of Delusions 72/82; The Glory Game 73; The Undefeated 74; The Best of ... 76; The Ultimax Man 78; Star Colony 82; Chrestomathy 84; End as a Hero 85; Judson's Eden 91; Alien Minds 91; — Imperium series: Worlds of the Imperium 62/82; The Other Side of Time 65/81, Time as a Mobius strip!; Assignment in Nowhere 68/81; Zone Yellow 90. — Lafayette O'Leary series, parallel worlds comedy: Time Bender 66; World Shuffler 70; Shape Changer 72; Galaxy Builder 84. — Retief series: Envoy to New Worlds 63/87; Galactic Diplomat 65; R's War 66; R and the Warlords 68; R: Ambassador to Space 69; R of the CDT 71; R's Ransom (R and the Pangalactic Pageant of Pulchritude) 71/86; R: Emissary to the Stars 75/79; R at Large 78; R Unbound 79; R: Diplomat at Arms 82; R to the Rescue 83; The Return of R 84; R in the Ruins 86; Reward for R 89. — with Rosel George Brown: Earthblood 66. — with Gordon R. Dickson: Planet Run 67/82.

J. T. McIntosh (James Murdoch MacGregor 1925-)
The Curfew Tolls Astounding SF 50; The ESP Worlds (The Noman Way) 52/64; World Out Of Mind 53; Born Leader (Worlds Apart) 54 (58); One in Three Hundred 54; The Lady and the Bull Authentic 55; The Fittest (The Rule of the Pagbeasts) 55 (56); Immortality - For Some (Flight from Rebirth) 60 (71); 200 Years to Christmas 61; The Million Cities Satellite 58/63; Out of Chaos 65; Time for a Change (Snow White and the Giants) 67 (68); Six Gates from Limbo 68; Transmigration 70; The Cosmic Spies 72; The Space Sorcerers (The Suiciders) 72 (73); Galactic Takeover Bid 73; Ruler of the World (This Is The Way The World Begins) 76 (77); Norman Conquest 2066 77; A Planet Called Utopia 79.

Arkadi and Boris Strugatski (brothers: Arkadi 1925-1991, Boris 1931-)
Hard to be a God 73; Prisoners of Power 69/78; Monday Begins on Saturday 77; Roadside Picnic 77.

Poul Anderson (1926-2001)
His novels cover a wide range and include several series: “Trader Nicholas Van Rijn, chief activist of the Polesotechnic League ... of interplanetary merchants ... Dominic Flandry, a secret agent of a much, much later Galactic Imperium ... Flandry occasionally refers to Van Rijn much as we would refer to Alexander the Great.” [RGS] His output includes 100 short stories. Vault of the Ages 52; Brain Wave 54; The Broken Sword 54 Norse legend; Three Hearts and Three Lions 54(61); No World of Their Own (The Long Way Home) 55; Planet of No Return (Question and Answer) 56; Star Ways 56; The Snows of Ganymede 58; The Man Who Counts (War of the Wing-men) 58; The Enemy Stars (We Have Fed Our Seas) 59; Perish by the Sword 59; Virgin Planet 59; War of Two Worlds 59; We Claim These Stars (A Handful of Stars) 59; Earthman, Go Home! (A Plague of Masters) 60; The Golden Slave 60; The High Crusade 60, crusaders c.1200 borrow an alien spaceship! Murder in Black Letter 60; Rogue Sword 60; Guardians of Time 60; Mayday Orbit (A Message in Secret) 61; Strangers from Earth 61; Orbit Unlimited 61; Twilight World 1961; After Doomsday 62; The Makeshift Rocket 62; Murder Bound 62; Let the Spacemen Beware (The Night Face) 63; Shield 63; Time and the Stars 64; Guardians of Time 64; Three Worlds to Conquer 64; Trader to the Stars 64; The Corridors of Time 65; Agent of the Terran Empire (Agent of Terra) 65; Flandry of Terra 65; The Star Fox 65; The Trouble Twisters 66; The Fox, the Dog and the Griffin 66; Ensign Flandry 66; World Without Stars 67; The Horn of Time 68; The Rebel Worlds (Commander Flandry) 69; Beyond the Beyond 69; Satan's World 69; A Circus of Hells 70; Tales of the Flying Mountains 70; Tau Zero 70; The Byworlder 71; The Dancer from Atlantis 71, Operation Chaos 71; There Will be Time 72; Hrolf Kraki's Saga 73; The People of the Wind 73; The Queen of Air and Darkness 73; A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (Knight Flandry) 74; The Day of Their Return 74; A Midsummer Tempest 74, Fire Time 74; Inheritors of the Earth [with Gordon Eklund] 74; The (Many) Worlds of PA 74; The Winter of the World 75; Star Prince Charlie [with Gordon R.Dickson] 75; The Book of PA 75; The Best of PA 76; Homeward and Beyond 76; Mirkheim 77; A World Named Cleopatra 77; The Avatar 78; The Peregrine 78; The Earth Book of Stormgate 78; The Merman's Children 79; A Stone in Heaven 79; The Demon of Scattery 79; Earthman's Burden [with GRD] 79; Flandry of Terra 79; The Devil's Game 80; The Golden Horn 80; The Road of the Sea Horse 80; The Sign of the Raven 80; Conan the Rebel 80; Explorations 81; Fantasy 81; Winners 81; Cold Victory 82; The Gods Laughed 82; Maurai and Kith 82; New America 82; Orion Shall Rise 83; The Time Patrol (Time Patrolman) 83, Conflict 83; The Long Night 83; The Unicorn Trade [with Karen Anderson] 83; Past Times 84; Seven Conquests 84; The Game of Empire 85; Dialogue with Darkness 85; Roma Mater [with KA] 86, Gallicenae [with KA] 87, Dahut [with KA] 88, The Year of Ransom 88; The Dog and the Wolf [with KA] 89; The Saturn Game 89, The Boat of a Million Years 89, Space Folk 89; The Shield of Time 90; Alight in the Void 91; How to Build a Planet [with Stephen W. Gillett] 91; Inconstant Star 91; Kinship with the Stars 91; The Longest Voyage 91; No Truce with Kings 91; The Armies of Elfland 92; Flandry 93; Harvest of Stars 93, The Stars Are Also Fire 94, All One Universe 96, The King of Ys [with KA] 96; War of the Gods 97, The Fleet of Stars 97, Starfarers 98, Operation Luna 99, sequel to Operation Chaos; Genesis 99; Operation Otherworld 99; Hokas Pokas [with GRD] 00, comic SF about irrepressible aliens; The Imperial Stars 00; Mother of Kings 01. [Undated: Harvest the Fire]

Edmund Cooper (1926-1982)
Deadly Image 58; The Uncertain Midnight 58; Tomorrow's Gift 58; Seed of Light 59; Wish Goes to Slumber Land 60; Voices in the Dark 60; Tomorrow Came 63; Transit 64; All Fools' Day 66; A Far Sunset 68; Five to Twelve 68; News from Elsewhere 68; The Last Continent 69; Sea-Horse in the Sky 69; The Square Root of Tomorrow 70; Son of Kronk 70; Kronk 71; The Overman Culture 71; Unborn Tomorrow 71; Gender Genocide 72; Who Needs Men? 72; The Cloud Walker 73; The Tenth Planet 73; Prisoner of Fire 74; The Slaves of Heaven 74; Merry Christmas, Ms Minerva 78; Jupiter Laughs 79; A World of Difference 80. — as Richard Avery: The Expendables ?; The Deathworms of Kratos 75; The Rings of Tantalus 75; The War Games of Zelos 75; The Venom of Argus 75?. — with Roger Green: Double Phoenix 71.

Richard Cowper (John Middleton Murry Jr 1926-)
Breakthrough 67, about ESP; Phoenix 68; Domino 71; Clone 72; Kuldesak,/i> 72; Time Out of Mind 73; The Twilight of Briareus 74; Worlds Apart 74; Piper at the Gates of Dawn 76; The Custodians 76; Out There Where the Big Ships Go 80; The Web of the Magi 80; Profundis 81; The Tithonian Factor 84. — White Bird of Kinship trilogy: The Road to Corlay 78, A Dream of Kinship 81, A Tapestry of Time 82. — as Colin Middleton Murry: The Golden Valley 53; Recollections of a Ghost 60; A Path to the Sea 61; Private View 72.

Anne (Inez) McCaffrey (1926-)
The Mark of Merlin 71, murder mystery; The Girl Who Heard Dragons (jv) 85/94; An Exchange of Gifts (jv) 95; The Ship Who Sang; Restoree; Decision at Doona; Dinosaur Planet; — Dragon series: Dragonflight 68, Dragonquest, The White Dragon, Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums. — Pegasus series: To Ride Pegasus 73; — Rowan series: The Rowan 90; — Crystal series: Crystal Singer 74/82, Killashandra 85, Crystal Line 92. — Alchemy & Academe 70.

Richard (Burton) Matheson (1926-)
Born of Man and Woman (Third from the Sun) 54 (61); Someone is Bleeding 53; Fury on Sunday 53; The Shores of Space 57; Ride the Nightmare 59; I Am Legend (Omega Man) 54 (71), the last human in a world of vampires; The Shrinking Man 56; A Stir of Echoes 58; The Beardless warriors 60; Shock! (I) 61/79, (II) 64, (III) 66, (IV) 80; Shock Waves 70; Hell House 71; Bid Time Return (Somewhere in Time) 75; What Dreams May Come 78; Earthbound 82 [as Logan Swanson] /89. Through Channels 89; Journal of the Gun Years 91; The Gunfight 92; Seven Steps to Midnight 92; Shadow on the Sun 94; By The Gun 94; Now You See It 95; The Memoirs of Wild Bill Hickock 96. — Nonfiction: The Path: Metaphysics for the 1990s 93. Not to be confused with his son, Richard Christian Matheson (1953-) also a screenwriter.

William Rotsler (1926-)
Patron of the Arts 74; To the Land of the Electric Angel 76.

Thomas (Nicholas) Scortia (1926-1986)
Artery of Fire 60/72; Caution Inflammable! 75.

(Gordon) Randall (Phillip David) Garrett (1927-1987)
Lord Darcy series (first published in Analog): Too Many Magicians 67, Murder and Magic 79, Lord Darcy Investigates 81, The Spell of War [in Thor's Hammer 79, anthology ed. Reginald Bretnor]. Series extended by Michael Kurland.
— Joints: Pagan Passions [with Laurence M. Janifer] 59; The Brain Twisters as Mark Phillips [with LMJ]; Unwise Child [with Robert Silverberg and Lin Carter?].

Daniel Keyes (1927-)
Precedent Marvel SF 52; Flowers for Algernon Fantasy and SF 59/66, filmed as 'Charly' 68, mentally retarded man becomes temporarily a genius by drug treatment. The Touch (The Contaminated Man) 68 (77).

Sterling (Edmund) Lanier (1927-)
Join Our Gang? Astounding SF 61; The War for the Lot (jv) 69; The Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier Ffellowes 72; Hiero Desteen 84 [= Hiero's Journey 73, The Unforsaken Hiero 83]; Menace Under Marswood 83; The Curious Quest of Brigadier Ffellowes 86.

Robert Sheckley (1928-)
Immortality, Inc. 59; Journey Beyond Tomorrow; The 10th Victim assassination lottery.
— Joint: [with Roger Zelazny] the Azzie Elbub series: Bring Me The Head Of Prince Charming 91, If At Faust You Don't Succeed 93, A Farce To Be Reckoned With 95.

William Peter Blatty (1928-)
Twinkle, Twinkle, ‘Killer’ Kane 66; The Exorcist 71, filmed by William Friedkin 73. The Ninth Configuration 78; Legion 83.

Philip K(indred) Dick (1928-1982)
A Handful of Darkness 55; Solar Lottery (World of Chance) 55; The Man Who Japed 56; The World Jones Made 56; The Variable Man 57; The Cosmic Puppets 57; Eye in the Sky 57; Time Out of Joint 59; Dr Futurity 60/72; Vulcan's Hammer 60; The Man in the High Castle 62; The Game-Players of Titan 63; Clans of the Alphane Moon 64; Martian Time-Slip 64; The Penultimate Truth 64; The Simulacra 64; The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 64, interplanetary drug-dealing - there is no way to tell what is real; The Unteleported Man 64; Dr Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb 65; The Crack in Space 66; Now Wait for Last Year 66; Counter-Clock World 67; The Zap Gun 67; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 68, set in Bladerunner world; The Preserving Machine 69; Galactic Pot-Healer 69; Ubik 69; We Can Build You 69; A Maze of Death 70; Our Friends from Frolix 8 70; Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said 74; A Scanner Darkly 77; The Golden Man 80; Valis 81; The Transmigration of Timothy Archer 82; Lies, Inc. 84; I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon 85; Radio Free Albemuth 85; Beyond Lies the Wub 87; The Days of Perky Pat 87; The Father-Thing 87; Second Variety 87; We Can Remember It for You Wholesale 87; The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick 87; The Dark-Haired Girl 88; Nick and the Glimmung 88; The Minority Report 91; Divine Invasion 91; — with Ray Nelson: The Ganymede Takeover 67; with Roger Zelazny: Deus Irae 76.

Zach Hughes (Hugh Zachary 1928-)
The Book of Rack the Healer 73; Seed of the Gods 74; Gwen, in Green 74; The Legend of Miaree 74; The Stork Factor 75; Tide 75; Tiger in the Stars 76; Killbird 81; Gold Star 83; Closed System 86; The Dark Side 87; Sundrinker 87; Life Force 88; Mother Lode 91; Deep Freeze 92; The Omnificence Factor 93; For Texas and Zed ?; — as Hugh Zachary: Bloodrush 81; The Revenant 88; — as Evan Innes: America 2040 86; The Golden World 86; The City in the Mist 87; The Return 88; The Star Explorer 88.

Colin Kapp (1928-)
Life Plan New Worlds 58; Lambda 1 NW 62; The Dark Mind (Transfinite Man) NW 63/65 (64); The Patterns of Chaos 72; The Wizard of Anharitte 73; The Survival Game 76; The Chaos Weapon 77; Manalone 77, the state hides the past; The Ion War 78; The Unorthodox Engineers 79; The Timewinders 80; Cageworld (Search for the Sun!) 82 (83); The Lost Worlds of Cronus 82; The Tyrant of Hades 82.

Alan E(dward) Nourse (1928-1992)
Trouble on Titan 54; A Man Obsessed (The Mercy Men) 55(68); Star Surgeon 60; Tiger by the Tail (Beyond Infinity) 61(64); Psi High and Others 67.

(Symmes) Chad(wick) Oliver (1928-)
Shadows in the Sun 54; The Winds of Time 57; The Shores of Another Sea 71.

Doris (Elaine) Piserchia (1928-)
Mr Justice 73, a vigilante with a time machine; Star Rider 74; Earthchild 77; A Billion Days of Earth 76.

James White (1928-)
Sector General series: Hospital Station 62; Star Surgeon 63; Major Operation 71; Ambulance Ship 79.

Kate Wilhelm (1928-)
The Clone 65 (with Theodore L. Thomas); Let the Fire Fall 69/72; The Nevermore Affair 66; The Abyss 71; Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang 76; Somerset Dreams 78.

Felix (C.) Got(t)schalk (1929-)
Growing Up in Tier 3000 75, how children survive through linguistic adaptation in an automated dystopia; has also written some 35 short stories.

David J(ohn) Lake (1929-)
Walkers on the Sky 76; The Right Hand of Dextra 77; The Wildings of Westron 77; The Gods of Xuma, or Barsoom Revisited 78; The Fourth Hemisphere 80; The Man Who Loved Morlocks 81; Ring of Truth 82; Warlords of Xuma 83; The Changelings of Chaan (jv) 85; West of the Moon (jv) 88.

Ursula K(roeber) LeGuin (1929-)
Rocannon's World; Planet of Exile; City of Illusions;The Left Hand of Darkness; The Lathe of Heaven 71; The Word for World is Forest; The Dispossessed 74; A Wizard of Earthsea 68, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore. The Wind's Twelve Quarters, Orsinian Tales 76; The Beginning Place 80.

Ira Levin (1929-)
Rosemary's Baby 67, filmed 68; This Perfect Day 70; The Stepford Wives 72, filmed 74; The Boys from Brazil 76, filmed 78; Sliver 91, filmed 93.

Fred (Thomas) Saberhagen (1930-)
Empire of the East 79 [= The Broken Lands 68, The Black Mountains 71; The Changeling Earth (Ardneh's World) 73 (88]; The Complete Book of Swords 85 [= First Book 83, Second 83, Third 84]; Merlin's Bones 95; Dancing Bears 96.
Lost Swords series: Woundhealer's Story 86, Sightblinder's Story 87, Stonecutter's Story 88, Farslayer's Story 89, Coinspinner's Story 89, Mindsword's Story 90, Wayfinder's Story 92, Shieldbreaker's Story 94.
Dracula series: The Dracula Tape 75, The Holmes-Dracula File 78, An Old Friend of the Family 79, Thorn 80, Dominion 82, A Matter of Taste 90, A Question of Time 92, Seance for a Vampire 94.
Berserker series: Brother Berserker; Berserker's Planet. See also Roger Zelanzy.

Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-99)
The Door Through Space 61; Seven From The Stars 61; The Planet Savers 62; The Sword of Aldones 62; The Bloody Sun 64; Star of Danger 65; The World Wreckers 71; Darkover Landfall 72; Dark Satanic 72; Hunters of the Red Moon [with Paul Edwin Zimmer] 73; The Spell Sword 74; Endless Voyage 75; The Heritage of Hastur 75; The Shattered Chain 76; The Forbidden Tower 77; Stormqueen 78; Ruins of Isis 78; The Catch Trap 79; The Survivors [with PEZ] 79; Two To Conquer 80; Winds of Darkover 80; The House Between The Worlds 80; Sharra's Exile 81; Hawkmistress 82; Thendara House 83; The Mists of Avalon 83; Web of Light 83; Web of Darkness 84; The Inheritor 84; Night's Daughter 85; Lythande 86; The Fall of Atlantis 87; The Firebrand 87; The Heirs of Hammerfell 89; Witch Hill 90; Black Trillium [with Julian May and Andre Norton] 90; Golden Trillium [with JM and AN] 93; Rediscovery [with Mercedes R. Lackey] 93; The Forest House [with Diana L. Paxson] 93; Jamie and other stories 93; Darkover 93; Star of Danger 94; City of Sorcery 94; Lady of the Trillium 95; Tiger, Burning Bright [with MRL and AN] 95; Glenraven [with Holly Lisle] 96; Ghostlight 96; Exile's Song 97; The Gratitude of Kings 97; The Shadow Matrix [with Adrienne Martine-Barnes] 97; Lady of Avalon [with DLP] 97; Gravelight 97; Witchlight 97; Heartlight 98; Traitor's Sun [with AMB] 98; In The Rift [with HL] 98; Posthumous: Priestess of Avalon [with DLP] 2000, a biography of (St) Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine; presenting her as from Avalon; The Fall of Neskaya [with Deborah J. Ross] 2001.

John Morress(e)y (1930-)
Stardrift; The Extraterritorial; Other Stories 83. — Iron Angel series: Ironbrand 80, Graymantle 81, Kingsbane 82, The Time of the Annihilator 85. — Kedrigern series, about a reluctant wizard: A Voice for Princess 86, The Questing of Kedrigern 87, Kedrigern in Wanderland 88, Kedrigern and the Charming Couple 90, A Remembrance for Kedrigern 90.

Lin(wood) (Vrooman) Carter (1930-1988)
Green Star series: Under the GS, When the GS Calls, By the Light of the GS, As the GS Rises, In the GS's Glow; Callisto series: all titles end 'of Callisto' Jandar, The Black Legion, Sky Pirates, The Mad Empress, Mind Wizards, Lankar, Ylana. Thongor series: The Wizard of Lemuria, Thongor of Lemuria, Thongor Against the Gods, Thongor in the City of Magicians, Thongor at the End of Time 1968.

J. G. Ballard (James Graham Ballard 1930-)
The Wind From Nowhere 62; The Drowned World 62; The Voices of Time 62; The Four-Dimensional Nightmare 63; The Drought(The Burning World) 64; The Terminal Beach 64; The Crystal World 66; The Impossible Man 66; The Day of Forever 67; The Disaster Area 67; The Overloaded Man 67; The Atrocity Exhibition 70; Vermilion Sands 71; Chronopolis and other stories 71; Crash 73; Concrete Island 74; High-Rise 75; Low-Flying Aircraft and other stories 76; The Best of ... 77/8; The Unlimited Dream Company 79; The Venus Hunters 80; Hello America 80; Myths of the Near Future 82; Empire of the Sun 84 autobiographical; The Day of Creation 87; Running Wild 88; Memories of the Space Age 88; War Fever 90; The Kindness of Women 91; Rushing to Paradise 95; Cocaine Nights 96; Super-Cannes 00.

D. G. Compton (1930-)
The Silent Multitude 67; Synthajoy 68; Chronocules 70; The Steel/Electric Crocodile 70; Farewell, Earth's Bliss 71; The Missionaries 72; Windows 79; Ascendancies 80; Scudder's Game 88; Nomansland 93; Justice City 94; Back of Town Blues 96; Joint with John Gribbin: Ragnarok 91.

Algi(rda)s (Jonas) Budrys (1931-)
False Night 54; Man of Earth 58; The Falling Torch 59; Who? 59; The Unexpected Dimension 60; Rogue Moon 60; Some Will Not Die 61; Budrys' Inferno 63; Trueman And The Pendergasts [as Frank Mason] 63; (The Amsirs and) The Iron Thorn 67; The Furious Future 75; Michaelmas 77; Blood and Burning 78; Hard Landing 93.

Joseph L. Green (1931-)
The Loafers of Refuge 65; An Affair with Genius 68; The Mind Behind the Eye (Gold the Man) 71; Conscience Interplanetary 72; The Horde 76; Star Probe 76.

Gene (Rodman) Wolfe (1931-)
First story: The Dead Man, in Sir 65; Operation ARES 70; The Fifth Head of Cerberus 72; Peace 75; The Hero as Werewolf [in The New Improved Sun ed. Disch and Naylor] 75; The Devil in a Forest 76; The Detective of Dreams 80; The Island of Doctor Death 80; Gene Wolfe's Book of Days 81; The Castle of the Otter 82; The Wolfe Archipelago 83; Free Live Free 84; Plan[e]t Engineering 84; At The Point of Capricorn 84; Bibliomen 84; Soldier of the Mist 86; The Arimaspian Legacy 87; There Are Doors 88; Storeys from the Old Hotel 88; Endangered Species 89; Soldier of Arete 89; Slow Children at Play 89; Castleview 90; The Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin Is The Sun 91.
— ‘The Book of the Wonders of Urth and Sky’ series: The Book of the New Sun 80-83 [= The Shadow of the Torturer 80, The Claw of the Conciliator 81, The Sword of the Lictor 82, The Citadel of the Autarch 82]; The Boy Who Hooked The Sun 85; Empires of Foliage and Flower 87; The Urth of the New Sun 87;
— ‘The Book of the Long Sun&3146; series: Nightside of the Long Sun 93, Lake of the Long Sun 94, Calde of the Long Sun 94.

John Norman (John Frederick Lange Jr 1931-)
Ghost Dance 69; Time Slave 75; — Gor series: (add 'of Gor' to all titles) Tarnsman 66, Outlaw 67, Priest-Kings 68, Nomads 69, Assassin 70, Raiders 71, Captive 72, Hunters 74, Marauders 75, Tribesmen 76, Slave Girl 77, Beasts 78, Explorers 79, Fighting Slave 80, Guardsman 81, Rogue 82, Savages 82, Kajira 83, Players 84, Mercenaries 85, Dancer 85, Renegades 86, Vagabonds 87, Magicians 88. — Telnar trilogy: The Chieftain 91, The Captain 93, The King 93.

Bob (=Robert) Shaw (1931-)
Other Days, Other Eyes 72; A Wreath of Stars 76; Ground Zero Man 71.

Colin (Henry) Wilson (1931-)
The Outsider 56, existentialism; Ritual in the Dark 60; Man without a Shadow (The Sex Diary of Gerard Sorme) 63; The Mind Parasites 67; The Philosopher's Stone 69; The Return of the Lloigor 69; The God of the Labyrinth (The Hedonists) 70 (71); The Schoolgirl Murder Case 74; The Space Vampires (Lifeforce) 76 (85); The Janus Murder Case 84.
The Spider World series: The Desert 87, The Tower 87, The Fortress 87, The Delta 87, The Magician 92.
— Commentary: The Strength to Dream: Literature and the Imagination 62; Bernard Shaw: A Reassessment 69; The Strange Genius of David Lindsay 70.

Michael G. Coney (1932-)
Mirror Image 72; Friends Come in Boxes 73; Rax 73?; The Hero of Downways 73; Syzygy 73; Monitor Found in Orbit 74; Winter's Children 74; Charisma 75; Hello Summer, Goodbye 75; The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch (The Girl With a Symphony In Her Fingers) 75; Brontomek! 76; The Ultimate Jungle 79; Neptune's Cauldron 81; Cat Karina 82; Song of Earth series: The Celestial Steam Locomotive 83, Gods of the Greataway 84, Fang the Gnome 88, King of the Scepter'd Isle 89; Pallahaxi Tide ?.

John (William) Jakes (1932-)
Brak the Barbarian series. Mention My Name in Atlantis Conanesque; Black in Time; Six Gun Planet; On Wheels; Time Gate.

T. J. Bass (Thomas J. Bassler 1932-)
Half Past Human; The Godwhale 74; "complexities of human biology and genetics ... arcane bio-physics" [RGS].

Mark Adlard (Peter Marcus Adlard 1932-)
Interface 71; Voltface 72; Multiface 75; T-City Trilogy: "the ramifications of near-future mega-corporation activities" [RGS], with some predictions that proved close to the mark.

Ben(jamin William) Bova (1932-)
The Star Conquerors 59; Star Watchman 64; The Weathermakers 67; Out of the Sun 68; The Duelling Machine 69; Escape! 70; Exiled from Earth 71; THX 1138 71, film novelisation; As on a Darkling Plain 72; reactions to the discovery of alien artefacts; Flight of Exiles 72; Forward in Time 73; When the Sky Burned 73; The Winds of Altair 73; Gremlins, Go Home! [with Gordon R. Dickson] 74; End of Exile 75; The Starcrossed 75; City of Darkness 76; Millennium 76, "military/scientific installations on the Moon ... take a stand against war." [RGS]; Multiple Man 76, "Three exact doubles of the President have been murdered, and there is no way to know that the present incumbent is the one elected." [RGS]; Viewpoint 77; Colony 78; Maxwell's Demons 78; Kinsman 79; Voyagers 81; Voyagers II: The Alien Within 82; Test of Fire 82; The Exiles Trilogy 82; Escape Plus 83; Orion 84; The Astral Mirror 85; Privateers 85; Prometheans 86; Battle Stations 87; Peacekeepers 88; Vengeance of Orion 88; Cyberbooks 89; Future Crime 90; Orion in the Dying Time 90; Voyagers III: Star Brothers 90; Mars 92; Sam Gunn, Unlimited 92; To Save the Sun 92; The Trikon Deception [with Bill Pogue] 92; Challenges 93; Empire Builders 93; Triumph 93; Death Dream 94; Orion and the Conqueror 94; To Fear the Light 94; To Fear the Lion [with A. J. Austin] 94; The Watchmen 94; Brothers 95; Orion among the Stars 95; Moonbase 96; Moonrise 96; Moonwar 97; Storm Fury 97; Twice Seven 98; Immortality 98; Sam Gunn Forever 98; Return to Mars 99; Venus 2000; Jupiter 2000. The Precipice 2001. Editor of Analog 1971-78. His stories are hard technological SF, politics and space opera.

Ron(ald Joseph) Goulart (1933-)
The Hellhound Project; Clockwork's Pirates; The Emperor of the Last Days.

John (Champlin) Gardner (Jr) (1933-1982)
Grendel (1971) Beowolf from the monster's point of view.

Laurence (Mark) Janifer (Larry Mark Harris 1933-)
Expatriate Cosmos 53; Slave Planet 63; You Sane Men (Bloodworld) 65(68), where sadism rules; A Piece of Martin Cann 68; Impossible? 68; Power 74; Reel 83; — Knave series: Survivor 77; Knave in Hand 79; Knave and the Game 87. — with Randall Garrett (as LMH): Pagan Passions 59; RG + LMJ writing as Mark Phillips: That Sweet Little Old Lady (Brain Twister) Astounding SF 59 (62); Out Like a Light (The Impossibles) ASF 60 (63); Occasion for Disaster (Supermind) ASF 60-61 (63). — with Michael Kurland: Wonder War 64; — with S(teven) J(ohn) Treibich (1936-72), comedies featuring Angelo di Stefano: Target: Terra 68; The High Hex 69; The Wagered World 69; — has also written other fiction, including erotica, under the names Alfred Blake and Barbara Wilson.

Jerry (Eugene) Pournelle (1933-)
A Spaceship for the King 73; The Mercenary 77. — collaborations with Larry Niven.

Harlan (Jay) Ellison (1934-)
Doomsman; The Man With Nine Lives; Short stories: Deathbird Stories (1975) includes: "The Whimper of Whipped Dogs", "Shattered Like a Glass Goblin", "Basilisk", "Along the Scenic Route", "Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes", "Bleeding Stones", "Paingod", "Ernest and the Machine God", "Rock God", "Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans", "The Deathbird"; Ellison Wonderland includes "The Silver Corridor"; I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream; Alone Against Tomorrow; The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World include "Repent Harlequin said the Ticktockman", "A Boy and His Dog".

Alan Garner (1934-)
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (1960); Elidor (1965); The Owl Service (1967); Red Shift (1973)

Simon Lang(Darlene Hartman 1934-)
All The Gods of Eisernon 73; The Elluvon Gift 75.

Andrew J(efferson) Offutt (1934-)
Evil is Live Spelled Backwards ?, future religious tyrrany fought by a satanist underground; Castle Keep ?; The Galactic Rejects ?; Messenger of Zhuvastu 73; Sword of the Gaeel 75; The Undying Wizard 76; Sign of the Moonbow 77; The Mists of Doom 77; My Lord Barbarian 77; The Iron Lords 79; Shadows Out Of Hell 80; The Lady of the Snowmist 83. — Joint: [with Keith Taylor]: When Death Birds Fly 80; The Tower of Death 82. [with Ricard K. Lyon]: Demon in the Mirror 78; Eyes of Sarsis 80; Web of the Spider 81. — Contributions to other series such as Conan.

Piers Anthony (Dillingham Jacob) (1934-)
Chthon 67; The Ring [with Robert E. Margroff] 68; Sos the Rope 68 (Sos, Var, Neq); Omnivore h68; Hasan 69; Macroscope 69; The ESP Worm [with REM] 70; Orn h71; Prostho Plus 73; "farce about the kidnapping and education of ... a dentist from Earth by an exotic array of aliens" [RGS]; Race Against time 73; Rings of Ice 74; Triple Detente 74; Phthor 75; Steppe 76; Ox h76; A Spell for Chameleon x77; Cluster c77; Chaining The Lady c78; Kirlian Quest c78; Pretender 79; Castle Roogna x79; The Source of Magic x79; God of Tarot t79; Vision of Tarot t80; Thousandstar c80; Split Infinity a80; Mute 81; Centaur Aisle x81; Faith of Tarot t81; Blue Adept a81; Night Mare x82; Ogre, Ogre x82; Juxtaposition a82; Viscous Circle c82; Dragon on a Pedestal x83; On a Pale Horse e83; Refugee b83; Mercenary b84; Bearing an Hourglass e84; Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn x85; With a Tangled Skein e85; Executive b85; Politician b85; Ghost 86; Shade of the Tree 86; Golem in the Gears x86; Statesman b86; Wielding a Red Sword e86; Vale of the Vole x87; Being a Green Mother e87; Tarot t87; Out of Phase a87; Dragon's Gold f87; Heaven Cent x88; Serpent's Silver f88; Robot Adept a88; For Love of Evil e88; But What of Earth? 89; Pornucopia 89; Through The Ice [with Robert Kornwise] 89; Total Recall 89; Man from Mundania x89; And Eternity e89; Unicorn Point a89; Dead Morn [with Roberto Fuentes] 90; Firefly 90; Hard Sell 90; Isle of View x90; Phaze Doubt a90; Chimera's Copper f90; Orc's Opal f90; Balook 91; Mer-Cycle 91; Question Quest x91; Fractal Mode g91; Virtual Mode g91; Killobyte 92; The Color of Her Panties x92; Mouvar's Magic f92; Alien Plot 93; If I Pay Thee Not In Gold [with Mercedes R. Lackey] 93; Demons Don't Dream x93; Harpy Thyme x93; Chaos Mode g93; Isle of Woman d93; Geis of the Gargoyle x94; Shame of Man d94; The Caterpillar's Question [with Philip Jose] 95; Roc and a Hard Place x95; The Willing Spirit [with Alfred Tella] 96; Yon Ill Wind x96; Faun and Games 97; Spider Legs [with Clifford A. Pickover] 97; Hope of Earth d97; Dream a Little Dream [with Julie Brady] 98; Quest for the Fallen Star [with James Richie and Alan Riggs] 98; Zombie Lover x98; Reality Check 99; Xone of Contention x99; Muse of Art d99; The Gutbucket Quest [with Ron Leming] 2000; The Secret of Spring [with Jo Anne Taeusch] 2000; The Dastard x2000; Doom Mode g2001; Series: a = Apprentice Adept, b = Space Tyrant, c = Cluster (The cluster is the 'local' one of the milky way and Andromeda galaxies), d = Geodyssey, e = Incarnations of Immortality, f = Kelvin of Rud [with Robert E. Margroff], g = Mode, h = Omnivore ("detailed description of the planet, Nacre, its inhabitants and ecology" [RGS]), t = Tarot ("chronicling the founding of the church of Tarot and the life of its founder, Brother Paul." [RGS]), x = Xanth.

John Brunner (1934-1995)
Galactic storm 51; The Brink 59; Echo in the Skull 59; The World Swappers 59; Threshold of Eternity 59; The Hundredth Millennium 59; The Atlantic Abomination 60; The Skynappers 60; Sanctuary in the Sky 60; Slavers of Space 60; Meeting at Infinity 61; I Speak for Earth [as Keith Woodcott]61; No Future in It 62; The Super Barbarians 62; Times without Number 62; Secret Agent of Terra 62; The Ladder in the Sky [as KW] 62; Castaways' World 63; The Rites of Ohe 63; The Astronauts Must not Land 63; The Dreaming Earth 63; Listen! The Stars! 63; The Psionic Menace [as KW] 63; Endless Shadow 64; To Conquer Chaos 64; The Crutch of Memory 64; Now Then 65; The Repairmen of Cyclops 65; Day of the Star Cities 65; Telepathist 65; The Squares of the City 65, based on an actual chess game Steinitz-Tchigorin 1892; Enigma from Tantalus 65; The Long Result 65; The Altar on Asconel 65; The Martian Sphinx [as KW] 65; No Other Gods but Me 66; A Planet of Your Own 66; Born Under Mars 67; The Productions of Time 67; Quicksand 67; Out of My Mind 67; Not Before Time 68; Bedlam Planet 68; Father of Lies 68; Stand on Zanzibar 68, dystopia about overpopulation; Double, Double 69; Timescoop 69; The Jagged Orbit 69; The Traveller in Black 71; The Wrong End of Time 71; From This Day Forward 72; The Dramaturges of Yan 72; The Sheep Look Up 72, a novel of ecological doom; Time Jump (ss)73; The Stone that Never came Down 73; Web of Everywhere 74; Total Eclipse 74; The Shockwave Rider 75; The Book of ... 76; Foreign Constellations (ss)80; Players at the Game of People 80; The Crucible of Time 83; The Tides of Time 84; The Shift Key 87; The Best of ... 88; Children of the Thunder 89; Age of Miracles ?; The Whole Man ?;

Richard A(llen) Lupoff (1935-)
Into the Aether 74; The Triune Man 76; The Crack in the Sky (Fool's Hill) 76 (78).

Robert Silverberg (1935-)
Recalled to Life; Nightwings; Tower of Glass; Dying Inside 1972; A Time of Changes; The Book of Skulls. Lord Valentine's Castle 80; The Desert of Stolen Dreams 81; Majipoor Chronicles 82; Valentine Pontifex 83; Gilgamesh the King 84; The Land of the Living 89. Over 28 SF novels in all by 1988. Also edits anthologies.

Keith (John Kingston) Roberts (1935-)
The Furies 66; Pavane 68/69, alternate world where the Spanish Armada won; Anita 70; The Boat of FateMachines and Men (Men and Machines?) 73; The Inner Wheel 70; The Chalk Giants 74/75; The Grain Kings 76; The Passing of the Dragons 77; Ladies from Hell 79; Molly Zero 80; Kiteworld 85; The Lordly Ones 86; Kaeti and Company 86; Kaeti's Apocalypse 86; Grainne 87; The Road to Paradise 88; Winterwood and other Hauntings 89; The Event 89; Kaeti on Tour 92. — Critical: The Natural History of the Primitive Heroine 88.

John Farris (1936-)
The Corpse Next Door 56; Harrison High 59; The Long Night of Dawn 62; King Windom 67; When Michael Calls 67; The Captors 69; The Trouble at Harrison High 70; Happy Anniversary, Harrison High 73; Sharp Practice 74; The Fury 76; All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By 77, “best modern treatment of the lamia and voodoo themes in horror literature” [HBB]; Shatter 80; Catacombs 82; The Uninvited 82; Minotaur 85; Son of the Endless Night 85; Wildwood 86; Nightfall 87; Scare Tactics 88; The Axeman Cometh 89; Fiends 90; Sacrifice 94; Dragonfly 95; Soon She Will Be Gone 99; — as Steve Brackeen: The Body on the Beach 57; Baby Moll 58; Danger in My Blood 59; Delfina 62; The Guardians 64.

Joanna Russ (1937-)
Picnic on Paradise; And Chaos Died; The Female Man. Also short stories, from 1967, featuring Alyx a female sword and sorcery heroine.

Terry (Gene) Carr (1937-1987)
Cirque; The Light at the end of the Universe short stories.

Barrington J(ohn) Bayley (1937-)
The Star Virus 70; Annihilation Factor 72; Empire of Two Worlds 72; Collision Course 73, "there are two separate civilisations on earth, each with its origin in the far future of the other" [RGS]; Collision with Chronos 73; The Fall of Chronopolis 74, "time ... is a wave with plateaus, or islands, of 'now'." [RGS]; Soul of the Robot 74; The Garments of Caean 76; The Grand Wheel 77, "a gamble for the human race and the entire universe" [RGS]; Star Winds 78; The Knights of the Limits 78; The Seed of Evil 79; The Pillars of Eternity 82; The Zen Gun 83; The Forest of Peldain 85; The Rod of Light 85; Eye of Terror 2000.

Richard C(arlton) Meredith (1937-1979)
The Sky is Filled with Ships 69; We All Died At Breakaway Station 69; The Timeliner Trilogy 87 [= At the Narrow Passage 73/79; No Brother, No Friend 76/79; Vestiges of Time 78/79]; Run, Come See Jerusalem! 76; The Awakening 79.

John (Thomas) Sladek (1937-)
The Muller-Fokker Effect 70; Mechasm 69.

Jack (David) Zipes (1937-)
Collections, translations and academic studies of fairy tales: The Great Refusal 70, the romantic hero in literature; Breaking the Magic Spell 79, detrimental effect of commercialisation; Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion 83; The Trials and Tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood 83, compares 35 versions of the tale! Don't Bet on the Prince 86, effect of feminism; Victorian Fairy Tales 87, their moral and didactic purposes; The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm 87, new translation; The Brothers Grimm 88, biographical; Fairy Tales and Fables from the Weimar Days (Utopian Tales from Weimar) 89 (90); Beauties, Beasts and Enchantments 89; Spells of Enchantment (The Penguin Book of Western Fairy Tales) 91 (93); The Outspoken Princess and the Gentle Knight 94, on the modern fairytale; Fairy Tale as Myth 94; The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse 95.

Roger (Joseph) Zelazny (1937-1995)
First story: Mr Fuller's Revolt, in Literary Cavalcade 54; others in Amazing and F&SF 60s; This Immortal 66; He Who Shapes 66; Lord of Light 67, based on Hindu mythology; Four for Tomorrow (A Rose for Ecclesiastes) 67 (69); Creatures of Light and Darkness 69; Damnation Alley 69; Isle of the Dead 69; The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth 71; Jack of Shadows 71; To Die in Italbar 73; Today We Choose Faces 73; Doorways in the Sand 76, silly aliens; Bridge of Ashes 76; The Ilustrated Zelazny 78; Roadmarks 79; The Last Defender of Camelot 80; Eye of Cat 82; Unicorn Variations 83; Wizard World 89 [= Changeling 80, Madwand 81]; Frost and Fire 89; Gone to Earth 91; A Night in the Lonesome October 93.
— The Chronicles of Amber series: Nine Princes in Amber 70, The Guns of Avalon 72, Sign of the Unicorn 75, The Hand of Oberon 76, The Courts of Chaos 78, A Rhapsody in Amber 81, Trumps of Doom 85, Blood of Amber 86, Sign of Chaos 87, Knight of Shadows 89, Prince of Chaos 91. — The Dilvish series: The Bells of Shoredan 79, The Changing Land 81, Dilvish, the Damned 82.
— Joints: Deus Irae [with Philip K. Dick] 76; Coils [with Fred Saberhagen] 80; Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber [with Neil Randall] 88; The Black Throne [with FS] 90; The Mask of Loki [with Thomas T. Thomas] 90; Wilderness [with Gerald Hausman] 94; see also Robert Sheckley. Also some poetry.

Michael (Joseph) Kurland (1938-)
Unicorn Girl; The Whenabouts of Burr; Tomorrow Knight.

Larry Niven (Laurence van Cott Niven 1938-)
Tales of Known Space, World of Ptavvs, The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton, Protector, A Gift from Earth, Neutron Star, Ringworld, The Flight of the Horse 73, The Shape of Space, All the Myriad Ways, A Hole in Space. The Magic Goes Away 78; The Time of the Warlock 84; — Joints: with Jerry Pournelle Inferno 75, an SF writer goes to Hell; The Mote in God's Eye, expedition to contact aliens in the Coalsack Nebula; Lucifer's Hammer, a meteor on course for Earth collision. — Dream Park series, with Steven Barnes: Dream Park 81, The Barsoom Project 89, The (California) Voodoo Game 91;