Grasshopper Chess: Serieshelpstalemates

In a 'serieshelpstalemate' Black plays a series of moves (which may include captures) to reach a position where White can stalemate in one move.
Black may not check until the last move of the series.

To read the solutions and comments hold down the left mouse key and run the cursor across the blank area.

Serieshelpstalemate in 6

10 men 4 types (KRSG) 5G

W. H. Reilly
Feenschach 1964
Serieshelpstalemate in 6

Solution: 1.Sd2 2.Kg2 3.Gh2 4.Sf2 5.Sh1 6.Se4 for Rf3 =

Comments: Near-symmetric finale. Pin and Nip.

Serieshelpstalemate in 8

4 men 3 types (KGP) 1G

W. Alaikow and A. H. Kniest
Frankfurter Notizen 1966
Serieshelpstalemate in 8, b) BKc7

Solution: a) 1.Kc5 2.Kd4 3.Ke4 4.Gf5 5.Kf4 6.Kg5 7.Gh5 8.Kh6 for Kf6 =
b) 1.Gc8 2.Kd8 3.Ke8 4.Kf8 5.Kg8 6.Gh8 7.Gh6 8.Kh8 for Kf7 =

Comments: K-P-G- cycle of blocks.

Serieshelpstalemate in 10

6 men 4 types (KRGP) 1G

W. H. Reilly
Feenschach 1967 (8519)
Serieshelpstalemate in 10, b) Rc3-b3

Solution: a) 1.f×e4 2.e3 3.Ke4 4.Kf3 5.Kf2 6.e2 7.e1(G) 8.Gg3 9.Kg2 10.Kh3 for Rc2 =
b) 1.f4 2.f3 3.f2 4.f1(R) 5.Rf6 6.Rb6 7.Kc6 8.Kb7 9.Ka8 10.Rc6 for Rb7 =

Comments: WG is eliminated in a) but justifies promotion to G, while WG pins in b).

Serieshelpstalemate in 12

12 men 6 types (KQRBSG) 6G

V. Hynonen
Feenschach 1974 (1299)
Serieshelpstalemate in 12

Solution: 1.Be4 2.Rh3 3.Sf3 4.Se1 5.Qh5 6.Rf3 7.Bd3 8.Bf1 9.Sd3 10.Sf2 11.Sh3 12.Qe5† for K×e5 =

Comments: Permutation of pinned pieces.

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