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G. P. Jelliss
unpublished? 1986
Auto-Nightriderhoppers. Helpmate in 5½.

Nightriderhopper Piece that hops to first cell beyond first man in lines of knight moves. [T.R.Dawson and F.Douglas Chess Amateur 1928, gave the shortest closed tour by NRH over R]

The prefix Auto- means the piece only hops over men of the same colour as itself.

In a Helpmate in moves White makes the first move, but it is Black as usual who is to be checkmated.

Solution: 1.Kb7 Ke7 2.Kc6 Kd8 3.Kd6 Kc8 4.Nc4 Kb7 5.Kc5 Ka8 6.Kb6‡

The interest in this mini-miniature lies only in the determination of the Black King's path.