Bio-bibliography of Knight's Tours

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Full names of authors, together with dates of birth and death and other biographical details, where known and felt to be relevant, are given, followed by titles of their books or journals in which articles were published. For fuller titles, description of contents and other details go to the appropriate date in the Chronology pages. Names are listed in strict alphabetical order. Surnames preceded by prefixes or in two parts are cited under both parts (e.g. van der Linde is under V and L). Much of the biographical information on British names is gleaned from the Dictionary of National Biography and from Jeremy Gaige's Bio-bibliography of British Chess Personalia. Abbreviations: b = born, d = died, ms = manuscript. A dash (—) indicates missing information. Some works, where the author is unknown, are listed under the name of editor, publisher, printer, library, museum, city or country.

« A

A—, (Fr) Wilhelm; ms 1791.

Adam (Le Jeune), Carle; Des Mouvements du Cavalier, 1848; Le Kaleidoscope Echiquiéen 1867.

Adamson, Henry Anthony (b. Ealing 21 i 1871 – d. Falmouth 21 viii 1941) in Chess Amateur 1922, and in Fairy Chess Review 1932.

Addison, George Augustus (1792 – 1814); Indian Reminiscences 1837.

Adli; See al-Adli.

'Adsum' = Bouvier.

Ahrens, Wilhelm Ernst Martin Georg (b. 1872 – d. 1927); Mathematische Spiele 1900, Mathematische Unterhaltungen und Spiele 1901, 1910.

Akenhead, (Major) J; in Fairy Chess Review 1946–7, 1951–2.

Ala'addin Tabrizi; c.1400 (also known as Ali ash-Shatranji, i.e. Ali the chessplayer) Leading player at the Samarkand court of Timur (1336-1405). Known to have written a work on chess. Murray gives reasons to believe that a copy of this work may survive in a 16th century ms in the Royal Asiatic Society Library, London, ms Persian #211 (formerly #260). Quarterboard tour conundrum.

al-Adli ar Rumi (flourished 840) Kitab ash-Shatranj {Book of Chess}. Earliest closed knight's tour.

al-Amuli, Muhammad ben Mahmud (d. 1352); Nafa'is al-funun fi'ara'is al-'uyun {Treasury of the Sciences}. Contains one 8x8 tour.

al-Baghdadi, Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ben al-Mubarak ben Ali al-Mudhahhab; 1141, manuscript #560 in Istanbul Library, title Kitab ash-shatranj mimma's-lafahu'l-Adli was-Suli wa ghair-huma {Book of chess: extracts from the works of al-Adli, as-Suli and others}.

'Alban' = Will Scotland; in Crossword 1988.

Albert, Eugene; in Scripta Mathematica 1962.

al-Buni; 1200, various manuscripts, includes many 4×4 magic squares, using letters as numbers, with the top row spelling a word.

Alcuin (b. York 735 – d. Tours 804), also known as Ealhwine, or Flaccus Albinus. According to the Laings (1992) the seal on the Book of Kells (~800) illustrates a saying from Alcuin.

Alembert; See d'Alembert.

Alexandre, Aaron; Beauties of Chess 1846.

al-Hakim, Abu Zakariya Yahya ben Ibrahim; ms c.1350, Nuzhat al-arbab al-'aqulfi'sh-shatranj al-manqul {The delight of the intelligent, a description of chess}. This has two 8×8 tours, one attributed to al-Adli and the other to Ali ibn Mani. It survives in two mss, one scribed about 1350 has both tours, a later copy has only one.

'Ali ash Shatranji' = Ala'addin.

Amuli; See al-Amuli

Anderson, —; (conjecturally John Henry Anderson, the 'Wizard of the North', b. 1815 – d. 1874); see Troupenas 1842.

Andrews, William Symes (b. 1847); Magic Squares and Cubes 1908.

an-Nadim, ben Ishaq; Kitab al-fihrist. A bibliography which has a section on chess in which the Adli and Suli books are listed.

ApSimon, Hugh; in Mathematical Gazette 1956.

as-Suli, Abu-Bakr Muhammad ben Yahya (b. ~880 – d. 946); Kitab ash-Shatranj {Book of Chess} from which four 8×8 closed tours survive, including examples using alternating knight-fers and knight-alfil moves, in several later manuscripts.

« B

Babbage, Charles (b. 1791 – d. 1871); in Journal of Science and the Arts, Royal Institution, 1817-18; Prof. D. E. Knuth identifies the compute pioneer Babbage as the author of this anonymous article.

Babu, Lala Raja (I'm not sure if Lala Raja are names or a title) Mo'allim ul Shatranj 1901.

Baghdadi; See al-Baghdadi.

Baillie, (Rev) A.W.; in Fairy Chess Review 1948, 1950, 1954.

Bain, George; Celtic Art, The Methods of Construction 1951.

Ball, Walter William Rouse (b. London 14 viii 1850 – d. Cambridge 4 iv 1925); Mathematical Recreations and Essays 10 editions 1892 – 1922. See also Coxeter.

Ballière de Laisement, Denis (b. 1729 – d. 1800); Essai sur les Problèmes de Situation 1782.

Basra; Arabic encyclopaedia Raza`il by members of the philosophical association 'Brothers of Sincerity'. Describes the 3×3 magic square by moves of knight, fers and pawn.

Basterot, —; 1853.

Béligne, —; magic tours in Le Siècle 1880.

Beasley, John D.; circular chessboard tours in Variant Chess 1999.

Benjamin, Herbert Daniel (b. Ross-on-Wye 4 iii 1899 – d. Oxford 10 vii 1950); in Fairy Chess Review 1947–51.

Bennett, E.W.; in Fairy Chess Review 1947–52.

ben Othman; See Othman.

Benson, W.H. (with O. Jacoby); New Recreations with Magic Squares 1976.

Berg, E.J.

van den; See van den Berg.

Bergholt, Ernest; in Queen 1915–16, ms Memoranda on the Knight's Tour 1916–18, in British Chess Magazine 1918.

Berloquin, Pierre; Jeux et Paradoxes, Science et Vie 1979?, Manoeuvres de Cavalerie, Jeux et Strategie 1982.

Bertrand, L.; Developpement Nouveau de la Partie Elementaire des Mathematiques 1778.

Bessy, de = Frénicle.

Betts, Douglas A.; Chess, an Annotated Bibliography, 1974.

Beverley, William (probably William Roxby Beverley b. 1814 – d. 1889); in Philosophical Magazine 1848.

Bidev, Pavle; in FIDE Magazine 1964, Did Chess Originate in India or China 1986.

Bigelow, H.R.; see U.Papa, in Chess Amateur 1922.

Bilguer, von ; See von Bilguer

Billig, Eduard; Der Rösselsprung mit Variationen 1831.

Bingham, —; English edition of Ozanam's Recreations 1820.

Blanshard, Charles Thomas (b. Leeds 26 January 1852 – d. August 1924) in Chess Amateur 1923.

Blathy, O.T.; in Chess Amateur 1922.

Böcklin, C.; In Archiev der Math. 1889.

Bonsdorff, E.; see K.Fabel 1966.

'Bonus Socius'{Good Companion}; the name given to the compiler of the first large collection of mediaeval chess problems of which numerous manuscript copies survive, written over a long period (1250 - 1350). See Nicolas de Nicolai,

Bossut, — (with Lalande); Dizionario Enciclopedico delle Matematice 1800.

Bouvier, Charles (= 'Adsum'); in Le Siècle 1876, 1882, 1883.

Braadbaart, Bension Hela; De Paardensprung in het Schaakspel 1965, 1966.

Brede, Ferdinand Julius (b. 1800 – d. 1849); Almanach für Freunde vom Schachspiel 1844.

Brockhaus, F.A. (publisher); Der Pfennig-magazin der Gessellschaft 1834.

Brown, J.W.; in Notes & Queries 1919.

Browne, William Hand (b 1826 – d. 1912); Dictation Tours of the Chess Knight 1870.

Brügge, Joachim; in Die Schwalbe 1985, 1988.

Brunacci, (Prof.) Vicenzo; Compendio di Calcolo Sublime 1811.

Brunet, Georges Edouard Auguste (b. 1856 – d. 1900); Analysis Situs, Recherches sur Réseaux 1894.

Buni; See al-Buni.

« C

Caldwell, E.C.; in English Mechanic 1879.

Cairns, Grant; references in Mathematics Magazine 2002.

Cairo; ms c.1370 in former Khedival Library, Cairo, ref: Mustafa Pasha #8201, with three of the tours given by al-Baghdadi 1141.

Canel, A.; Recherches sur les Jeux d'Esprit 1867.

Carpenter, G.E.; in Brentano's Chess Monthly 1881.

Cashmore, M.; Chess Magic Squares 1908.

Cassani, F.; in Die Schwalbe 1931.

Castilho; See de Castilho.

'Célina' = Francony.

Celtic; ~700–800° Interlacing designs, some of which can be interpreted as king tours, are found in books and artefacts produced in monasteries of Ireland, Scotland and Northern England. In particular (in order of increasing complexity, not necessarily chronologically): panels of the Soicel Molaise book-shrine, horizontal borders of the eagle page of the Book of Dimma, a panel of the St Madoes stone, vertical borders of the lion page of the Book of Durrow and the knot design in the Book of Kells. The latter appears to illustrate a saying of Alcuin (735-804).

Cerchi, Teofrasto; Giuochi Fisici e Mateatici i Piu Belli Finora Immaginati ... 1817–18.

Chachi, Johannes, of Terni; 1511, ms #791 Casanatense Library, Rome, 4×8 tour.

Chambure; See de Chambure.

Chapais, —; Essais analytique ... 1777.

Charpentier, Jean Baptiste Alexandre; Du Jeu des Echecs 1844; Anciens et Nouveaux Jeux Géometriques 1849.

Chartres; Pavement labyrinth at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Chartres ~1220.

China; the 3x3 diagonal magic square occurs in the I Ching, ~2200BC.

Ciccolini, Giuseppe; Il Nuovo Tesoro degli Scacchi 1827.

Ciccolini, Teodoro (Marchese di Guardiagrele); Del Cavallo degli Scacchi 1836.

'Civis Bononiae'{Citizen of Bologna}; The name given to the compiler of the second main collection of mediaeval chess problems; mss c.1450-1500. Like the earlier Bonus Socius collection this larger compilation also exists in numerous ms copies. The 4×8 tour is identical to one of the six Bonus Socius solutions.

Clausen, (Dr) T.; in Achiv der Math, und Phys. 1853.

Collini, Cosimo Alessandro (b. 1727 – d. 1806), (Private Secretary to Voltaire and to the Elector Palatine); in Journal Encyclopédique 1773, Solution du Problème du Cavalier 1773.

Collings, Stanley on 5-rank tours in Chessics last issue 1987.

Cook, E.B. (and other editors); American Chess Nuts 1868.

Coxeter, (Professor) Harold Scott Macdonald (b. 9 February 1907, d. Toronto 31 March 2003); W. W. Rouse Ball's Mathematical Recreations and Essays, 11th edition 1939; 12th 1974, 13th 1987.

Cozens, William Harold (b. Longstock 20 October 1911 – d. Taunton 16 July 1984); in Fairy Chess Review 1939, Mathematical Gazette 1940; FCR 1941, 1946, 1950–52; MG 1956; Chessics 1978.

Crétaine, A.C.; Etudes sur le Problème de la Marche du Cavalier 1865.

Crete; labyrinth occurs on Minoan coins ~1600BC.

Cross, Harold Holgate (b. Barton-on-Humber 20 April 1909 – d. 9 August 1962); in Fairy Chess Review 1941.

Cubison, W.M.; in Chess Monthly 1896.

« D

D—, J—.B—.; in Leisure Hour 1873.

Daidalos (Latinised: Daedalus); Minoan Labyrinth Builder, ~1600BC.

d'Alembert, Jean le Rond (b. 1717 – d. 1783); Encyclopédie 1751.

dalla Volpe, Lelio; Corsa del Cavallo... 1766.

Dalfsen; See van Dalfsen.

Dawson, (Miss) Dorothy R.; in Evening News 1932; in Fairy Chess Review 1936, 1939.

Dawson, Thomas Rayner (b. Leeds 28 November 1889 – Croydon 16 December 1951); in Chess Amateur 1909; in Cheltenham Examiner 1913; in Pittsburgh Gazette-Times 1917; CA 1922, 1928; in Evening News 1932; in Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement 1932–6; in Evening Standard 1933; in Congres Internationale de Recreation Mathematique 1935; in Fairy Chess Review 193651; in British Chess Magazine 1941.

de Castilho, Alexandre Magne (b. 1836 – d. 1874); Recueil ... du Cours de Mnémotechnie 1831.

de Chambure, Eugéne (b. 1813); Du Problème Relatif à la Marche du cavalier ... 1861.

'de Hijo, Paul' = (Abbé) Philippe Jolivald.

Dehornoy, Pierre Counting moves in knight's tours (Décompte des mouvements dans les tours de cavalier). Comptes Rendus Académie des Sciences Paris Ser. I 336 (2003) 543-548.

de Lavernède: See Thomas-de-Lavernède.

della Mantia; see Gianutio 1597

de Mairan, Jean-Jacques d'Ortous (Directeur de l'Academie Royale des Sciences); in Ozanam 1725.

de Moivre, Abraham (b. 1666 – d. 1754); in Ozanam's Recreations 1725.

de Montmort, Pierre Rémond (b. 1678 – d. 1719); in Ozanam's Recreations 1725.

de Poilly, Jules; in Le Palamède 1844.

de Stchoulepnikoff, (Rev) Serge; ms Twenty solutions of the Problem of the Knight's Tour 1865; ms Numerate Tables of all Symmetric Tours Arranged with Quarts... 1885.

de Vasa, Helge Emanuel; in Fairy Chess Review 1951, 54–5; see Willcocks 1962.

d'Hooghe, G.; Les Secrets du Cavalier 1962.

Dickins, Anthony Stewart Mackay (b. Bath 1 November 1914 – d. Kew 25 November 1987); A Guide to Fairy Chess 1967; in Chessics 1978, 1987.

Diderot, Denis (b. 1713 – d. 1784); Encyclopédie 1751.

Dignal, F.; in Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement 1933–4.

Dollinger, Joseph; Ein Hundert ... End-Spiele. Dann vier und zwanzig verschiedene Arten den Springer 1806.

Douglas, F.; in Chess Amateur 1922, 1928; in Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement 1932–4.

Drach, S.M.; in Philosophical Magazine 1848. Footnote to Beverley's tour.

Dresden; ms, c.1400, which gives the half tour problem without solution and sets as a wager game a tour over a board of 4×4 squares.

Duby, J. J.; Un Algorithme Graphique Trouvant Tous Circuits Hamiltoniene d'un Graphe 1964. First enumeration of all closed 6×6 knight tours.

Dudeney, Henry Ernest (b. Mayfield 10 April 1857 – d. Lewes 24 April 1930); in Tribune 1906; Amusements in Mathematics 1917.

Durand, (L'Abbé); Géneralisation Complète du Problème d'Euler ... 1856, 1862.

« E

Egan, Pierce (b. 1772 – d. 1849); Sport Anecdotes 1820.

Eggleton, Roger B.; in Ars Combinatoria 1984.

Eid, Abdul; in Ars Combinatoria 1984.

Eperson, Donald Patterns in Mathematics 1988.

Erlebach, J.; in Math. Mussestunden 13th edition 1967.

Errera, M. A.; in L'Echiquier 1925.

Eschwege, H.; The Knight's Tour in a Continuous and Uninterrupted Ride over 48 Boards ... 1896.

Euler, Leonhard (b. 1707 – d. 1783); Letter to C. Goldbach 1757; Solution d'une Question Curieuse qui ne Paroit Soumise a Aucune Analyse 1759; Commentationes Arithmeticae Collectae (edited by P.H. von Fuss and N. von Fuss) 1849; Opera Omnia 1923.

Exner, (Dr), ; Rösselsprung als Zauberquadrat 1876.

« F

Fabel, (Dr) Karl; in Schach und Zahl {Chess and Number} by E. Bonsdorff, K. Fabel and O. Riihimaa 1978

Falkener, Edward (b. London 28 ii 1814 – d. Carmarthen 17 xii 1896); Games Ancient and Oriental 1892.

Feisthamel, M.A.; in Le Siecle 1880–84.

Fisher, John; The Magic of Lewis Carroll 1973.

Fitting, Friedrich (b.1862); in Z. für Math. und Physik 1900; in Archiv der Math. und Physik 1902; Das Rösselsprungproblem in Neuer Behandlung 1904; in Schubert's Mathematische Mussesstunden 4th edition 1924, 6th 1940, 10th 1943, 11th 1953.

Florence; c.1490 Italian ms, end of 15th century, has a 4×8 tour.

Flye Sainte-Marie, C.; (Répétiteur à l'Ecole Poly- technique; according to Lucas 1894); in Bull Soc. Math. France 1877; in L'Intermédiaire des Mathématiciens 1904.

Fontana, Giorgio; Opuscoli Matematici ... 1789.

Forbes, Duncan (b. Kinnaird 28 April 1798 – d. 17 August 1868) (Professor of Oriental Languages, King's College, London 1837–61; Catalogued British Museum Persian mss); History of Chess 1860.

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Franz, R.; in Schachzeitung 1847.

Fraser, Alexander; in British Chess Magazine 1911.

French, R. J.; in Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement 1934; in Fairy Chess Review 1939, 1941.

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Frost, Percival (b. 1817 – d. 1898); in Quarterly Journal of Mathematics 1876.

Fuhlendorf, G.; in Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement 1932, in Fairy Chess Review 1937.

Funk, J. E.; in Fairy Chess Review 1940.

Fuss; see von Fuss.

« G

Gardner, Martin (b. Tulsa 1914); in Scientific American October 1967.

Gasbarri, —; Raccolta di Venticinque Nuovi Problemi di Scacchi ... 1836.

Geynet, —; in Academie des Sciences, Paris 1865.

Ghersi, (Ing.) Italo; Matematica Dilettevole e Curiosa 1921.

Gianutio della Mantia, Orazio; Libro nel quale si tratta della maniera di giuocar a Scacchi, con alcuni sottilissimi partiti, nuovamente composto, Antonio de Bianchi, Torino, 1597. Has one 4×8 tour.

Gibbins, Norman Martin (b. Brighton 15 October 1882); in Mathematical Gazette 1944; in Fairy Chess Review 1944.

Gik, Evgeny (or Yevgeny) Yakovlevich; Matematika na Shakhmatnoy Doske 1976; Shakhmatnye Dosugi 1979; Zanimatel'nye Matematicheskie Igry 1982; Shakhmatny i Matematika 1983.

Gilbert, Grove Karl (1843 – 1918); in Phil. Soc. Washington 1884.

Gizycki, Jerzy; 1987.

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Golomb, Solomon, W.; in Journal of Recreational Mathematics 1968, 1993.

Gorgias, Victor; in Dubuque Chess Journal 1871; in Gentleman's Journal 1871.

Goulieux, (Mlle.) Stella; in La Strategie 1899.

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Grossetaite, —; An 8x8 magic knight's tour, in Figaro 1896.

Guarini di Forli, Paulo (= Paulus Guarinus) (d. 1520) ms 1512 in Cleveland Library, contains the Civis Bononiae tour, and the al-Adli problem of interchanging the two black and two white knights on a 3×3 board.

Gullberg, Jan Mathematics from the Birth of Numbers 1997.

Guyot, Edmé Gilles; Nouvelles Récréations Physiques et Mathématiques ... 1769 (translations: Neue physikalische und mathematische belustigungen ... 1772; Giuoci Fisici e matematici ... 1881).

« H

H—, F—. P—.; Appendix to Studies of Chess (editor P. Pratt), 6th edition 1825.

Haberlandt, Michael (b.1860); Der altindische geist ... 1887.

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'Harding, (Mrs) E. M.' = T.R.Dawson; in Fairy Chess Review 1950.

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« I

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« J

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Janot, Denis (printer); Paris 1530-40. Sensuit Jeux Partis des Eschez: Composez nouvellement Pour recréer tous nobles cueurs et pour eviter oysiveté a ceulx qui ont voulenté: desir et affection de le scavoir et aprendre et est appelé ce Livre, le jeu des Princes et Damoisellles. Contains the first printed tour; same as Civis Bononiae [Vienna Library MUS II #195]

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« K

Käfer, Victor; Vollständige anweisung zum schachspiel ... 1842

Kempelen, Farkas, also known as Wolfgang von K- or de K- (b. 1734 – d. 1804); see Willis 1821.

King's Library (British Museum) manuscript c.1275 in Anglo-French, containing two tours, one 4×8 identical to one of the Bonus Socius solutions, and one 8×8 formed of two 4×8 tours joined together.

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« L

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Laisement; see Ballière de Laisement 1782.

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