Paranoia: An Alphabet of Conspiracy Theories

This essay is about what is thought to be happening in the world today by many people and how "they" are out to get you! Some of these plots go back deep into history. But we are not concerned here with items of purely historical interest.

A - AIDS, a man-made epidemic.

The AIDs epidemic began in the early 1980s. A consensus arose that it was caused by the Human Immonudeficiency Virus (HIV), that probably originated in monkeys. The pattern in which AIDS affected specific communities, such as homosexuals, drug users and blacks led to the theory that it was created by someone with a vendetta against such groups. President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa supported AIDs deniers. Robert Gallo, who first isolated HIV, suggested links to vaccination programs. In the Tuskegee experiment, a 40-year study begun in the 1930s, poor southern blacks with syphilis were monitored but left untreated and uninformed so they could spread the disease so doctors could styudy the effects.

B - Bio-Chemical Warfare Agents, such as Anthrax

In late 2001 a number of anthrax-filed letters were mailed to key media and political targets in the US. Five people died and 17 were infected. The perpetrators were never caught. Some White House staff were given Cipro, the anti-anthrax antibiotic, in advance of the attack. The strain of anthrax used was identified as coming from the US military's own stocks. The targets were liberal politicians or media.

C - Chemicals in food - Aspartame the artificial sweetener.

The artificial sweetener aspartylphenylalanine-methyl-ester (aka aspartame) was accidentally created by chemists working for GDSearle company in 1965. It is now used in thousands of products under ther name Nutrasweet. Donald Rumsfeld was in charge at GDSearle at the time the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of aspartame in the 1970s. It is also made by Ajinomoto and Monsanto. A former head of the FDA now works for Monsanto. Asartame in an excitotoxin, it stimulates nerve cells and breaks down to form methanol which is converted into formaldehyde, which can cause headaches, tremors, vision impairment and diabetes.

D - Dominionism

There is an ever-growing fringe of fundamentalist Christians with extreme views about installing a theocracy in America and initiating Arrmageddon in the Middle East to hasten the Second Coming. Doug Coe, The Fellowship or The Family. National Prayer Breakfast. Biblical Reconstructionists, triggering the Apocalypse. Christian Reconstructionists, selected Bush as presidential candidate. Funded by Harold Ahmanson?

F - Fluoridation of public water supplies.

Dr Robert Carton, US Environmental Protection Agency: "Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time". Oscar R Ewing, former top lawyer for the Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA) was head of the FSA when fluoridation was first proposed. Since the 1930s industrial giants like US Steel and ALCOA had trouble with fluoride being a problem pollutant and needed to find a use for it.

I - Information: They know all about you!

Every action by citizens is being monitored by governments through advanced technology. For example the US Dept of Defence set up an Office of Information Awareness (OIA) headed by Admiral John Poindexter to develop Total Information Awareness (TIA). Funding was dropped due to opposition. Its name was changed to Terrorist Information Awareness. The original logo of the OIA was the all-seeing eye pyramid from the US Great Seal, with the motto scientia est potentia (knowledge is power). Poindexter was the highest-ranking official to be convicted of involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal, and was highly placed in an IT company. The National Security Agency's project 'Echelon' is a top-secret telecommunications monitoring system that has been around since 1947. The US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand operate a global network of spy stations that tap into all forms of electronic communications.

K - KuKluxKlan - Racist Organisations

Oklahoma Bombing 1995 killed 168 people. Timothy McVeigh was executed. Terry Nichols got life. Involvement of Aryan republican Army, a white supremacist group. Pete Langhan recruited by FBI to spy on militia groups. Richard Guthrie.

L - bin Laden - The Bush-Saudi Connection

The Bush family has close links with the rulers of Saudi-Arabia. Special planes evacuated 140 Saudi nationals from the US following the 9/11 crashes. Other prominent Arabian dynasties include the Bin-Ladens and the Mahfouz family. Craig Unger, House of Bush, House of Saud, traces $1.4 billion in contracts and investments by Saudi families to the Carlyle Group, Harken Energy, and Halliburton, all connected with the Bush family. Princess Haifa Al Faisal, wife of the US Saudi Ambassador, is said to have given financial support to men closely linked to the 9/11 hijackers.

M - Magic - Pagan Cults

A similar group to the Bilderberg is the Bohemian Grove, who are said to also indulge in pagan rituals. Northern California redwood forest. Republical politicians and Business leaders. Henry Kissinger. Santa Rosa Sun reported on human sacrifices of the Moloch Cult. The inner sanctum of the Grove is supposed to contain an Underground Lounge, a Leather Room, a Dark Room and a Necrophilia Room.

N - Neocons - Capitalist Conspiracies

Was the Enron scandal simply a case of colossal financial mismanagement or a conspiracy for capitalists to make money? Neocon conspiracy over the WMD deception in Iraq, motivated by oil. Donald Rumsfeld, neocon National Secretary of Defense. Office of Special Plans. Many more recently!

O - Opium Wars - Drug Peddling by Goverment Agencies

The CIA is said to orchestrate the production, traffic and sales of drugs in order to obtain covert funding. Iran-Contra affair. San Jose Mercury News 1996 claimed the CIA trafficked thousands of kilos of cocaine into California to fund the Nicaraguan Contra insurrection. CIA wartime aliance with the Mafia. Drugs are dumped into ethnic minority communities to keep them quiescent and down-trodden. The CIA created the world's three main drug production centres. Ultimately it was able to secure massive extra funding to fight the very drug operations they had initiated. Likewise opium in Afghanistan.

P - Protocols - Jewish Conspiracies

Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

R - Reds under the beds - Fifth Columns in Europe

The US recruited much of the former Nazi intelligence apparatus and personnel and set them up as the Gehlen organisation, led by Reinhard Gehlen, to form an anti-communist intelligence agancy for West Germany. They also set up Operation Stay Behind in other European countries, known as Gladio in Italy. This led to the Red Brigades, assassination of Italian PM Aldo Moro in 1978, bombing of Bologna train station in 1980. One of its aspects is P2 a Masonic Lodge that laundered money through the Vatican Bank, underwrote right-wing dictators in South America and conspired with Vatican insiders to kill Pope John Paul I in 1978.

S - Secret Societies: Bilderberg, Skull and Bones

In 1954 four politicians and businessmen met at the Bilderberg Hotel, including Polish diplomat Joseph Retinger, US financier David Rockefeller. They formed a committee of the capitalist elite that has met anually ever since, supposedly to determine the choice of presidents and prime ministers and other power figures in order to direct the course of history through media control. The Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale is a similar group. founded 1832. Bonesmen. Illuminati.

T - Opposition to Electric Cars and Alternative Technology

In the late nineteenth century electric cars pre-dated and out-performed petrol-driven vehicles. The arrival of the internal combustion engine made a small cartel of car-makers and oil-drillers extremely rich. They suppressed any development of rival non-polluting technologies. During the Great Smog Conspiracy of the 1950s/60s the car giants lobbied to head off federal legislation. The Advanced Battery Consortium in fact slowed down research.

V - Vaccination

Public opposition to vaccination has been common since it was first introduced, and problems still repeatedly arise. For example against the World Health Organisation (WHO) anti-polio vaccination programme in Nigeria.

W - Seeding of Weather, and other Air-borne Technology

The government and the military have been spraying substances into the atmosphere under cover of normal aurcraft contrails. These 'chemtrails' linger and spread slowly across the sky. During the cold war both sides invested in cloud-seeding technology, which is now highly sophisticated. But accidents occurred during the development of this, e.g. flooding case in Devon. Edward Teller 1997 publicised a plan to form high-altitude cloudscreens that could reflect heat back into space and help reduce global warming. HAARP Aurora project? 'Angel hair' is a well-known natural phenomenon caused by baby spiders that hatch by the million and use strands of silk as parasails to achieve wind-borne dispersion. The US Air Force dropped 'angel hair' strands to short out power lines during the NATO bombing of Serbia.

Z - Miscellaneous

The Knight's Templar and the Bloodline of Jesus

Aum Shinrikyo Cult. Sarin nerve gas attack in Tokyo 1995.

Solar Temple. Death of Princess Grace of Monaco.

Moon Shot. Supposedly fiction!

Roswell, Area 51, Rendlesham, Alien Abduction.


The links here are mostly taken from "The Little Book of Conspiracies" by Joel Levy (Portobello Books, London 2006), borrowed from the Hastings Library.

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