Grasshopper Chess: Helpmate in 5 or more

Grasshopper Chess Introduction


4 men

E. Holladay
British Chess Magazine Mar 1975 (10777)
Helpmate in 5 in each file.

Solution: a-file: 1Kb4 Bd5 2.Kc3Ka3 3.Kc2 Ga4 4.Kb1 Ba2 5.Ka1 Kb3‡
c file: 1.Kb5 Gc2 2.Ka4 Kd2 3.Kb3 Ba3 4.Ka2 Kc1 5.Ka1 Bb2‡
e file: 1.Kf5 Bf2 2.Kg4 Ge1 3.Kh3 Kf1 4.Kh2 Bg1+ 5.Kh1 Kf2‡
g file: 1.Kf4 Gg3 2.Ke3 Kh3 3.Kf2 Bc4 4.Kg1 Bf1 5.Kh1 Bg2‡

Comments: Ideal mates.

5 men

T. R. Dawson
Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement #973 October 1933
Helpmate in 5

Solution: 1.Kg5 Gh5 2.Kh4 Kf2 3.Kh3 Gd1 4.Kh2 Kf1+ 5.Kh1 Gf3‡

Comments: Asymmetry

G. P. Jelliss
Original 7 September 2012
Helpmate in 5, (b) Ga2 to f1

(a) 1.Kc4 Gd4 2.Kd3 Gc3 3.Kc2 Gd2 4.Kb1 Gb4 5.Kh1 Gb2‡
(b) 1.Kd3 Gc3 2.Kd2 Ge1 3.Kc2 Gad1 4.Kb1 Gc1+ 5.Kh1 Gb1‡

Comments: Asymmetry in (a), Gf1 can be at g1 or h1 in (b)
This is the first problem I have composed for a long while; chances of it being anticipated are strong I should think.

7 men

T. R. Dawson and C. M. Fox
Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement #476 August 1932
Helpmate in 5, (b) Ga8 to c2, (c) Gh7 to f7, (d) Gh7 to g1


(a) 1.Kd3 Gc2 2.Kc3 Kb5 3.Kb2 Ka4 4.Gb1 Ga2 5.Ka1 Kb3‡

(b) 1.Ke5 Kb5 2.Kd6 Gb1 3.Kc7 Gc8 4.Kb8 Ga6 5.Ga7 Kc6‡

(c) 1.Kd4 Kd7 2.Kc5 Gc6 3.Kb6 Ge4 4.Ka7 Kc8+ 5.Ka8 Gc6‡

(d) 1.Kf5 Kxd5 2.Kg6 Kc4 3.Kh7 Kb3 4.Kh8 Ka2 5.Gh7 Ga1‡

Comments: Two other twins in this set proved to be unsound.


4 men

T.R.Dawson & C.M.Fox
Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement August 1932
Helpmate in 6

Solution: 1.Kd5 Kf3 2.Ke6 Ke4 3.Kf6 Kd5 4.Kg7 Ke6 5.Kh7 Kf7 6.Kh8 Ng6‡

Comment: Same mate as Kemp HM4, but with WG further away.


6 men

Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement 1936
Helpmate in 7

Solution: 1.Kb2 Ga1 2.Ga2 Ga3 3.Gd1 Gc1 4.Kb3 Ke5 5.Ga4 Kd4 6.Ka3 Kc3 7.Gb1 Ga1‡

Effect: Black G-formation rotated 90 from diagram to finale.


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Solution: 1. ‡