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Antipodean Chess

G. P. Jelliss
The Problemist Jan/Feb 1977
Antipodean Chess. RE. Sensitive Kings.
Mate in 2.

In Antipodean Chess a captured man reappears at the "antipode", a {4,4} leap away, if vacant. This variant was invented as an antidote to Circe Chess which was filling all the chess problem columns at the time (and still is unfortunately), and which I did not particularly like because of the arbitrariness of its rules. The condition "Sensitive Kings" means that the Ks experience check from their own men. The condition "RE" (Rex Exclusive) means the Antipodean rule is not applied to the Kings.

Solution: 1.g4 (threat gf5:b1^R) fg4:c8^N/B/R/Q 2.Na7/Bd7/Rc5/Qe8
White allumwandlung in actual play of a direct mate in 2 (impossible in orthodox).

It is assumed that the player who sends a pawn to its promotion rank by capture chooses its promoted value.

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