Grasshopper Chess: Circe

In Circe chess a captured man is replaced on its appropriate game-array square,
R, B and S on starting square of same colour as capture square.
Ps on starting square on file of capture.
Gs on promotion square on file of capture.
Capture is normal (i.e. the captured piece disappears) if the replacement square is already occupied.

17 men 6 types (KQRSGP) 6G

A. Storisteanu
British Chess Magazine Jan 1977 (11133)
Helpmate in 2, in 2 ways, Circe chess

Solution: 1.Rd3 c3 2.Gaxc3(c2) cxd3(Ra8)‡ and 1.Rb3 c4 2.Gxc4(c2) cxc3(Ra8)‡

Comments: White pawn task ('Albino') condensed.

18 men 7 types (KQRBSGP) 4G

K. Wenda
British Chess Magazine Jan 1975 (10764)
Helpstalemate in 3. 2 Solutions. Circe.

Solution: 1.Qb1 Rf6 2.Qe4 Gd3 3.Qe3 Bxe3 stalemate. Not Gxe3(Bc1+) nor Gxf6(Ra1+).
and 1.Qc1 Bf6 2.Qf4 Gf3 3.Qg3 Rxg3 stalemate. Not Gxg3(Ra1+) nor Gxf6(Bc1+).

Comments: "Neat switch of R and B roles", "Precisely matched solutions", solvers' comments


Source Problem number and date

Solution: 1. ‡