My Education

Formal Education

(1945-) Church Manorway Infants School, Plumstead, London SE18.
This school was directly opposite my home.

(-1951) Purrett Road School, Plumstead, London SE18.
This school was up a steep hill towards Plumstead Common.

(1951-58) St Olave's Grammar School, Tower Bridge, London SE1.
Having passed my '11-plus' exams I was one of the first boys to get a grant to go to a grammar school. This involved travelling by bus to Plumstead station, then by train to London Bridge station, and walking down Tooley Street, to near Tower Bridge. The school building is still there but the whole area round it has been considerably altered (it used to be much more industrial). The school itself has moved out to Orpington in Kent.

Results of examinations:
GCE O-level passes in English Language, French and General Paper.
GCE A-level passes in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Further Mathematics.

(1959-61) Sir John Cass College, University of London.
I think this is now part of the Guildhall University.
Mathematics special degree course, but not completed due to illness.

Computer Experience

1990: Canon computer with WordPerfect; selftaught and evening courses at Hastings College; produced Variant Chess magazine.

1994: Time computer with Lotus AmiPro; produced Games and Puzzles Journal.

1999: Compaq computer with Lotus WordPro, etc.
1990 self-taught and evening courses at Hastings College, WordPerfect.
1994 Lotus AmiPro. 1999 Lotus WordPro.
1999 Fernly Business Services, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, (RSA CLAIT 1).
Leicester Adult Education Centre, Internet introductory course, email.
2000 Leicester College, Auto-CAD introductory (OCN 2 credits, level 2).
2001 Stayfree Foundation, HTML course, Internet skills (OCN 2 credits, level 3), Web Page Design & Production (OCN 2 credits, level 3); began website, mainly on hobby interests.

Former addresses of web pages:
Own home page:
Knight's Tours moved to new site:,
British Chess Problem Society:
British Chess Variants Society, Variant Chess magazine:
Games and Puzzles Journal
Leicester Secular Society; designed website: htp://
Wrote Guide to Fantasy Literature on: for Leicester Science Fiction Society.