A Vocabulary of Basic English in Simplified Spelling

© G. P. Jelliss, revised February 2013

Summary of spelling scheme

Hard Consonants (6):
p (as in pep)
b (as in babe)
t (as in tot)
d (as in dad)
k (as in kick)
g (as in gag)

Soft Consonants (6)
f (as in fluff)
v (as in verve)
x (as th in thin)
y (as th in then)
s (as c and s in cease)
z (as z and s in zoos)

Tensed Consonants (6)
l (as in lull)
m (as in mum)
n (as in nun) takes modified sound in ring or bank.
r (as in rarity)
w (as in wallowing)
j (as y in yet).

Aspirate (1)
h (as in hall).

Short Vowels (7):
a (as a in bat)
e (set)
i (as i in pit)
o (top)
u (put)
c (as u in cut)
q (indefinite, as e in the, a in rota)

The j also occurs in combinations:
sj (as in dish), tj (as ch in which), dj (as dge in ridge), zj (as ge in rouge).

Long Vowels (6)
aa (as a in path, ar in part)
ee (as in nee, eigh in neigh, ei in rein)
ii (as e in be)
oo (as au in haul, or as in port)
uu (as oo in food, ue in blue, u in truth)
qq (as in her, as ur in hurt)

Double Vowels (4)
ai (aisle),
oi (foil)
au (as ou in house)
ou (o as in go)

Triple vowels (6)
auq (our, tower)
aiq (fire)
eiq (as air)
iiq (as ear)
ouq (lower)
uuq (as oor in poor)

In the above r or qr or qq can be substiruted for q depending on the
length of the final vowel, and whether the r is sounded.
Similarly ar can replace aa, and or can replace oo.
Similarly ee may become ei or ej, and uu can become uw.
These occur particularly when another vowel follows.
Long vowels at ends of words can often be shortened to a single letter.

The Word List

This list is made up of several, namely the 850 words of C. K. Ogden's "Basic English" and the 300 most frequent words in print, as listed by Steve Bett (in files on the saundspell forum), together with other words whose spelling might present problems. There were 1531 words at the last count. The current spelling is on the left and the new spelling on the right.

a (unstressed): q
a (stressed): ee
abattoir: abatwaa
abdomen: abdowmen
abhor: abhor
abject: abdjekt
able: eebql
ablutions: abluusjqnz
aborigines: aboridjiniiz
about: qbaut
above: qbcv
abscess: abses
absolutism: absoluutizqm
absolve: abzolv
absorb: abzorb
abstemious: abstiimijcs
abstruse: abstruus
absurdity: absqrditi
abysmal: abizmql
accept: aksept
accident: aksident
accommodate: akomodeet
accommodation: akomodeesjqn
account: qkaunt
acid: asid
acme: akmi
across: qkros
act: akt
activity: aktiviti
addition: adisjqn
adhective: adjektiv
adhust: qdjcst
advertisement: advqrtisment
after: aaftq
again: qgen
against: qgeenst
agreement: qgriiment
air: eer
aisle: ail
all: ool
allegro: alegrou
alms: aamz
almost: oolmoust
along: qlong
also: oolsou
always: oolweez
among: qmcng
amount: qmaunt
amusement: qmjuuzment
an: an
ancient: eensjent
and: and
angel: eendjel
anger: angqr
angle: angql
angry: angri
animals: animqlz
annul: ancl
annual: anjuwql
another: ancjqr
answer: aansqr
ant: ant
anxious: anksjcs
any: eni
apology: apolodji
apostrophes: apostrofiz
apparatus: apareetcs
apple: apql
appoint: qpoint
approval: qpruuvql
arch: artj
are: ar
argument: argjuument
arm: arm
army: armi
around: qraund
art: art
as: az
asked: aaskd
at: at
attack: qtak
attempt: qtemt
attendant(s): qtendqnt(s)
attendance: qtendqns
attention: qtensjqn
attraction: qtraksjqn
authority: ooxoriti
automatic: ootomatik
available: qveelqbql
avoid: qvoid
awake: qweek
away: qwee
awe: oo
awesome: ooscm

baby: beebi
back: bak
backing: baking
bad: bad
bag: bag
bake: beek
baking: beeking
balance: balqns
ball: bool
ballet: balee
banger: bangqr
bank: bank
bare: beer
barrel: barel
base: bees
basically: beesikqli
basin: beesin
basket: baasket
bass (fish): bas
bass (deep): bees
bath: baax
be: bi
bean: biin
bear: beer
beau: bou
beautiful: bjuutifql
beauty: bjuuti
because: bikoz
bed: bed
bee: bii
been: biin
beer: biir
beery: biiri
Beethoven: Beethouven
before: bifor
beg: beg
began: bigan
behavior: biheevjur
being: bijing
belief: biliif
bell: bel
belly: beli
below: biilou
bent: bent
berry: beri
best: best
better: betqr
between: bitwiin
big: big
bigamy: bigqmi
bigger: bigqr
billow: bilou
bird: bqrd
birth: bqrx
bit: bit
bite: bait
bitter: bitqr
black: blak
blade: bleed
blood: blcd
blow: blou
blue: bluu
board: bord
boat: bout
bobbin: bobin
body: bodi
boiling: boiling
bomb: bom
bone: boun
boo: buu
book: buk
boot: buut
booty: buuti
both: boux
bottle: botql
bought: boot
bouquet: boukee
bow (bend down): bau
bow (curve): bou
box: boks
boy: boi
boys: boiz
brain: breen
brake: breek
branch: braantj
bras: braaz
brass: braas
breaches: briitjez
bread: bred
break: breek
breath: brex
breathe: briiy
breeches: briitjez
brick: brik
bridge: bridj
bright: brait
British: Britisj
broken: brouken
brother: brcyqr
brought: broot
brown: braun
brush: brcsj
bubble; bcbql
buck: bck
bucket: bcket
building: bilding
bulb: bclb
bull: bul
burn: bqrn
burst: bqrst
bus: bcs
bush: busj
business: biznes
but: bct
butt: bct
butter: bctqr
button: bcton
by: bai

cafe: kafee
cake: keek
calcium: kalsijcm
called: koold
calm: kaam
came: keem
can: kan
camera: kamerq
canvas: kanvqs
cars: karz
card: kard
care: keer
carriage: karidj
cart: kart
castle: kaasql
cat: kat
catch: katj
caught: koot
cause: kooz
cells: selz
centre: sentqr
cents: sents
certain: sqrten
chain: tjeen
chalk: tjook
chance: tjaans
change: tjeendj
chaos: kejos
chatter: tjatqr
chateau: sjatou
cheap: tjiip
cheer: tjiir
cheese: tjiiz
chemical: kemikql
chest: tjest
chew: tjuu
chief: tjiif
child: tjaild
children: tjildren
chin: tjin
church: tjqrtj
circle: sqrkql
city: siti
claim: kleem
clean: kliin
clear: kliir
clerk: klark
climb: klaim
climber: klaimqr
clime: klaim
clock: klok
cloth: klox
clothe: klouy
cloud: klaud
co: kou
coal: koul
coarse: kors
coat: kout
coffee: kofi
cold: kould
collar: kolar
collage: kolaadj
college: koledj
colony: koloni
colour: kclqr
comb: koum
come: kcm
comfort: kcmfqt
comit: komit
committee: komiti
common: komon
company: kcmpani
comparison: komparison
competition: kompetisjqn
complete: kompliit
completion: kompliisjqn
complex: kompleks
concede: konsiid
conceive: konsiiv
condemn: kondem
condition: kondisjqn
connection: koneksjqn
conscious: konsjcs
control: kontroul
coo: kuu
cook: kuk
coop (birdhouse): kuup
co-op (cooperative): kowop
coot: kuut
copper: kopqr
copy: kopi
cord: kord
cork: kork
cotton: koton
cough: kof
could: kud
country: kcntri
course: kors
court: kort
cover: kcvqr
cow: kau
crack: krak
cream: kriim
creamy: kriimi
credit: kredit
crime: kraim
cruel: kruwel
crumb: krcm
crummy: krcmi
crush: krcsj
cry: krai
cup: kcp
current: kcrent
curtain: kqrten
curve: kqrv
cushion: kusjqn
cut: kct
cute: kjuut

dad: dad
dam: dam
damage: damidj
damn: dam
dance: daans
danger: deendjqr
dark: dark
data: deetq
date: deet
daughter: dootqr
dawn: doon
day: dee
days/daze: deez
dead: ded
dear: diir
death: dex
debt: det
decision: disizjqn
deep: diip
defeat: difiit
degree: digri
delicate: delikqt
dependent: dipendqnt
desert (n. sands): dezqrt
desert (n. award): diizqrt
desert (v. leave): dizqrt
design: dizain
desire: dizair
dessert: disqrt
destruction: distrcksjqn
detail: diteel
determine: ditqrmin
development: development
dew: djuu
dial: dajql
did: did
die: dai
different: diferent
difference: diferens
difficult: difikclt
digestion: daidjestjon
dim: dim
dimer: daimqr
dimmer: dimqr
dire: dair
direction: daireksjqn
dirty: dqrty
discovery: diskcveri
discretion: diskresjqn
discussion: diskcsjqn
disease: diziiz
disgust: disgcst
distance: distqns
distribution: distribjuusjqn
division: divizjqn
do: du
doddle: dodql
does (acts): dcz
does (deer): douz
dog: dog
doll: dol
don't: doun't
door: dor
doubt: daut
double: dcbql
dough: dou
dove (bird): dcv
dove (dived): douv
down: daun
drain: dreen
draw: droo
drawer: droor
dress: dres
drink: drink
drive: draiv
driving: draiving
drop: drop
drove: drouv
dry: drai
duke: djuuk
dull: dcl
during: djuuring
dust: dcst
duty: djuuti
dye: dai
dyer: dajqr

each: iitj
ear: iir
early: qrli
earth: qrx
east: iist
eat: iit
ebb: eb
economics: ekonomiks
edge: edj
education: edjukeesjqn
eel: iil
effect: efekt
egg: eg
eiderdown: aidqrdaun
eight: eet
either: aiyqr
elastic: elastik
electric: elektrik
eleven: eleven
elite: eliit
emit: iimit
end: end
engine: endjin
England: Inglqnd
English: Inglisj
enough: iincf
equal: iikwql
error: erq
ether: iixqr
etiquette: etiket
euphony: juufoni
European: juropijqn
even: iiven
event: event
eventual: eventjuwql
ever: evqr
every: evri
ewe: juu
example: egzaampql
except: eksept
exchange: ekstjeendj
existence: egzistens
expansion: ekspansjon
experience: ekspirijens
expert: ekspqrt
eye: ai
eyes: aiz

face: fees
fact: fakt
fairy: feeri
fall: fool
false: fools
family: famili
famous: feemcs
far: far
farce: faas
farcical: faasikql
farm: farm
farmer: farmqr
fat: fat
father: faayqr
faught: foot
fault: foolt
fear: fiir
feat: fiit
feather: feyqr
feeble: fiibql
feeling: fiiling
feet: fiit
female: fiimeel
ferry: feri
fertile: fqrtail
feud: fjuud
fever: fiivqr
few: fjuu
fiction: fiksjqn
field: fiild
fight: fait
find: faind
fined: faind
finger: fingqr
fire: fair
first: fqrst
fish: fisj
five: faiv
fixed: fikst
flag: flag
flame: fleem
flat: flat
flight: flait
floor: flor
flour: flaur
flower: flawqr
fly: flai
foe: fou
fold: fould
following: folowing
food: fuud
foolish: fuulish
foot: fut
for: for
force: fors
foreign: foren
foreigner: forenqr
fork: fork
form: form
fort: fort
fortune: fortjuun
forward: forwqd
found: faund
four: for
fowl: faul
frame: freem
free: frii
frequent (often): friikwqnt
frequent (attend): frikwent
friend: frend
from: from
front: frcnt
fruit: fruut
full: ful
fuss: fcs
future: fjuutjuur

galaxy: galaksi
gall: gool
gallant: galant
gallery: galeri
garden: garden
gem: djem
general: djenerql
get: get
gibberish: djiberisj
giddy: gidi
gift: gift
girl: gqrl
give: giv
glacier: glasiyqr/gleesiyqr
glamour: glamqr
glass: glaas
glove: glcv
gneiss: nais
go: gou
goat: gout
going: gowing
gold: gould
goo: guu
good: gud
goose: guus
got: got
government: gcvqrnment
grain: green
grammar: gramar
grand: grand
grant: graant
grass: graas
grate: greet
gravity: graviti
grey: gree
great: greet
green: griin
grip: grip
group: gruup
growth: groux
guess: ges
guide: gaid
gull: gcl
gum: gcm
gun: gcn
gypsy: djipsi

had: had
hair: heer
hairy: heeri
half: haaf
halt: hoolt
hammer: hamqr
hand: hand
handkerchief: hankqrtjiif
hanging: hanging
hanky: hanki
happen: hapen
happy: hapi
harbour: harbqr
hard: hard
harmony: harmoni
has: haz
hat: hat
hate: heet
have: hav
he: hi
head: hed
health: helx
healthy: helxi
hear: hiir
heard: hqrd
hearing: hiiring
heart: hart
hearth: harx
heat: hiit
heavens: hevenz
heifer: hefqr
held: held
help: help
her: hqr
herd: hqrd
here: hiir
hero: hirou
herring: hering
high: hai
him: him
himself: himself
his: hiz
history: histori
ho; hou
hoe: hou
hole: houl
hollow: holou
holt: hoult
home: houm
hood: hud
hook: huk
hope: houp
horn: horn
horse: hors
hospital: hospital
hour: aur
houri: huuri
house: haus
how: hau
however: hawevqr
hull: hcl
humour: hjuumor
hurry: hcri
hush: hcsj
hut: hct
hymn: him

I: ai
ice: ais
idea: aidijq
ideology: aidijolodji
if: if
ignition: ignisjqn
ill: il
important: importqnt
impulse: impcls
in: in
incident: insident
increase: inkriis
industry: indcstri
infer: infqr
inferred: infqrd
initial: inisjql
ink: ink
innate: ineet
innocuous: inokjuwcs
insect: insekt
instrument: instruument
insurance: insjurens
interest: interest
into: intu
invalid (wrong): invalid
invalid (one ill): invqlid
inveigle: inveegql
invention: invensjon
ion: ajon
iota: ajoutq
iron: ajon
ironic: aironik
is: iz
island: ailqnd
it: it
item: aitem
its: its
it's: it's

jelly: djeli
jet: djet
Jew: Djuu
Jewish: Djuwisj
jewel: djuwel
joey: Djowi
join: djoin
joke: djouk
journey: djqrni
judge: djcdj
jump: djcmp
just: djcst

kaleidoscope: kalaidouskoup
keep: kiip
kettle: ketql
key: ki
kick: kik
kind: kaind
kindred: kindred
kiss: kis
knee: ni
knew: nju
knife: naif
knoll: nol
knot: not
know: nou
knowledge: nolidj

label: leebql
lack: lak
lake: leek
land: land
language: langwidj
large: lardj
lark: lark
last: laast
late: leet
later: leetqr
latter: latqr
laugh: laaf
lavish: lavisj
law: loo
lazy: leezi
lead (guide): liid
lead (metal): led
leaf: liif
learn: lqrn
learning: lqrning
leather: leyqr
leave: liiv
left: left
leg: leg
Leicester: Lestqr
leisure: lezjqr
lend: lend
less: les
Lester: Lestqr
let: let
letter: letqr
level: level
lever: liivqr
library: laibrqri
life: laif
lift: lift
light: lait
like: laik
limb: lim
limber: limbqr
limit: limit
line: lain
lined: laind
linen: linen
lip: lip
liquid: likwid
list: list
litany: litqni
little: litql
live (verb): liv
live (adhective): laiv
liver: livqr
living: living
loathe: louy
lock: lok
long: long
look: luk
looked: lukd
loom: luum
loon: luun
loony: luuni
loose: luus
lore: lor
lose: luuz
loss: los
lost: lost
lot: lot
loud: laud
love: lcv
low: lou
loyal: lojql
Luke: Luuk
lull: lcl

machine: masjiin
made: meed
magician: madjisjqn
maid: meed
make: meek
male: meel
malt: moolt
maltreat: maltriit
man: man
manager: manadjqr
many: meni
map: map
maple: meepql
mark: mark
market: market
married: marid
mass: mas
match: matj
material: matirijql
matinee: matinee
matter: matqr
may: mee
me: mi
meal: miil
means: miinz
measure: mezjur
meat: miit
medical: medikql
meet: miit
meeting: miiting
memory: memori
men: men
mention: mensjqn
merry: meri
metal: metql
mews: mjuuz
middle: midql
might: mait
mighty: maiti
miles: mailz
military: militari
milk: milk
mind: maind
mine: main
minute: minit
mission: misjon
mist: mist
mite: mait
mixed: mikst
mnemonic: nemonik
moderate (adjective): moderqt
moderate (verb): modereet
model: model
modest: modest
money: mcni
monkey: mcnki
month: mcnx
moody: muudi
moos; muuz
moon: muun
more: mor
morning: morning
most: moust
mother: mcyqr
motion: mousjqn
mound: maund
mountain: maunten
mourn: moorn
mouth: maux
move: muuv
mow: mou
Mr (mister): Mr (mistqr)
much: mctj
mud: mcd
muddy: mcdi
mull: mcl
muscle: mcsql
muse: mjuuz
music: mjuuzik
must: mcst
mute: mjuut
my: mai

nail: neel
name: neem
narrow: narou
nation: neesjon
natural: natjurql
near: niir
necessary: nesesari
neck: nek
need: niid
needle: niidql
neighbour: neebqr
neither: naiyqr
nerve: nqrv
net: net
never: nevqr
new: nju
news: njuuz
newt: njuut
next: nekst
nice: nais
Nice: niis
niece: niis
night: nait
no: nou
noise: noiz
normal: normql
north: norx
nose: nouz
not: not
note: nout
notice: noutis
now: nau
nowhere: noweer
nu: nju
null: ncl
number (quantity): ncmbqr
number (less feeling): ncmqr
nut: nct

o: ou
observation: obzqrveesjon
object: obdjekt
odd: od
of: ov
off: of
offer: ofqr
office: ofis
often: often
oh: ou
oil: oil
old: ould
omit: oumit
on: on
once: wcns
one: wcn
only: ounli
ooze; uuz
open: oupen
operate: opereet
operation: opereesjon
opinion: opinjon
opposite: oposit
or: or
orange: orindj
order: ordqr
organization: organaizeesjqn
ornament: ornqment
other: cyqr
others: cyqrz
our: aur
out: aut
ova: ouvq
oven: cven
over: ouvqr
own: oun
owner: ounqr

page: peedj
pain: peen
paint: peent
pair: peer
palace: palqs
palm: paam
paper: peepqr
parallel: parqlel
parcel: parsel
pare: peer
parent: peerqnt
parts: parts
passion: pasjqn
past: paast
paste: peest
payment: peement
peace: piis
pear: peer
pearl: pqrl
peer: piir
pen: pen
pencil: pensil
people: piipql
peril: peril
person: pqrson
pet: pet
pew: pju
pewter: pjuutqr
physical: fizikql
picture: piktjur
pier: piir
pierrot: pijerou
pitcher: pitjqr
pianos: pijanouz
pig: pig
pin: pin
pipe: paip
pirouette: piruwet
place: plees
plaid: plad
plain: pleen
plane: pleen
plant: plaant
plate: pleet
play: plee
please: pliiz
pleasure: plezjur
plough: plau
plumber: plcmqr
pocket: poket
poet: powet
point: point
poison: poizon
polish (shine): polisj
polish (national): poulisj
political: politikql
politician: politisjqn
pony: pouni
poor: puur
porter: portqr
posh: posj
position: pozisjqn
possible: posibql
post: poust
postage: poustidj
pot: pot
potatoes: poteetouz
powder: paudqr
power: pawqr
present (gift/now): prezent
present (give): priizent
pressure: presjur
pretty: priti
prevalent: prevqlent
price: prais
print: print
prison: prizon
private: praivit
probable: probqbql
proceed: prousiid
process: prouses
produce (output): prodjuus
produce (make): proudjuus
profit: profit
project (noun): prodjekt
project (verb): proudjekt
property: propqrti
prose: prouz
protein: proutiin
protest: proutest
psychological: saikolodjikql
public: pcblik
pull: pul
pump: pcmp
punishment: pcnisjment
purpose: pqrpcs
push: pusj
put: put
putt: pct
pyrrhic: pirik

quality: kwoliti
quarter: kwortqr
queen: kwiin
question: kwestjon
queue: kju
quick: kwik
quiet: kwajet
quite: kwait

rail: reel
rain: reen
range: reendj
rat: rat
rate: reet
ratio: reesjijou
ration: rasjon
raw: roo
ray: ree
reaction: rijaksjon
read (present): riid
read (past): red
reading: riiding
ready: redi
real: riil
reality: rijaliti
really: riili
reason: riizon
receipt: resiit
receive: resiiv
record (noun): rekord
record (verb): rikord
refuse (waste): refjuus
refuse (object): rifjuuz
regime: rezjiim
region: riidjon
regret: rigret
regular: regjular
rein: reen
reign: reen
relation: releesjqn
relevant: relevqnt
relieve: reliiv
religion: relidjon
representative: reprezentativ
request: rikwest
respect (noun): respekt
respect (verb): rispekt
responsible: responsibql
rest: rest
reward: riword
rhythm: riyqm
rice: rais
right: rait
ring: ring
river: rivqr
road: roud
roar: ror
robber: robqr
robin: robin
rod: rod
role: roul
roll: roul
roo: ru
roof: ruuf
room: ruum
root/route: ruut
rough: rcf
round: raund
row (noise): rau
row (line): rou
rue: ru
rub: rcb
rule: ruul
run: rcn

sad: sad
safe: seef
said: sed
sail: seel
salt: soolt
same: seem
sand: sand
saw: soo
say: see
scale: skeel
scarce: skeers
scents: sents
scherzo: skqrtzou
school: skuul
science: sajens
scissors: sizqz
screw: skru
sea: si
seat: siit
second: sekond
secret: siikret
secretary: sekretari
see: si
seed: siid
seem: siim
seismograph: saizmougraaf
seize: siiz
selection: seleksjon
self: self
sells: selz
send: send
sense: sens
sentence: sentens
separate (adjective): sepqrqt
separate (verb): sepqreet
separation: sepqreesjon
serious: siirics
servant: sqrvqnt
set: set
seven: seven
sever: sevqr
several: severql
sewer (one who sews): sowqr
sewer (conduit): suwqr
sex: seks
shade: sjeed
shake: sjeek
shall: sjal
shame: sjeem
sharp: sjarp
shave: sjeev
she: sji
sheep: shiip
shelf: sjelf
ship: sjip
shirt: sjqrt
shock: sjok
shoddy: sjodi
shoe: sju
short: sjort
shorten: sjorten
should: sjud
shoulder: sjouldqr
show: sjou
shut: sjct
side: said
siege: siidj
sieve: siv
sigh: sai
sign: sain
silent: sailent
silhouette: siluwet
silk: silk
silly: sili
silver: silvqr
simple: simpql
simply: simpli
since: sins
sister: sistqr
size: saiz
skin: skin
skirt: skqrt
sky: skai
slav: slaav
slave: sleev
slavish: sleevisj
sleep: sliip
sleeve: sliiv
slight: slait
slip: slip
slope: sloup
slow: slou
small: smool
smash: smasj
smell: smel
smile: smail
smoke: smouk
smooth: smuuy

snake: sneek
sneeze: sniiz
snow: snou
so: sou
soap: soup
soar: sor
soccer: sokqr
society: sosajeti
sock: sok
socks: soks
soft: soft
soldier: soldjqr
solid: solid
some: scm
sometimes: scmtaimz
something: scmxing
son: scn
song: song
soon: suun
sore: sor
sort: sort
sound: saund
soup: suup
sour: saur
south: saux
sovreign: sovren
sow (ewe): sau
sow (seed): sou
space: spees
spade: speed
spare: speer
sparse: spars
speak: spiik
special: spesjql
speech: spiitj
sponge: spcndj
spoon: spuun
spring: spring
square: skweer
stage: steedj
stake: steek
stamp: stamp
star: star
start: start
statement: steetment
station: steesjqn
steak: steek
steam: stiim
steel: stiil
steeple: stiipql
stem: stem
step: step
stick: stik
sticky: stiki
stiff: stif
still: stil
stitch: stitj
stocking: stoking
stomach: stcmqk
stomp: stomp
stone: stoun
stop: stop
store: stor
storm: storm
story: stori
straight: street
strange: streendj
stray: stree
street: striit
stretch: stretj
strong: strong
structure: strcktjur
study: stcdi
sturdy: stqrdi
substance: scbstans
subject: scbdjekt
such: sctj
sudden: scden
suede: sweed
sugar: sjugar
suggestion: scdjestjqn
summer: scmqr
sun: scn
super: suupqr
support: scport
sure: sjuur
surprise: sqrpraiz
swam: swam
swamp: swomp
swastika: swostikq
swayed: sweed
swear: sweer
sweet: swiit
swim: swim
symbol: simbol
system: sistem
systematic: sistematik

table: teebql
tail: teel
take: teek
talk: took
tall: tool
taste: teest
taught: toot
taut: toot
tax: taks
taxi: taksi
teaching: tiitjing
team: tiim
tear (rip): teer
tear (drop): tiir
teeth: tiix
teething: tiiying
tell: tel
tendency: tendensi
terminal: tqrminql
tern: tqrn
test: test
than: yan
that: yat
the (unstressed): yq
the (stressed): yi
theatre: xijetq
their: yeer
them: yem
then: yen
theory: xijori
there: yeer
these: yiiz
they: yee
thick: xik
thin: xin
thing: xing
things: xingz
think: xink
this: yis
those: youz
though: you
thought: xoot
thread: xred
three: xri
throat: xrout
through: xru
thumb: xcm
thunder: xcndqr
thyme: taim
ticket: tiket
tight: tait
till: til
timer: taimqr
times: taimz
tin: tin
tired: tajqd
to: tu
today: tudee
toe: tou
told: tould
tolled: tould
too: tu
took: tuk
together: tugeyqr
tomb: tuum
tomorrow: tumorou
tongue: tcng
tooth: tuux
top: top
tort: tort
touch: tctj
tow: tou
towards: tuwordz
town: taun
trade: treed
train: treen
transport: tranzport
tray: tree
trick: trik
trouble: trcbql
troupe: truup
trousers: trauzqrz
true: tru
truth: truux
try: trai
turn: tqrn
turned: tqrnd
twist: twist
two: tu

umbrella: cmbrelq
under: cndqr
undermine: cndqrmain
unit: juunit
unnatural: cnnatjurql
unnecessary: cnnesesari
until: cntil
up: cp
us: cz
use (verb): juuz
use (noun): juus
used: juuzd
using: juuzing
usually: juuzjuwqli
u-tube: ju-tjuub

value: valju
variable: veerijqbql
vary: veeri
vault: voolt
veal: viil
veil: veel
verse: vqrs
very: veri
vessel: vesql
vestige: vestidj
viable: vaijqbql
vicar: vikar
vicious: visjcs
view: vju
villa: vilq
village: vilidj
violent: vajolent
visual: vizjuwql
vital: vaital
voice: vois
vow: vau

waited: weeted
waiting: weeting
walk: wook
wall: wool
want: wont
war: wor
warm: woom
warp: woop
was: woz
wash: wosj
waste: weest
watch: wotj
water: wootqr
wave: weev
wax: waks
way: wee
ways: weez
we: wi
wear: weer
weather: weyqr
web: web
wedding: weding
week: wiik
weigh: wee
weight: weet
weird: wiird
well: wel
went: went
were: wqr
west: west
wet: wet
what: wot
wheel: wiil
when: wen
where: weer
which: witj
while: wail
whinger: windjqr
whip: wip
whistle: wisql
white: wait
who: hu
whoa: wowq
whole: houl
whooping: wuuping/huuping
why: wai
wide: waid
will: wil
wind (noun): wind
wind (verb): waind
wined: waind
window: windou
wine: wain
wing: wing
winger: wingqr
winter: wintqr
wire: wair
wise: waiz
witch: witj
with: wiy
without: wiyaut
woe: wou
woman: wumqn
women: wimin
won: wcn
wonder: wcndqr
woo: wu
wood: wud
wooed: wuud
wool: wul
word: wqrd
words: wqrdz
work: wqrk
world: wqrld
worm: wqrm
would: wud
wound (hurt): wuund
wound (up/about): waund
wow: wau
write: rait
writing: raiting
wrong: rong

x-ray: eks-ree
xylophone: zailofoun

yacht: yot
yea: yee
year: yir
years: yirz
yellow: yelou
yes: yes
yesterday: yestqrdee
yet: yet
you: yu
young: ycng
your: yor

zebra: zebrq
zoo: zu
zoology: zuwolodji