Grasshopper: Help-play Problems


G. P. Jelliss
Chessics 11 Jan-Jun 1981 p.15 #416
(solution C12 Jul-Dec 1981 p.6)
Grasshopper. Helpmate in 2½

Solution:1.Kf5 Kh4 2.Sg6† Kh5 3.Gf7‡

Comments: Asymmetry.

G. P. Jelliss
The British Chess Magazine January 1976 p.32 #10921
(solution Jun 1976 p.270)
Grasshopper. Helpmate in 3 (two ways)

Solution:1.Re2 Gf1 2.Rg2 Gh3 3.Rg8 Bf6 and 1.Rb7 Bd8 2.Bg8 Gc8 3.Rh7 Bf6 double check mates.

Comments: "Yes, this last move order is unique, and the try Rb7-g7-g8 Bf6 fails to Rg7 Many victims!" C.J.Feather. "Composer has happy knack for extracting play from slender force" J.E.Driver. Exact echo (reflection in diagonal a1-h8).

G. P. Jelliss
The British Chess Magazine May 1979 p.240 #11572
(solution Nov 1979 p.559)
Grasshopper. Helpmate in 3½

Solution:1.Sf7 Kg4 2.Ke4 Kh5 3.Kf3 g4† 4.Kg3‡

Comments: Asymmetry. "Fairy pieces with simple construction is always attractive" V. R.. "Ideal mate difficult to visualise" D. A. Smedley. "Clever and difficult" V. A. C. "Almost gave up (some did!) but well worth the struggle" D. Nixon.

G. P. Jelliss
Chessics 4 Oct 1977 p.8 #8 Grasshopper Gala
(solution Chessics 8 Oct 1979 p.5)
Grasshoppers. Helpmate in 4

Solution:1.Kg5 Sf1 2.Ge5 Sd2 3.Gh5 Gd1 4.Kh4 Sf3‡

Comments: Asymmetry. All pieces in one diagonal line.

G. P. Jelliss
Problem Observer Aug 1976 #O203
Grasshoppers. Helpmate in 11

Solution:1.c4 Kc2 2.c3 Kd3 3.c2 Ke4 4.c1=B Kf5 5.Bb2 Kg6 6.Gb1 Gh8 7.Gh7 Ga1 8.Kh8 Kf7 9.Bd4 Kf8 10.Bg1 Gh1† 11.Bh2 Gh3‡
But also: 1.Kh8 Kc1 2.c4 Kd2 3.c3† Ke3 4.c2 Kf4 5.c1=B† Kf5 6.Ba3 Ga2 7.Bf8 Kg6 8.Gg8 Kh5 9.Bc5 Kh6 10.a7 Ga8† 11.Bb8 Gc8‡ and other duals?

Comments: This problem was unsound, but could probably be saved with fewer moves.

Equimover Helpmate

G. P. Jelliss
The Games and Puzzles Journal issue 2 Nov-Dec 1987 p.23 #27
(solution issue 3 Jan-Feb 1988 p.37)
Grasshoppers. Equi-Helpmate in 3, (b) Ke7 to g7

In an Equimover the pairs of moves are equal in length.

Solution:(a) 1.Ge5 Gf1 2.Ge1 Gf5 3.Ge3 Gf3‡
(b) 1.Gd2 Gg4 2.Gg5 Gd1 3.Ge3 Gf3‡

Comments: "Severe move restrictions" D. Nixon. "Deux pas de deux" R. Brain. Same mate (apart from WK position).
This was composed 20 Aug 1977, ten years before publication.


G. P. Jelliss
The Problemist Sep 1978 p.260
(solution May 1979 p.328)
Grasshoppers. Helpstalematemate in 4

Solution: 1.Bb3 Bd2† 2.Kb2 Kb4 3.Ka1† Ka3 4.Gd3† Bc3‡

Comments: Asymmetry. Pinning piece cannot capture the pinned piece.

G. P. Jelliss
Chessics 11 Jan-Jun 1981 p.15 #418
(solution C12 Jul-Dec 1981 p.6)
Grasshoppers. Add BK for Helpstalematemate in 6

Solution: Add BKh3 for 1.Gf4 Kd3 2.Gh4 Kc2 3.Kg2 Kd1 4.Gh2 Ke1 5.Kh1 Kf1 6.Gf2† Bf3‡

Comments: The original setting had WKe4 and asked: add BK for HPM5 (add BKg3 for 1.Gh4 Ke3 2.Gdf4 Kd2 ...) but was unsound since Kd2 is selfcheck. Corrected 23 Oct 2012. Asymmetry.