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G. P. Jelliss
The Problemist F963, September 1987
Grass-snake. Helpmate in 2. Duplex.

The Grass-snake is a Grasshopper + Hamster. That is, a piece that hops along Queen lines to the cell just beyond or to the cell just in front of another piece. It can capture on the cell beyond but not on the cell before the hurdle.

Solution:(a) 1.Gf5 Ge1 2.Ke4 Qe3 mate (b) 1.Gd6 Ga2 2.Kd5 Qc4‡
Modal change, 'tuck' mates.

Comments: Nice change of axis with small force (T. Marlow). Excellent/splendidly matched curious G-mates, orthogonal and diagonal (D. A. Smedley/R. Brain). Combined units have great possibilities (F. H. von Meyenfeldt). January 1988.