Science Overview

by G. P. Jelliss

In this 2020 revision I have reverted to a previous plan, keeping the 'History Timeline' pages separate from the 'Overview of Science' pages, rather than combining them into a single 'Overview of Human Knowledge'. This, like much of my website, is still work in progress. The following notes are my attempt as a layman to make sense for myself, and hopefully for others, of the various strands of evidence and opinion available on the web and in books. Most of the pages here are unchanged, except that those on Anthropology and Archaeology are now mainly in the Prehistory and Palaeohistory sections of the History Timeline, with some notes transferred to the Biology section.

Scientific Method
Mathematics: Describing Structures
Physics: How it all Works
Astronomy: Nature of the Universe
Geology: History of the Earth
Chemistry: The Elements
Genetics: Chemistry of Life
Biology: Evolution of Life
Psychology: Human Behaviour

Special Topic

The Periodic Table