Grasshopper Chess: Retractors

3 men 1G

W. Massmann, A. H. Kniest and D. Nixon
Feenschach 1965-6 (7251, 7252, 7881)
W and B retract for Helpmate in 1. Three ways.

Solution: a) Retract: Kg7xRh7 Rh4xSh7 Play: Kh5 Sf6‡
b) Retract: Kg7xSh7 Kh5xRg4 Play: Sg5 Rh4‡
c) Retract: Kg7xGh7 Kh5xSg4 Play: Gh4 Sf6‡

Comments: Alternatively this can be treated as a zero-position
and the three solutions separated by a)BKg5, b)WGf6 c)WKh8.

5 men 1G

C. M. Fox
Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement Feb 1933 (687)
B and W retract and W stalemates in 1

Solution: Retract: Se5xQ Pf5xPg6 Play: PxS =

Comments: Antipin.

8 men 4G

C. M. Fox
PFCS/i> Oct 1931 (270)
W an B retract and B helps W stalemate in 1

Solution: Not Noted 1. ‡


8 men 3G

P. C. Taylor
PFCS Oct 1933 (975)
Black retracts for Helpmate in 1

Solution: Retract: Ga5xSe1 Play: !.Gf5 Sf6‡

Comments: Cook Retract Gb4xSe1 Play: Gf4 Sf6‡ and the reflection of this.

8 men 2G

W. H. Reilly
Feenschach 1961 (5181)
W retracts for Selfmate in 2

Solution: Retract: g7xGf8=Q PLay: 1.g8=G Gh8/Gb2 2.Ga2/Ba2 Gb2/Gh8‡

10 men 3G

J. Sunyer
PFCS Oct 1932 (581)
W mates in 1. He could have mated in 1 in 2 ways 2 moves earlier. How?

Solution: Retract: 1.Kf6xe6 f5xe5(e.p.)+++ 2.e7-e5 Gd4-d8++ Play: g5‡

Comments: There are nine set mates.En-passant capture. Triple and double checks.

10 men 1G

Carl Becker
Feenschach 1968 (8551)
W and B retract for Helpmate in 1

Solution: Retract: h7xGg8=B f2xGg1=S Play: Gxg2 h8=G‡

11 men 4G

T. R. Dawson
PFCS Oct 1933 (974)
W retracts for mate in 1

Solution: Retract: Kf4-e5 Play: Ga8&~135;

Comments: Asymmetry.

11 men 2G

W. H. Reilly
Feenschach 1972 (525)
W retrats for Mate in 1

Solution: Retract Gb7xd5 PLay cxd(e.p.)++‡

Comments: Not Retract Ga8xd5 since Black's last move could then have been Kb7-c6.

12 men 5G

C. E. Kemp
PFCS Dec 1933 (951)
Black retracts a non-capture for Helpmate in 3

Solution: Retract Bb5-c4. Play: 1.Kc4 Kb1 2.Rcd5 Kc2 3.Gc5 Ge6‡

Comments: Trapped R d5
This is an earlier version of problem 951 which is a Helpmate in 4.

12 men 4G

W. H. Reilly
Feenschach 1960 (4817)
W retracts for Selfmate in 3

Solution: Retract e5xf5(e.p.) Play: 1.Bf3 f4 2.g4 fxg(e.p.) 3.Gxh4 g2‡

Comments: En Passant capture twice. Not 2.g3 as this allows Gf2.

14 men 2G

Feenschach 1949
White and Black Retract 1 move for Helpmate in 1, with set play.

Solution: Set: Retract c4×Sd3 for 1.Rd2 Se1‡
Play: Retract Kc4×Qc5 Qh5×Gc5 for 1.Qd1 Kb4‡

Comments: Sets up G and K battery.

23 men 2G

Not Recorded
Eskilstuna Kuriren 1928, and The Problemist Mar 1929 (339)
Retract for mate in 1

Solution: Retract: Kd2xGd3 Play Gf7‡

Comments: Only just legal.


Source Problem number and date

Solution: 1. ‡