Grasshopper Chess: Mate in 4

6 men 4 types (KRBG) 2G

G. Fuhlendorf
T vd NS #4989 March 1928
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Ga6
1....Ke1 2.Re2+ Kf1 3.Gc6 Kg1 4.Rg2‡
1....Kc1 2.Bb3 Kb1 3.Rc2 Ka1 4.Ba2‡

Comments: Switchbacks by WG, WR in first line

6 men 4 types (KBGP) 2G

C. S. Kipping
Chess Amateur #F1105 December 1927
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Bc1 Gf6 2.Ge6 Gd6 3.Gc6 Gb6 4.Ga6‡

Comments: Leapfrog

6 men 4 types (KBGP) 2G

K. Dittrich
Deutsche MarchenSchach Zeitung #123 December 1931
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Bc2 Gb2 2.Bh7 Gd4 3.Gh8 Gb2 4.Kc4‡

Comments: GK battery set-up

6 men 4 types (KBGP) 1G

G. Bernecker
Fairy Chess Review #3969 1939
Mate in 4, with set play

Solution: set 1....Gc8 2.Kd8 Ge8 3.Kc8 Gxb8 4.PxG=Q‡
play 1.Kc6 Gc7 2.Kd7 Ge7 3.Kc7 Gb7 4.PxG‡

Comments: Almost a self-solving problem! WK circuit

7 men 4 types (KSGP) 2G

C. S. Kipping
Chess Amateur #F1106 December 1927
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Kb4 Gf3 2.Ge4 Gd5 3.Gc6 Gb7 4.Ga8‡

Comments: Leapfrog

10 men 4 types (KRGP) 3G

M. Bukofzer, I Kashdan and D. Pollard
Pittsburgh Post December 1925
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Ka4 Ga3 2.Kb3 Gc3 3.Ka4 Gh8 4.PxG=G‡

Comments: Gc1 is pinned by Gh1 but still guards a3 against WK.

10 men 4 types (KSGP) 3G

W. Pauly
Chess Amateur #F881 August 1926
Mate in 4

Solution: set 1....Pf3 Gc1‡ key 1.Gd7
1....Ka1 2.Ga4+ Kb1 3.Gd1 Pf3 4.Gc1‡
1....Pf3 2.Gc1+ Ka1 3.Ga4+ Kb1 4.Gd1‡

Comments: Interchange of Gs a4,d1

10 men 6 types (KRBSGP) 1G

C. G. Rains
British Chess Magazine Feb 1978 (11335)
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Rh7 1... Ba2 2.Gh1 Bb1 3.Gh8+ Ka2 Ra7‡ 1... Ka2 2.Rf7 Ka1 3.Gg7+ Ka2 4.Ra7‡

Comments: Cooks 1.Rh5/R6/R8 2.Sc4/Sd3 3.Rh1 etc

18 men 6 types (KRBSGP) 3G

J. Hartong
Hamburg Correspondent September 1926
Mate in 4

Solution: 1.Pa8=G (threat 2.Gh8+ Sxh8 3.Ge5‡) Rxa8
2.Sa5 (threat Sa4‡) Ga6 3.Sb3 (stranding Ga6) for 4.Ga5‡

Comments: Irreversible G move versus Knight switchback.


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Solution: 1. ‡