Grasshopper Chess: Helpdoublestalemates

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Helpdoublestalemate in 4

8 men 4 types (KSGP) 1G

J. Bokisch
Fairy Chess review 1937 (2774)
Helpdoublestalemate in 4, in two ways

Solution: 1.Ga6 Sc4 2.b4 Sb2 3.Ka3 Kc1 4.c×b2† Kb1 ==
and 1.Ka1 S×b5 2.a3 Sd4 3.a2 Sc2† 4.b×c2† Kc1 ==


Helpdoublestalemate in 5

7 men 4 types (KSGP) 1G

H. Rossler
Feenschach 1975 (1556)
Helpdoublestalemate in 5

Solution: 1.Ge4 e6 2.Ge7 Sb4 3.Ga3 Sd3 4.Ge3 Se5 5.G×e6† Sc6 ==

Comments: BG and WS circuits. Elimination of WPe5.

9 men 3 types (KGP) 5G

J. Bokisch
Fairy Chess Review 1937 (2836)
Helpdoublestalemate in 5, with set play

Solution: Set: 1... Ka6 2.Ga7 K×a7 3.G×b8 Ka8 4.Gb5 Ga7 5.Gb7 b×c7 ==
Play: 1.Ga7 Gb5 2.Kb8 G×a7 3.Ka8 G×d7 4.Gb8 Gdb7 5.c×b6† Ka6 ==

Comments: "The set and actual play giving a pure chameleon echo with the colour change in the men.
This is a lovely thing". T. R. Dawson

14 men 5 types (KQBGP) 6G

J. Bokisch
Fairy Chess Review 1949 (8419)
Helpdoublestalemate in 5

Solution: 1.Ghh2 Q×b3 2.Bg2† K×g2 3.Gh4 Gg1 4.h×g4 Qh3 5.g×h3† Kh8 ==

Comments: Centre of symmetry moves down one step.
In the original the problem is the duplex of this version (i.e. reflect top to bottom and reverse colours).

Helpdoublestalemate in 6

9 men 5 types (KRBGP) 2G

H. Rossler
Feenschach 1972
Helpdoublestalemate in 6

Solution: 1.Kb4 Kc1 2.b5 Rb2 3.Ka3 Ba2 4.b4 Gb1 5.Ga1† Gc3† 6.Gc3† Kb1 ==


Helpdoublestalemate in 7

7 men 3 types (KGP) 1G

H. Rossler
Feenschach 1974 (1295)
Helpdoublestalemate in 7

Solution: 1.g2† Kh2 2.g1(B) Kg3 3.h2 Kf4 4.f2 Gf3† 5.Kg2 Ke3 6.Kh1 Ke2 7.g×f3† Kf1 ==

Comments: WG eliminated.

15 men 4 types (KSGP) 1G

P. A. Petkow
Feenschach 1971
Helpdoublestalemate in 7

Solution: 1.d1(Q) h8(S) 2.Q×d3 S×g6 3.Q×g6 h7 4.Qg8 h×g8(B) 5.b1(R) Bh7 6.Rb7 Bd3 7.a1(G)† Ba6 ==

Comments: All five promotions.

Helpdoublestalemate in 9

12 men 7 types (KQRBSGP) 1G

H. Rossler
Feenschach 1973
Helpdoublestalemate in 9, b) WKg3-g2

Solution: a) 1.S×b1 Gh3 2.Sa3 Kf3 3.S×c2 Ke4 4.S×a1 Kd3 5.Sb3 Kc2
6.Sc1 Kb1 7.S×a2 Ka1 8.Sc3 b3† 9.Ka3 e4 ==
b) 1.e4 b3† 2.Ka3 Rb2 3.e3 Gb1 4.S×e2 Kf1 5.Sc1 Ke1
6.e2 Kd2 7.e1(G) K×c1 8.Ga5 Gd3† 9.Gc3† Kb1 ==

Comments: Completely changed play. BS circuit in a). WG pins BS or BG in final position.

Helpdoublestalemate in --


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Helpdoublestalemate in

Solution: 1. ==