The Rhymer's Word List

by G. P. Jelliss

This compilation, begun in 1997, was originally based on the "Dictionary of Rhymes" included in The Rules of Rhyme by Tom Hood, published by James Hogg & Son, London (circa 1889). I later also acquired The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary [PRD] by Rosalind Fergusson (1985, edition by Claremont Books 1991), and have looked at numerous ordinary dictionaries. This latest revision was made in October 2011, and is more complete but still unfinished.


To arrange words in a rhyming dictionary we don't actually need a systematic phonetic spelling of the words, only a recognition of the sounds they use. However, in order to arrange the words phonetically we need to settle on a standard sequence in which the sounds can be listed. It also makes sense to arrange related sounds close together. The "phonetic order" used in the PRD, recognising 48 sounds, largely follows the alphabetical order of the consonants, but puts the vowels first.

Finding a systematic way of ordering and presenting the vowel sounds, both simple and compound, is the main difficulty. The PRD classifies them roughly under the five vowel letters, a, e, i, o, u, including under 'a' for example the sounds 'a' as in 'sat', 'ar' as in 'card', 'ay' as in 'day', 'air' as in 'pair' the last two of which begin with a sound that is really more like e. Also, for a rhyming dictionary this is surely the wrong way round. The sounds should consistently be classified backwards from the end.

For the consonants I propose to redefine the X and Q to represent the two sounds, unvoiced and voiced, shown at present by the digraph th, as in thin and then. Combination sounds with Y which are sometimes shown by separate letters (j) or as false combinations with h (sh, ch) are written correctly as SY (sure, sheep), ZY (azure), TY (cheap), DY (jeep), and are treated no differently from other Y combinations like BY (beauty), PY (pew), FY (few), and so on. Wherever a Y sound occurs it should be put in.

An arrangement for the consonants, keeping similar sounds together is: P, B, F, V, T, D, X, Q, S, Z, K, G (pairs of unvoiced and voiced sounds, working front to back of the mouth) M, N, L, H (minor consonants) W, R, Y (tensed semivowels).

In trying to classify vowel sounds I have concluded that they don't really occur at the ends of words at all. They always morph into the semiconsonants R, W, Y. Thus, running through the vowel endings shown at the start of the PRD, which distinguishes 17 vowel endings, including the unstressed endings in charity and grocer, from those in fee and fur, which we do not, we find eleven pairs and four triples: R: polka, poker, player, fur, fir, burr, whirr, her, myrrh, voyeur, ... AR: as in bar, are, baa, ma, haar, ... OR: or, ore, oar, awe, caw, core, door, ... WR: dour, boor, cure, ... YR: fear, beer, bier, here, emir, ... Y: be, bee, quay, kiwi, charity ... AY: die, buy, by, bye, aye, nigh, loci, ... EY: bay, bey, sleigh, brae, ... OY: boy, buoy, ... W: boo, do, dew, blue, flew, ... AW: bough, cow, frau, ... OW: beau, crow, dough, go, roe, ... AWR: fire, byre, choir, ... EYR: fair, heir, pear, pare, where, ... AWR: our, bower, paua, ... When followed by another vowel the semiconsonants y, w and r tend naturally to appear, separating the two vowel sounds. These are sometimes shown and in other cases implicit. For example 'saying', 'being' (biying), 'blowing', 'doing' (duwing), 'pottering', 'dadaist' (dadarist). It should be noted that the short vowel sounds cannot occur at the end of a word, since in that position they naturally become lengthened. Consider for example the 'i's in 'chilli', the 'o's in motto, 'a's in 'algebra'. A terminal 'e' when not silent is indistinguishable from 'a' or 'i' as in the two pronunciations of the definite article.

In the following lists of rhymes the words are arranged in reverse phonetic order, that is according to the sounds used in their final syllables, working backwards from the end. This results in all words with the same final sounds being listed together. The last syllable of a word is considered always to consist of a vowel sound, or combination of vowels, followed by a consonantal sound, or combination of consonants.

It should be noted that words can have alternative pronunciations, which results in them appearing twice in the list. The repetition may be in the same or in different sections. Examples: 'resign' meaning 'give up' can also be 're-sign' meaning 'sign again', and 'premise' meaning 'assumption' can also be 'pre-mise' meaning 'make assumption', and 'bathed' with a voiced th means 'took a dip' while 'bathed' with an unvoiced th means 'gave a bath to'. So if a word appears to be in the wrong position, look where you would expect to see it, and you may find it there also. Another aspect of this is provided by words where the final syllable is sometimes stressed and sometimes not, usually with the effect of reducing the vowel to the indefinite form, for example 'suitor'.

Words with the same sound but different spellings (homophones) are shown separated by slashes (peak/peek/peke/pique). Near rhymes (caught/court, law/lore) which can be destinguished if pedantically pronounced, but are often elided, are also listed together.

This word list is not intended to be encyclopaedic, although I have extended it from the previous version. It includes only words that are reasonably familiar, also combination words such as cowboy, pageboy, choirboy ... that simply run-on words that could be hyphened are not listed. Names of people or places are excluded unless they have a separate meaning, and technical terms are included only if they have sufficiently wide interest or use. The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary for instance has many place-names from around the world, a practice which I have not emulated here. Foreign words are included only if they are commonly used in English. Obsolete or antiquated words, even if bearing the imprimature of Spenser, Shakespeare, or Milton, are excluded.

The Word List

Part 1. Vowel Endings: R, W, Y


-R/RR (indefinite vowel, short and long, or emphasised): a-err/Ur, B birr/bur/burr, butterbur, cocklebur; lubber, clubber, rubber, chamber; K cur/Kerr, recur, occur, incur, concur, skirr; angelica, basilica, sciatica, massacre, vodka, polka, sepulchre, oscar; D deux, pas-de-deux; assafoetida, buddha, islander, cullender, lavender, provender; Q the, feather, heather, leather, blether, nether, pether, weather/whether, dither, hither, slither, wither/whither, zither, mother, brother, either, neither; F fur/fir, underfur, defer, refer, prefer, coiffeur, infer, confer, transfer; conifer, apocrypha, philosopher, pilfer, sulphur; G gurr, anger, augur; omega, digger, Edgar; H huh; her; L lur, blur, millefleurs, slur; feller, traveller, parabola, cupola, nebula, stapler, sampler, handler, chandler, burglar, zila, secular, perpendicular, particular, regular, angular, singular, popular, titular; M murre/myrrh, demur; astronomer, dogma, asthma, summer/summa; N knur, entrepreneur, carillonneur; gardener, phenomena, foreigner, mariner, arena, marina, hyena, goner, waggoner, prisoner, Wagner, partner; P per/purr, spur, longspur, hotspur, larkspur, cockspur; hopper, grasshopper, hoper, no-hoper, culpa; R brer; ephemera, amphora, plethora, murderer, slanderer, thunderer, sorcerer, flatterer, loiterer, usurer, cobra, extra, tempura, mara; S sir, masseur, chasseur, connoisseur, douceur; officer, misser, grocer/grosser; Z poser/poseur; laser, pizza, Windsor; T deter, litterateur, restaurateur, hauteur, rapporteur, saboteur, inter, disinter, raconteur, stir, astir, bestir; theatre, amphitheatre, interpreter, arbiter, presbyter, knitter, later, idolater, rota, sculptor, character, sophister, register, canister, minister, administer, chorister, ulster, hamster, monster, gangster, youngster, pieta; X anther; ether, author, Hiawatha; V aver, bon-viveur; caver, haver, raver, waver/waiver, giver, lawgiver, achiever, deceiver, receiver, cover, recover, lover, lava, balaklava, baklava;
WR/WRR were/whirr; aqua, 'twere;
AWR/AWRR: our/hour, bower, cower, dower, Gower, lour, flour/flower, deflower, devour, power, wower, scour, shower*, sour, tower;
OWR/OWRR o'er/ower, boa, goer/Goa, hoer, lower, mower/moa, Noah/knower, rower, sewer/sower, shewer/shower, tower/toe-er, whoa, zoa;
UWR/UWRR ooer, boor/booer, cooer, dour/doer, lure, allure, moor/mooer, amour, paramour, poor, Ruhr/ruer, brewer, suer/sewer, connoisseur, tour/twoer, contour, Y ewer/you're, cure, secure, epicure, procure, obscure, dure, abjure, adjure, endure, conjure, demure, immure, manure, inure, pure, sure, assure, insure, chewer, miniature, mature, armature, amateur, immature, temperature, forfeiture, primogeniture, furniture, nourriture, investiture, overture, coverture, portraiture, calenture, viewer
YR/YRR shirr, fuchsia, tonsure, amateur, butcher, future; scripture, rapture, rupture, sculpture, pasture, moisture; adieu, badger, pillager, villager, forager, cottager, dowager, voyager, lodger, astrologer, passenger, messenger, harbinger, soldier; milieu, seigneur, azure;
AYR/AYRR ire-eyer, byre-buyer, dire-dyer, fire, guyer, hire-higher, lyre-liar, mire, admire, pyre, spire-spyer, aspire, expire, transpire, inspire, conspire, briar, friar/fryer, tryer, sire-sigher, desire, tire/tyre-tyer, retire-retyer, attire, entire, via/vyer, wire, quire/choir, acquire, require, enquire, inquire, squire, gyre
EYR/EYRR air/ere/e'er/heir, bare/bear-bayer/Bayeux, forbear, care, scare, dare, there/their, fare/fair-feyer, affair, gare-gayer, hare/hair, lair=layer, clare-clayer, eclair, declare, flare-flayer, glare/glair, player, mare/mayor, ne'er-neigher, whene'er, debonnair, snare, ensnare, pare/pair/pear-payer, repair-repayer, prepair-prepayer, impair, compare/compere, spare-speyer, despair, rare, where'er, prayer-prayer/preyer, tare/tear, whate'er, stare/stair -stayer, vair, ware/wear/where-weigher, aware, beware, howe'er, co-heir, howsoe'er, square, sware/swear-swayer, elsewhere, forswear, yare, share, chair,
OYR/OYRR coir/coyer, lawyer, paranoia, sawyer, voyeur
IYR/IYRR: ear, beer/bier, kia/keyer, skier, deer/dear, endear, cyclopaedia, encyclopaedia, fear/fere, interfere, sphere, hemisphere, gear, hear/here, cohere, adhere, pickeer, leer/lear, regalia, parphernalia, battalia, aurelia, bandolier, clear, chanticleer, fleer, meer/mere, emir, premier, smear, besmear, near/kneer, engineer, domineer, mutineer, mountaineer, pioneer, auctioneer, cannoneer, sneer, junior, Kenya, peer/pier, appear, reappear, disappear, compeer, spear, rear/ria, cafeteria, area, career, seer/sear, sincere, tear/tier/teer, privateer, charioteer, steer, austeer, veer, revere, severe, persevere, year, jeer/gee-er, sheer/shear, cheer;

-AR: ah/are, B baa/bah/bar/ba, baba, calabar, malabar, coolabah, cinnabar, debar, millibar, zanzibar, durbar, oba, isobar, isallobar, drawbar, crowbar, towbar, rollbar, handlebar, unbar, facebar, disbar, crossbar, kasbah, busbar, K car, fracas, trocar, turbocar, judoca, motorcar, advocaat, sidecar, calcar, railcar, streetcar, boxcar, scar, D dah, dada, radar, la-di-da, deodar, doodah, sirdar, numdah, calendar; F fa/far, afar, sol-fa; G gar, gaga, cigar, budgerigar, vinegar, nougat; H ha/haar, aha, ha-ha, brouhaha, bihar, zohar, hoo-ha; L lah/lar, a-la, fa-la, galah, escolar, tra-la, shangri-la, blah, eclat, hoopla; M mama, ma/mar/maar, jacamar, palomar, panama, cymar, grandma; N knar, dinar, thenar, sonar, seminar; P pa/pah/par/parr/pas, papa, grandpapa, oompah, grandpa, spa/spar, feldspar, fluorspar; R ra/rah, hurrah, hoorah, baccarat, bra, registrar; S saar, hussar, commissar, pulsar, collapsar; T ta/tar/tahr, tata, catarrh, avatar, coup-detat, scimitar, guitar, sitar, ptah, tartar, star, superstar, daystar, lodestar, telstar, instar, sunstar, earthstar; V var, navar/navarre, samovar, louvar, Bolivar, cultivar; tsar/czar, quasar, Z bizarre, bazaar, superbazaar, alcazar, balthazar, beaux-arts, huzza/huzzar; W wah, chihuahua, kwa/qua, couloir, moire, armoire, memoir, noir, renoir, peignoir, shwa, bougeois, patois, fatwa, escritoire, abattoir, repertoire, Cantuar, remontoir, conservatoire, reservoir; Y yah, Magyar, caviare, jar, ajar, nightjar, shah, justiciar, psha, cha-cha, char.

-OR/ORR or/ore/oar-awe, B bore/boar, usquebaugh, hellebore, forebore, K core/corps-caw, albacore, albicore, score, D door-daw, adore, ambassador, F for/fore/four, afore, metaphor, before, heretofore, G gore, H hoar/whore-haw, abhor, L lore-law, counsellor, bachelor, councillor, claw, floor-flaw, deplore, implore, explore, M more/moor-maw, sycamore, claymore, N nor-gnaw-gnawer/Noah, governor, snore, P poor/pour/pore-paw-pawer, pawpaw, R roar-raw, error, terror, conqueror, emperor, horror, craw, scraw, draw-drawer, withdraw-withdrawer, straw, S sore/soar-saw-sawer, foresaw, T tor/tore-taw/tau, idolator, senator, conspirator, orator, editor, creditor, progenitor, competitor, centaur, bucentaur, store, restore, ancestor, X Thor-thaw-thawer, W war/wore, fluor, swore, foreswore, Y your/you're/yore-yaw-yawer, jaw, shore-shaw, ashore, chore-chaw.


-W: ooh, B boo, K coo, D do, ado, undo, G goo, L loo/lieu, ormolu, curlew, blue/blew, clue, flew/flu/flue, glue, slew, H who/hoo, M moo, P poo/pooh, poo-pooh, R roo/rue, brew, imbrue, crew, accrue, screw, drew, withdrew, grew, true, threw/through, S sue, ensue, pursue, T to/too/two, W woo, Y you/yew, BY imbue, KY cue/kew, skew, askew, DY dew/due/jew, adieu, bedew, residue, subdue, endue, perdue, FY few, HY hew/hue, LY curlew, lieu, purlieu, MY mew/mu, emmew, NY new/knew, anew, renew, venue, avenue, revenue, retinue, PY pew, SY shoe/shoo, ensue, pursue, TY chew, stew, eschew, VY view, review, interview,

-AW: ow, B bow/bough, K cow, D dhow, endow, H how, L allow, disallow, plough, slough, M mao, N now, R row, brow, frau, housefrau, prow, trow, S sow, T tao, Q thou, V vow, avow, W wow, bowwow, Y chow

-OW: o/oh/owe, B beau/bow, K co, calico, portico, D doe/dough, F foe, G go, ago, undergo, forego, H ho/hoe, L lo/low, below, blow, floe/flow, reflow, overflow, glow, sloe/slow, M mo/mow, N no/know, foreknow, snow, P poe, R row/roe, bureau, bro, crow, fro, grow, overgrow, outgrow, pro, strow, throw, overthrow, S so/sew/sow, T toe/tow, mistletoe, stow, bestow, Q though, W wo/woe, Y yoyo, joe, adagio, seraglio, show, foreshow, floorshow


-Y: B be/bee, Frisbee, K key, quay, Bacchae/baccy, trochee, marquee, maquis, raki, ski, D dee, fiddle-de-dee, chickadee, Tweedledee, grandee, standee, vendee, spondee, F fee, G ghee, thuggee, algae, H he, L lee/lea/li, appellee, libellee, fleur-de-lis, jubilee, parolee, flee/flea, glee, plea, M me/mi, polygamy, pygmy, N knee, internee, garni, trainee, detainee, nominee, examinee, assignee, consignee, townee, brownie, tyrrany, P pea/pee, kepi, escapee, topee, tepee, rupee, yippee, R re, referee, conferee, transferee, gaucherie, chinoiserie, dungaree, kedgeree, sirree, jamboree, Bree, decree, scree, free, carefree, gree, agree, disagree, degree, pedigree, filigree, spree, esprit, tree, three, S sea/see, lessee. addressee, promisee, endorsee, divorcee, precis, fricassee, lunacy, foresee, jalousie, emcee, licensee, T tee/tea/te, settee, legatee, manatee, goatee, devotee, suttee, bootee, amputee, allottee, deportee, repartee, inductee, draftee, guarantee, warrantee, warranty, appointee, absentee, patentee, covenantee, mustee, trustee, Q the/thee, V vee, peccavi, vis-a-vis, W we/wee, drawee, cooee, evacuee, interviewee, ennui, etui, ratatouille, Z zee, fusee, bourgeoisie, chimpanzee, Y ye, payee, employee, gee, geegee, squeegee, ogee, refugee, pledgee, mortgagee, perigee, apogee, she, specie, buckshee, banshee, debauchee, lychee

-AY: I/aye/eye, B by/bye/buy, aby, alibi, K sky, D die/dye, F fie/phi, stupefy, defy, amplify, beautify, certify, crucify, deify, magnify, dignify, edify, modify, vilify, mollify, qualify, signify, indemnify, scarify, verify, terrify, glorify, purify, petrify, vitrify, putrify, pacify, specify, falsify, ratify, gratify, fortify, mortify, rectify, sanctify, testify, justify, vivify, satisfy, G guy, H hi/high, L lie, ally, alkali, bely, rely, Bligh, fly, outfly, ply, apply, reply, supply, imply, comply, sly, M my, N nigh, deny, P pi/pie/pye, spy, espy, R rye/wry, awry, cry, decry, scry, descry, dry, fry, pry, try, S sigh, prophesy, xi, psi, T tie, untie, sty/stye, X thigh, V vie, outvie, W why, Y shy, chi

-EY: eh, B bey/bay, obey, disobey, K cay/kay, decay, applique', D day, F fay/fey, G gay, H hay, L lay, allay, belay, delay, roundelay, relay, forelay, virelay, clay, flay, inlay, play, display, foreplay, slay/sleigh, M may, dismay, N nay/neigh, P pay, repay, spey, R ray, array, disarray, bray, cray, dray, fray, affray, defray, grey, pray/prey, spray, x-ray, tray, betray, stray, astray, S say, essay, gainsay, T stay, Q they, V inveigh, convey, purvey, survey, W weigh/way, away/aweigh, sway, Y yea, jay

-OY: oy, B boy/buoy, attaboy, carboy, tallboy, tomboy, K coy, decoy, didicoy, McCoy, H hoy, ahoy, hobbledehoy, L alloy, permalloy, hoipalloi, saveloy, cloy, ploy, deploy, redeploy, employ, N annoy, tannoy, P charpoy, sepoy, R corduroy, viceroy, troy, destroy, S soy, T toy, V savoy, envoy, convoy, Z borzoi, Y joy, overjoy, enjoy

Minor Consonant Endings: l, m, n, (ng?)


-al/'l: Al, cabal, cannibal, comical, tyrannical, satirical, rhetorical, musical, whimsical, schismatical, poetical, prophetical, political, critical, mystical, magical, tragical, physical, reciprocal, gal, prodigal, madrigal, conjugal, mall, animal, canal, arsenal, cardinal, criminal, original, personal, rational, pal, principal/principle, liberal, general, mineral, funeral, literal, several, admiral, temporal, corporal, pastoral, natural, sal, capital, hospital, pedestal, shall, carnival, festival, interval, fineal, -el: ell, bell/bel, rebel, dell, citadel, infidel, asphodel, fell, befell, refel, hell, parallel, mell/Mel, calomel, smell, pellmell, Nell/knell, sentinel, petronel, pell, repel, impel, compel, spell, dispell, expel, sell/cell, excel, tell, muscatel, foretell, well, duel, fuel, quell, dwell, swell, yell, gel, shell -il: ill, bill, kill, skill, daffodil, fill, fulfil, gill, hill, mill, pill, spill, rill, drill, shrill, trill, thrill, codicil, till, still, distil, instil, will, quill, swill, gill/jill, chill -ol: alcohol, doll, loll, moll, capitol -ul: cull, skull, dull, gull, hull, lull, mull, null, annul, disannul, -uhl: bull, full, merciful, fanciful, dutiful, wonderful, sorrowful, bountiful, worshipful, pull, wool -eyl: ail/ale, bail/bale, scale, dale, fail, gale, Abigail, regale, nightingale, hail/hale, exhale, flail, mail/male, nail, snail, pail/pale, impale, rail, brail, frail, grail, trail, sail/sale, assail, wassail, shail/shale, tail/tale, detail, retail, entail, aventail, curtail, stale, veil/vale, avail, prevail, countervail, wail/wale/whale, bewail, quail, swale, yale, jail, -iyl: eel, keel, deal, feel, heal/heel, leal, meal, kneel, anneal, peal/peel, appeal, repeal, real/reel, surreal, creel, seal, conceal, teal, steal/steel, bastile, pastile, veal, reveal, weal/wheal/wheel, squeal, congeal, zeal -oyl: oil, boil, coil, recoil, Doyle, foil/Foyle, gargoyle, Hoyle, moil, turmoil, spoil, despoil, roil, embroil, disembroil, soil, toil -uyl: I'll/aisle/isle, bile, file, defile, guile, beguile, mile, smile, Nile, pile, compile, exile, reconcile, tile, stile/style, vile, revile, while, awhile, erewhile, chyle -awl: owl, cowl, scowl, fowl/foul, howl, growl, prowl, jowl -ewl: buhl/boole, cool, school, fool, befool, pool, spool, rule, overrule, misrule, tool, stool, yule/you'll, ridicule, mule, pule -owl: boll/bole/bowl, coal, dole, girandole, condole, foal, goal, hole/whole, mole, knowle, poll/pole, roll/role, parole, scroll, droll, enrol, troll, patrol, control, stroll, sole/soul, console, shoal, toll, stole, pistole, extol, vole, aureole, cajole -arl: baal, carl, darl(ing), marl, gnarl, snarl -orl: all, ball/bawl, call/caul, fall, gall, haul/hall, mall, small, pall/Paul, appal, brawl, crawl, scrawl, drawl, sprawl, thrall, enthral, inthrall, Saul, tall, stall, install, forestall, wall/whorl, squall, y'all/yawl, shawl -url: earl, curl, uncurl, furl, unfurl, girl, hurl, pearl/purl, thirl, whirl, twirl, churl,


-'m: abysm, chasm, macrocosm, microcosm, plasm, cataplasm, protoplasm, phantasm, miasm, enthusiasm, abysm, schism, cataclysm, organism, anachronism, chrism, prism, solecism, criticism, witticism, egotism, heroism, syllogism -am: am, cam, dam/damn, ham, jam/jamb, lam/lamb/lamm, clam, flam, oriflamb/oriflamme, pam, ram, cram, dram, diaphragm, gram, diagram, anagram, epigram, Sam, sham, swam, -em: em, dem, diadem, anadem, condemn, fem, hem, kemb, phlegm, rem, tem, contemn, stem, apothegm/apophthegm, them, gem, stratagem -im: Kim, skim, dim, him/hymn, limb/limn, slim, nim, Pym, rim, brim, grim, prim, trim, sim(ulate), Tim, vim, whim, Jim -om: bomb, intercom, dom, christendom, aplomb, mom, nom, pomme, rom, from, Tom, atom, tomtom -um: come/cum, become, succumb, overcome, scum, dumb, gum, hum, lum, glum, plum/plumb, mum, crum/crumb, drum, thrum, some/sum, cumbersome, humoursome, frolicsome, quarrelsome, troublesome, burdensome, tum, thumb, swum, yum, helium, encomium, uranium, plutonium, opium, chum -eym: aim, came, became, misbecame, overcame, dame, fame, defame, game, lame, blame, claim, acclaim, declaim, reclaim, proclaim, disclaim, exclaim, flame, inflame, maim/mame, name, misname, frame, same, tame, shame, -iym: beam, deem, redeem, misdeem, blaspheme, scheme, gleam, meme, ream, bream, cream, scream, dream, supreme, stream, extreme, seam/seem, beseem, enseam, team/teem, beteem, esteem, disesteem, theme, -uym: I'm, paradigm, lime, sublime, clime/climb, slime, mime, rime/rhyme, crime, grime, prime, time/thyme, chime, enzyme -ewm: boom, combe, doom, whom, loom, bloom, gloom, plume, deplume, spoom, rheum/room, broom/brougham, groom, tomb, entomb, womb, fume, spume, assume, resume, presume, consume, zoom -owm: comb, dome, foam, home, loam, gloam, mome, gnome, pome, roam/Rome, chrome, drome, tome -arm: arm, balm/barm, embalm, calm, becalm, farm, harm, alarm, palm, psalm, disarm, rearm, charm -orm: orme, corm, dorm, form, deform, reform, uniform, multiform, perform, inform, misinform, conform, transform, haulm, Maugham, norm, shawm, storm, warm, swarm -urm: firm, affirm, infirm, confirm, Herm, perm, term, therm, verm(iform), verm(illion), worm, germ, chirm


-alm: = arm -elm: elm, helm, realm, whelm, overwhelm -ilm: film -olm: =owm -ulm: culm


-an: an, ban, can, barracan, pelican, scan, dan, shandydan, fan, began, clan, plan, man, unman, nan, pan, trepan, span, ran, foreran, bran, courtesan, artisan, partisan, tan, than, van, caravan -en: en, ben, ken, den, fen, hen, Len, stolen, swollen, men, pen, open, wren, sen, ten, Sten, then, Venn, wen/when, yen, gen, zen, denizen -in: in/inn, bin, kin, baldachin, cannikin, skin, begin, llyn, javelin, discipline, din, fin, pin, spin, grin, sin, shin, tin, thin, within, win/whin, twin, chin, djinn/gin -on: on, bon, bonbon, con, don, gone, hon, mon, non, anon, upon, Ron, von, wan, swan, yon, john, shone -un: bun, done/dun, undone, fun, gun, begun, hun, none/nun, pun, spun, run, son/sun, ton/tun, stun, won/one, shun [no -uwn:?] -eyn: bane, cane/Cain, skein, hurricane, dane/deign, ordain, disdain, fane/feign/fain, profane, gain, regain, lain/lane, blain, plain/plane, complain, explain, slain, main/mane, amain, remain, pain, Spain, campaign, rain/rein/reign, arraign, brain, crane, drain, refrain, grain, sprain, train, strain, restrain, distrain, constrain, taen, attain, detain, retain, obtain, contain, maintain, pertain, entertain, appertain, stain, sustain, abstain, thane/thegn, vain/vane/vein, wain/wane, swain, twain, chain, enchain, Jane, -iyn: bean, keen, skean, dean, lean, clean, unclean, glean, spleen, mean/mien, demean, demesne, careen, serene, terrene, green, screen, seen/scene, foreseen, obscene, teen, convene, intervene, wean, queen, between, yean, machine, -oyn: Boyne, coin/coign, loin, purloin, groin/groyne, join, rejoin, subjoin, adjoin, enjoin, conjoin, disjoin -uyn: eyne, concubine, combine, kine, dine/dyne, anodyne, indign, condign, fine, define, refine, superfine, confine, unconfine, line, align, interline, decline, recline, incline, mine, undermine, nine, pine, opine, repine, porcupine, supine, brine, shrine, enshrine, sine/sign, assign, consign, tine/Tyne, thine, vine, divine, wine/whine, swine, twine, entwine, shine, chine, design -awn: down, adown, gown, clown, noun, renoun, pronoun, brown, embrown, crown, drown, frown, town -ewn: boon, coon, Doon, buffoon, goon, dragoon, loon, baloon, shalloon, moon, noon, lampoon, spoon, rune, croon, screwn, prune, Troon, poltroon, soon, toon, swoon, dune/June, jejune, hewn, tune, untune -own: own, bone, cone, don(or), phone, hone, lone/loan, alone, blown, clone, flown, sloane, moan, known, unknown, postpone, roan, crone, drone, groan/grown, prone, throne/thrown, overthrown, enthrone, dethrone, sewn/sown, disown, tone, atone, stone, Joan, shown, zone -arn: Arne, barn, darn, larn, tarn, yarn -orn: awn, born/borne/bourne, suborn, overborne, foreborne, corn, unicorn, capricorn, scorn, dawn, adorn, fawn, gorn, horn, lawn/lorn, forlorn, lovelorn, morn/mourn, norn, pawn/porn, spawn, brawn, drawn, withdrawn, prawn, sawn/sorn, torn/tawn, thorn, Vaughan, warn, forewarn, sworn, foresworn, yawn, shorn, Zorn -urn: urn/earn/erne, burn, kern, dern, fern, Hern/Herne, learn, spurn, discern, concern, tern/turn, eterne, return, overturn, stern, Verne, quern, yearn, rejourn, sojourn, adjourn, churn -eyrn: bairn, cairn


-iln: kiln -oln: Colne, stol'n, swol'n

Plosive Endings: p, b, t, d, c, g


-ap: bap, cap, dap, gap, hap, mishap, mayhap, Jap, lap, clap, flap, slap, snap, map, nap/knap, pap, rap/wrap, crap, scrap, enwrap, trap, entrap, strap, sap, tap, yap, chap, zap. -ep: hep, julep, pep, rep, instep, step, yep. -ip: kip, skip, dip, gyp, hip, lip, fillip, blip, clip, flip, slip, nip, snip, pip, rip, scrip, drip, trip, strip, sip, tip, whip, quip, equip, yip, ship, eldership, fellowship, workmanship, chip, zip. -op: op, bop, cop, fop, hop, lop, clop, clipclop, flop, plop, slop, mop, pop, crop, drop, prop, underprop, sop, top, stop, wop, swap/swop, chop, shop. -up: up, cup, hup, pup, tup, yup. -eyp: ape, cape, scape, escape, gape, jape, nape, rape, crepe, scrape, grape, tape, shape -iyp: beep, keep, deep, heap, leap, sleep, asleep, neap, peep, reap, creep, seep, steep, weep, sweep, jeep, sheep, cheap -uyp: hype, snipe, pipe, ripe, gripe, tripe, stripe, type, archetype, linotype, prototype, wipe -ewp: coop, scoop, hoop/whoop, loop, sloop, poop, croup, droop, group, troop, soup, stoop/stoup, whoop, dupe -owp: ope, cope, scope, telescope, horoscope, microscope, hope, lope, elope, antelope, interlope, slope, aslope, mope, pope, rope, grope, trope, heliotrope, soap, tope -arp: carp, scarp, counterscarp, harp, tarp(aulin), sharp, -orp: corp, gawp, paup(er), torp(id), thorp, vorp(al), warp -urp: Earp, burp, herp(es), slurp, perp(endicular), discerp, turp(entine), extirp, twerp, sherp(a), usurp, chirp


-alp: alp, scalp -elp: kelp, help, whelp, yelp -ilp: Quilp -olp: golp -ulp: sculp, ensculp, gulp, pulp


-amp: camp, decamp, encamp, damp, lamp, clamp, cramp, stamp, vamp, champ, -imp: imp, gimp, limp, blimp, pimp, scrimp, shrimp, wimp, jimp, chimp -omp: comp, pomp, romp, stomp, swamp, chomp -ump: bump, lump, clump, plump, pump, rump, trump, stump, thump, jump


-asp: asp, jasp(er), asp(erate), exasp(erate) -isp: lisp, crisp, wisp -osp: hosp(ital), wasp -usp: cusp -arsp: gasp, hasp, clasp, rasp, grasp


-ab: Abb, bab, kebab, cab, dab, Mab, gab, nab, blab, crab, drab, scab, stab, shab, slab, -eb: ebb, deb, Caleb, bleb, pleb, neb, reb, Seb, web -ib: bib, dib, fib, lib, glib, nib, rib, crib, drib, sib(ling), squib, jib/Gib(raltar) -ob: bob, cabob, cob, dob, fob, gob, hob, lob, blob, glob, mob, nob/knob, rob, prob(lem), throb, sob, swab, squab, yob, job -ub: cub, dub, hub, blub, club, nub, snub, pub, rub, drub, grub, shrub, sub, tub, stub, chub/chubb -eyb: babe, astrolabe -iyb: Beebe, grebe -uyb: imbibe, kibe, bribe, scribe, ascribe, describe, prescribe, proscribe, superscribe, subscribe, transcribe, inscribe, tribe, diatribe, vibe, jibe -ewb: boob, lube, rube, cube, jujube, pube, tube -owb: lobe, globe, conglobe, nob(el/le), robe, probe, Job -arb; barb, rhubarb, garb, Punjab -orb: orb, daub, sorb, absorb -urb: suburb, curb, herb, turb(o/ine), disturb, purturb, verb,


-ulb: bulb


-omb: bombe, comb(o), rhomb, somb(re), tomb(eau), womb(le/at)


-at: at, Croat; hat, sunhat; pat, spat, bat, sabbat, brickbat, combat, wombat, dingbat, tat, cat, meerkat, hepcat, tipcat, wildcat, scat, muscat, hellcat, polecat, gat; fat, vat, that, sat; mat/matt, format, gnat, plait, splat, flat, slat, rat, prat, sprat, brat, drat, twat, chat, woodchat, backchat, whinchat, stonechat, chitchat, . -et: ate, bet, abet, alphabet, parroquet, piquette, debt, cadet, get, beget, forget, het, let, violet, epaulette, cassolette, amulet, rivulet, met, comet, net/nett, cabinet, basinet, wagonette, coronet, pet, parapet, pipette, anchoret, fret, egret, regret, threat, set, beset, tet, epithet, vet, wet/whet, silhouette, sweat, yet, jet, rosette -it: it, bit, kit, fit, benefit, refit, git, hit, lit, flit, split, mitt, emit, remit, commit, omit, permit, submit, admit, transmit, nit/knit, pit, writ, grit, sit, tit, wit/whit, quit, acquit, twit, outwit, shit, chit, zit, perquisite -ot: cot, apricot, scot, dot, got, begot, forgot, hot, lot, allot, melilot, blot, clot, polyglot, plot, counterplot, complot, mott, not/knot, pot, spot, rot, grot, trot, sot, tot, watt/what, quat, yacht, jot, shot -ut: but/butt, abut, cut, scut, gut, hut, glut, englut, slut, mutt, smut, nut, putt, rut, strut, shut, tut, jut -ayt: bite, kite, expedite, indite, fight, height, light, alight, proselyte, polite, delight, blite/blight, flight, plight, slight, mite/might, smite, night/knight, benight, aconite, unite, reunite, disunite, spite, despite, rite/right/write, aright, bright, fright, affright, upright, sprite/spright, trite, contrite, cite/site/sight, parasite, recite/resite/resight, foresight, oversight, accite, excite, incite, unsight, tight, appetite, invite, white/wight, quite, requite -eyt: eight/ait/ate, bate/bait, abate, debate, rebate, celibate, reprobate, Kate, deprecate, imprecate, eradicate, dedicate, abdicate, vindicate, delicate, communicate, prevaricate, extricate, intricate, intoxicate, sophisticate, prognosticate, suffocate, dislocate, equivocate, advocate, educate, skate, date, sedate, antedate, candidate, invalidate, intimidate, accommodate, fate, gate, prpoagate, delegate, congregate, profligate, mitigate, instigate, derogate, abrogate, arrogate, subjugate, hate, late, elate, belate, relate, dilate, annihilate, collate, violate, inviolate, desolate, disconsolate, emulate, articulate, calculate, circulate, coagulate, regulate, accumulate, stipulate, depopulate, consulate, gratulate, congratulate, capitulate, expostulate, plate, slate, translate, mate, animate, inanimate, legitimate, intimate, estimate, innate, ordinate, subordinate, contaminate, discriminate, effeminate, ruminate, illuminate, terminate, exterminate, recriminate, abominate, dominate, predominate, nominate, denominate, assassinate, procrastinate, predestinate, obstinate, alienate, impersonate, personate, passionate, compassionate, affectionate, fortunate, unfortunate, importunate, pate, anticipate, dissipate, participate, rate, separate, deliberate, reverberate, confederate, moderate, immoderate, considerate, exaggerate, accelerate, tolerate, generate, degenerate, regenerate, cooperate, intemperate, exasperate, desperate, commiserate, inveterate, iterate, reiterate, illiterate, adulterate, orate, borate, elaborate, corroborate, commemorate, evaporate, accurate, celebrate, consecrate, grate/great, ingrate, prate, trait, penetrate, perpetrate, arbitrate, strait/straight, magistrate, sate, Tate, tete-a-tete, meditate, premeditate, agitate, debilitate, facilitate, imitate, precipitate, irritate, capacitate, necessitate, hesitate, potentate, state, estate, aggravate, elevate, titivate, cultivate, captivate, innovate, wait/waite/weight, await, adequate, antiquate, create -iyt: eat, beat/beet, feat/feet, effete, defeat, heat, obsolete, bleat, fleet, replete, complete, sleet, meat/meet/mete, neat, concrete, discreet/discrete, greet, treat, retreat, entreat, street, estreat, seat, wheat, sweet, sheet, cheat, escheat -oyt: quoit, doit, loit(er), exploit, adroit -awt: out, bout, about, scout, doubt, redoubt, misdoubt, gout, lout, clout, flout, nowt, snout, pout, spout, rout, kraut, drought, grout, sprout, trout, tout, stout, without, devout, throughout, shout -ewt: boot, coot, hoot, loot/lute, salute, resolute, dissolute, absolute, dilute, pollute, flute, glute, moot, root/route, brute/bruit, recruit, fruit, toot, suit, Y beaut, attribute, contribute, cute, acute, persecute, prosecute, execute, jute, refute, confute, solute, mute, newt, minute, depute, impute, compute, dispute, shoot, destitute, substitute, institute, constitute, zoot -owt: oat, boat, coat, dote/doat, antidote, anecdote, goat, bloat, float, afloat, overfloat, gloat, mote/moat, remote, promote, smote, note, denote, rote/wrote, groat, throat, tote, vote, devote, quote -uht: foot, put, soot -art: art, Bart, cart, dart, fart, heart/hart, mart, smart, part, apart, depart, impart, dispart, counterpart, tart, start, -ort: aught/ought/ort, bought, court/caught, fort/fought, exhort, mort, naught/nought, snort, port, report, sport, wrought, brought, sort, assort, besought, resort, consort, tort/taut/taught, retort, distort, extort, thought, bethought, methought, forethought, wart, quart, swart, thwart, short, (see also -orlt) -urt: urt, Bert/Burt, curt, dirt, furt(ive), Gert, hurt, blurt, flirt, pert, spurt, expert, cert, asert, dessert, insert, concert, exert, vert, avert, divert, pervert, controvert, subvert, advert, invert, convert, wert/wort, squirt, shirt, desert


-act: act, backed, subact, fact, enact, racked, charact, cataract, counteract, fract, infract, tract/tracked, attract, detract, retract, contract, protract, subtract, distract, abstract, extract, pact, compact, sacked, transact, exact, whacked, coact, react -ect: decked, affect, disaffect, effect, infect, elect, select, intellect, collect, recollect, flecked, reflect, neglect, necked, pecked, specked, respect, disrespect, suspect, expect, circumspect, inspect, wrecked, erect, direct, indirect, correct, incorrect, sect, dissect, detect, architect, protect, eject, deject, reject, project, object, subject, checked -ict: kicked, addict, contradict, licked, clicked, flicked, afflict, inflict, slicked, nicked, picked/Pict, ricked, bricked, cricked, pricked, tricked, strict, ticked, politicked, convict, -oct: cocked, concoct, docked, hocked, locked, blocked, clocked, flocked, mocked, knocked, pocked, rocked, crocked, frocked, grocked, socked -uct: bucked, ducked/duct, deduct, aqueduct, conduct, fucked, clucked, plucked, mucked, rucked, trucked, obstruct, instruct, sucked, shucked, tucked


inked, kinked, linked, pinked, precinct, succinct, stinked, distinct, extinct, instinct, winked, jinked; bunked, dunked, defunct, clunked, flunked, plunked, trunked, junked, disjunct, chunked.


alt, asphalt, shalt; belt, celt, dealt, felt, gelt, melt, smelt, knelt, pelt, veldt, welt, dwelt; built, kilt, gilt/guilt, hilt, lilt, milt, spilt, silt, tilt, stilt, wilt, quilt, jilt; ult, cult, difficult, occult, adult, indult, catapult, result, exult, insult, consult; bolt, thunderbolt, colt, dolt, holt, moult, volt, revolt, jolt; fault, default, asphalt, halt, malt, salt, assault, exalt, vault


see -mpt


-ant/-'nt: ant, cant, recant, significant, insignificant, elephant, sycophant, extravagant, elegant, arrogant, gallant, vigilant, petulant, adamant, covenant, predominant, dissonant, consonant, pant, rant, cormorant, ignorant, complaisant, conversant, combatant, inhabitant, exorbitant, militant, visitant, disputant, protestant -ent: orient, bent, unbent, dent, precedent, diffident, confident, accident, occident, incident, evident, provident, improvident, resident, president, impudent, indent, hent, lent/leant, valent, prevalent, equivalent, relent, excellent, violent, redolent, indolent, insolent, benevolent, turbulent, fraudulent, opulent, corpulent, virulent, blent, meant, medicament, ligament, parliament, lineament, lament, firmament, ornament, tournament, temperament, sacrament, testament, vehement, supplement, implement, complement, element, tenement, cement, excrement, arbitrement, sediment, rudiment, compliment, aliment, merriment, experiment, detriment, nutriment, sentiment, regiment, comment, ferment, foment, document, argument, monument, instrument, augment, battlement, settlement, ailment, imprisonment, government, blandishment, embellishment, establishment, banishment, admonishment, astonishment, punishment, accomplishment, nourishment, ravishment, languishment, chastisement, management, disparagement, acknowledgment, permanent, eminent, imminent, pertinent, impertinent, continent, incontinent, abstinent, pent, repent, spent, misspent, overspent, rent, referent, different, indifferent, reverent, irreverent, brent, cent/sent/scent, ascent/assent, descent, resent, present, represent, dissent, munificent, magnificent, concupiscent, innocent, absent, consent, tent, attent, competent, incompetent, penitent, impenitent, armipotent, omnipotent, impotent, intent, content, malcontent, discontent, extent, vent, event, prevent, circumvent, invent, went, underwent, frequent, sequent, subsequent, consequent, eloquent, outwent, indigent, intelligent, diligent, negligent, exigent, shent -int: dint, hint, lint, flint, mint, print, imprint, sprint, quint, squint, asquint, -ont: font, mont, upon't, tont(ine), want, Quant -unt: cunt, hunt, blunt, punt, runt, brunt, front, grunt, junt(a) -eynt: ain't, faint/feint, plaint, complaint, mayn't, restraint, distraint, constraint, saint, taint/teint, attaint, quaint, acquaint -oynt: oint, anoint, point, appoint, disappoint, counterpoint, joint, disjoint -awnt: count, account, discount, miscount, fount, flount*, mount, amount, remount, surmount, dismount, -ownt: don't, won't/wont -arnt: aunt, can't, plant, supplant, implant, displant, transplant, slant, aslant, grant, shan't, chant, enchant, -ornt: daunt, gaunt, haunt, jaunt, taunt, vaunt, avaunt, jaunt


-apt: apt, adapt, capped, lapped, clapped, flapped, slapped, snapped, mapped, napped/knapped, rapped/rapt/wrapped, crapped, scrapped, enrapt/enwrapped, trapped, entrapped, strapped, sapped, tapped, yapped, chapped, zapped. -ept: kept, dept, adept, hept(agon)/hepped, leapt, slept, inept, pepped, repped, crept, sept, intercept, accept, except, stepped, wept, swept -ipt: kipped, skipped, dipped, hipped, lipped, blipped, clipped, flipped, slipped, nipped, snipped, pipped, ripped, crypt, script, dripped, tripped, stripped, sipped, tipped, whipped, quipped, equipped, yipped, Egypt, shipped, chipped, zipped. -opt: opt/opped, adopt, bopped, copped, hopped, lopped, clopped, clipclopped, flopped, plopped, slopped, mopped, popped, cropped, dropped, propped, underpropped, topped, stopped, swapped/swopped, chopped, shopped -upt: upped, cupped, puppe, interrupt, corrupt, abrupt, tupped


camped, damped, ramped, tamped, atamped, vamped; empt, dreamt, exempt, tempt, attempt, contempt; limped, primped, pimped; romped, prompt; lumped, gazumped


faffed, gaffed, Taft, chaffed; eft, deft, heft, left, cleft, reffed, bereft, theft, weft; biffed, gift, lift, miffed, sniffed, rift/riffed, drift, adrift, thrift, sift, stiffed, whiffed, quiffed, shift; oft/offed, coughed, scoffed, doffed, loft, aloft, croft, soft, waft, quaffed; buffed, rebuffed, cuffed, huffed, bluffed, counterbluffed, sloughed, snuffed, puffed, roughed, tuft/toughed, stuffed, chuffed; aft, abaft, daft, haft, laughed, shaft, raft, draft/draught, graft/graphed, ingraft, craft, handicraft,


-ast: hast -est: acquiesced, best, fest, manifest, professed, infest, confessed, guest/guessed, biggest, alkahest, lest, blest/blessed, messed, molest, nest, finessed, pest, rest, arrest, carressed, interest, breast, abreast, dressed, addressed, redressed, digressed, transgressed, unrest, crest, pressed, depressed, repressed, oppressed, impressed, compressed, expressed, tressed, stressed, distressed, assessed, recessed, possessed, dispossessed, processed, accessed, incest, palimpsest, test, attest, detest, protest, contest, obtest, vest, divest, invest, west, quest, bequest, request, jest, digest, suggest, chest, zest -ist: kissed, dissed, fist, hissed, list, herbalist, annalist/analyst, evangelist, oculist, mist/missed, alchemist, anatomist, dismissed, organist, antagonist, pissed, wrist, eucharist, satirist, humorist, cyst, assist, desist, persist, exorcist, subsist, exist, insist, consist, amethyst, twist, deist, theist, atheist, resist -ost: bossed, embossed, cost, accost, dossed, jossed, lost, mossed, crossed, frost, tossed, wast -ust: bust/bussed, robust, cussed, discussed, dost/dust, fussed, gust, disgust, lust, plussed, nonplussed, must/mussed, pussed, rust, thrust, crust, trust/trussed, entrust/entrussed, distrust, mistrust, sussed, just, adjust, unjust -ayst: iced, diced, spiced, sacrificed, spliced, sliced, spiced, priced, enticed -eyst: aced, baste/based, abased, debased, cased, faced, defaced, effaced, haste, laced, placed, displaced, misplaced, interlaced, grimaced, raced, braced, graced, disgraced, traced, retraced, paste/paced, spaced, taste, distaste, waste/waist, chaste/chased -iyst: east, beast, feast, least/leased, released, fleeced, pieced, priest, creased, decreased, increased, greased, ceased -oyst: foist, hoist, moist, voiced, rejoiced -awst: oust, Faust, housed, loused, moused, rowst, joust -ewst: boost, goosed, loosed, moosed, noosed, roost, juiced/deuced, deduced, reduced, induced -owst: oast, boast, coast, dosed, ghost, host, most, know'st, post, roast, grossed, engrossed, toast, -arst: cast/caste, forecast, overcast, outcast, fast, aghast, last, blast, classed, mast, past/passed, repast, surpassed, brassed, grassed, vast, avast -orst: holocaust, forced, horsed, sourced -urst: coerced, burst, disbursed, imbursed, reimbursed, curst/cursed, accurst/accursed, durst, first, hurst, amerced, immersed, nursed, pursed, dispersed, interspersed, thirst, versed, reversed, conversed, worst


indexed, hexed, flexed, perplexed, next, annexed, sexed, text, pretext, vexed; fixed, affixed, prefixed, infixed, transfixed, mixed, intermixed, nixed, sixed.


bidst, kidst, didst, hidst, midst, amidst, ridst.




-ad: add, bad, cad, dad, gad, fad, had, lad, clad, glad, plaid, mad, pad, sad, rad, brad, chad. -ed: ed, bed, abed, dead, fed, head, behead, led/lead, bled, fled, sled, misled, med, ned, sped, red/read, bred/bread, inbred, dread, spread, o'erspread, tread, thread, shred, said, ted, wed, shed, zed -id: id, bid, forbid, kid, did, katydid, hid, lid, slid, mid, amid, pyramid, nid, rid, grid, bestrid, Sid, quid, squid, Yid, chid -od: odd, bod, cod, god, hod, clod, plod, mod, nod, pod, rod, prod, trod, sod, shod, tod, wad, quad/quod, yod -ud: bud, cud, scud, dud, Hudd, lud, blood, flood, mud, crud, sud, stud, thud, Judd -ayd: eyed, bide, abide, died/dyed, confide, guyed/guide, misguide, hied/hide, lied, slide, nide/nighed, pied, ride, deride, bride, gride, pride, stride, astride, bestride, side/sighed, aside, beside, decide, subside, tied/tide, betide, vied, divide, subdivide, provide, wide, chide, preside -eyd: ade/aid, bade, gambade, Cade, arcade, blockade, brocade, cockade, cavalcade, cascade, ambuscade, fade, renegade, brigade, lade/laid, blade, glade, made/maid, dismayed, neighed, esplanade, serenade, cannonade, paid, spade/speyed, raid, masquerade, braid, afraid, trade, estrade, grade, degrade, retrograde, Sade, crusade, pallisade, rhodomontade, evade, invade, wade/weighed, suede, dissuade, persuade, jade, shade, -iyd: bead/Bede, keyed, deed, indeed, feed, heed, lead, bleed, glede, plead, mead/meed, need/knead, peed, impede, speed, read/rede/reed, breed/brede, creed, freed, seed/cede, secede, discede, recede, precede, proceed, supercede, intercede, exceed, succeed, concede, teed, steed, veed, weed, gee-ed -oyd: Boyd/buoyed, decoyed, Lloyd, alloyed, unalloyed, alkaloid, cloyed, ployed, employed, annoyed, asteroid, destroyed, toyed, void, avoid, devoid, convoyed, joyed, enjoyed -awd: bowed, cowed, loud, allowed, cloud, ploughed, crowd, rowed, browed, proud, shroud, overshroud, vowed, wowed -ewd: booed, cooed, food, who'd, lewd, allude, elude, delude, illude, interlude, clued, seclude, include, conclude, exclude, glued, slewed, mood/mooed, snood, poopoohed, rued/rude/rood, brewed/brood, crewed/crude, accrued, screwed, Drood, prude, obtrude, intrude, sued/pseud, exude, ensued, pursued, Y you'd, Bude, imbued, cued, skewed, dude/dewed, bedewed, subdued, feud, hewed/hued, mewed, nude, renewed, pewed, ensued, chewed, habitude, longitude, similitude, solitude, plenitude, magnitude, lassitude, solicitude, vicissitude, latitude, gratitude, ingratitude, fortitude, altitude, multitude, aptitude, inaptitude, promptitude, servitude, stewed, eschewed, viewed, reviewed, interviewed -owd: ode/owed, bode, abode, forebode, code, porticoed, goad, hoed, lode/load/lowed, explode, mode/mowed, commode, incommode, node, pod(ium), rode/road/rowed/roed, corrode, crowed, sewed, episode, toad/toed/towed, stowed, woad, yoyoed, showed -uhd: could, good, hood, likelihood, livelihood, neighbourhood, sisterhood, brotherhood, widowhood, pud(ding), stood, withstood, understood, wood/would, should -ard: ahhed, bard/baaed/barred, debarred, unbarred, bombard, card, discard, scarred, guard, regard, disregard, hard, jarred, lard, interlard, marred, pomade, nard, pard, sparred, tarred, retard, starred, yard, shard, charred -ord: awed, board/bored/bawd, aboard, cawed/cord, accord, record, adored, ford/fored, afford, gored, horde/hoard/whored, abhorred, jawed, laud/lord, applaud, Maud, gnawed, pawed/poured/pored, roared, broad, abroad, fraud, defraud, soared/sword/Saud, stored, restored, ward/warred, sward -urd: erred, bird/burred, rubbered, curd, occurred, incurred, concurred, conquered, massacred, cullendered, furred, deferred, referred, preferred, inferred, conferred, tranferred, gird, heard/herd, blurred, slurred, demurred, purred, spurred, surd/sirred, absurd, turd, deterred, registered, ministered, administered, interred, stirred, feathered, blethered, weathered, dithered, slithered, withered, zithered, mothered, averred, havered, wavered, word/whirred, badgered, harbingered, sherd. -eyrd: aired, bared, laird -iyrd: beard, endeared, feared, interfered, geared, cohered, adhered, leered, cleared, smeared, besmeared, neared, engineered, domineered, mutineered, mountaineered, pioneered, sneered, peered, appeared, reappeared, disappeared, compeered, speared, reared, careered, seared, tiered, steered, veered, revered, persevered, weird, sheared, cheered, jeered


bagged, fagged, gagged, lagged, flagged, nagged, snagged, ragged, Smaragd, bragged, dragged, sagged, tagged, wagged, shagged; egged, begged, kegged, legged, pegged; rigged, wigged, swigged, twigged, jigged


-ljd/-ldzhd bulged, indulged, divulged -njd flanged; henged, avenged, revenged; cringed, fringed, infringed, hinged, singed, tinged, twinged; blancmanged; lunged, plunged, sponged, expunged; ranged, arranged, estranged, changed, interchanged, exchanged.


-ald/'ld: emerald -eld: belled, rebelled, felled, refelled, geld, held, paralleled, meld, smelled, repelled, impelled, compelled, spelled, dispelled, expelled, celled, excelled, veld, weld/weald, quelled, dwelled, swelled, yelled, gelled, shelled -ild: build/billed, killed, skilled, filled, fulfilled, gild/guild, hilled, milled, spilled, drilled, shrilled, trilled, thrilled, tilled, stilled, distilled, instilled, willed, swilled, chilled -iyld: field, afield, heeled/healed, annealed, peeled/pealed, appealed, repealed, reeled, sealed, concealed, steeled, revealed, weald/wield/wheeled, squealed, yield, congealed, shield -uyld: aisled, filed, defiled, beguiled, mild, smiled, piled, compiled, exiled, reconciled, tiled, styled, reviled, wild, child -owld: old, bold/bowled, cold, scold, doled, fold/foaled, manifold, enfold, unfold, gold, marigold, hold/holed, behold, uphold, withhold, mold/mould, polled, rolled, paroled, scrolled, enrolled, trolled, patrolled, controlled, strolled, sold, ensouled, consoled, told/tolled, firetold, extolled, cajoled -arld: marled, gnarled, snarled -orld: bald/balled/bawled, called/cauled, scald, hauled, mauled, palled, appalled, brawled, crawled, scrawled, drawled, sprawled, thralled, enthralled, inthralled, stalled, installed, forestalled, whorled/walled squalled, -urld: curled, furled, pearled/purled, world/whirled, twirled


-and: and, band/banned, contraband, disband, canned, fanned, hand, land, bland, gland, manned, panned, expand, rand, brand, grand, strand, sand, tanned, stand, understand, withstand, -end: end, bend, unbend, kenned, dividend, fend, defend, offend, forefend, apprehend, reprehend, comprehend, lend, blend, mend, amend, commend, recommend, discommend, pend/penned, opened, depend, impend, spend, suspend, exspend, misspend, rend, reverend, friend, befriend, send, ascend, descend, condescend, transcend, tend, attend, pretend, protend, portend, obtend, contend, distend, extend, vend, wend, genned/gend(er), zend -ind: Ind, finned, Lind, disciplined, pinned, sinned, rescind, tinned, wind, chinned -ond: onde, bond, vagabond, conned, abscond, donned, fond, blonde, mond, diamond, pond, despond, correspond, ronde, wand, yond, beyond -und: bund, dunned, fund, refund, gunned, punned, sunned, stunned, shunned -iynd: beaned, keened, leaned, cleaned, gleaned, demeaned, careened, greened, screened, convened, intervened, weaned, queened, yeaned, machined -uynd: bind, combined, kind, unkind, dined, find/fined, defined, refined, confined, unconfined, hind, behind, lined, aligned, blind, declined, reclined, inclined, mind/mined, remind, undermined, nined, pined, opined, repined, rind, grind, enshrined, signed, assigned, consigned, tined, divined, wind/wined/whined, twined, entwined, designed -awnd: bound, abound, rebound, found, profound, confound, hound, mound, pound, propound, compound, expound, round, around, surround, ground, aground, sound, resound, wound -ewnd: cocooned, mooned, wound, tuned -ownd: owned, boned, coned, phoned, honed, loaned, cloned, moaned, groaned, throned, enthroned, toned, stoned, zoned -arnd: demand, reprimand, command, countermand, -ornd: corned, dawned, fawned, horned, Maund/mourned, pawned, warned, forewarned, yawned


-ac: back, yak, jack, zodiac, maniac, demoniac, ammoniac, symposiac, hypochondriac, aphrodisiac, hack, lac/lack, black, clack, slack, plaque, mac, smack, knack, almanac, snack, pack, rack/wrack, arrack, brach/brack, crack, track, sack, ransack, tack, attack, stack, whack, thwack, quack -ec: beck, deck, fleck, neck, peck, speck/spec, wreck, check -ic: Bik, kick, dick, hick, lick, catholic, click, flick, slick, mick, nick, pick, spick, rick, choleric, rhetoric, brick, crick, prick, trick, sic/sick, tic/tick, lunatic, splenetic, heretic, arithmetic, politic, stick, thick, Vic, wick, quick, caique, alcaic, laic, chick, -oc: bok, cock, dock, hock/hough, lock/loch, block, clock, o'clock, flock, mock, knock, pock, epoch, roc/rock, brock, croc/crock, frock, grock/grok, sock, shock, tock, stock, wok, jock, chock/choc -uc: uck, buck, duck, fuck, huck, luck, cluck, pluck, muck, puck, ruck, truck, struck, suck, shuck, tuck, stuck, yuck -uhc: book, cook, hook, look, rook, brook, crook, took, betook, undertook, stook, mistook, foresook, shook, caoutchouc -eyc: ake/ache, bake, cake, hake, lake, flake, plaque, make, snake, opaque, spake, bespake, rake, brake/break, drake, mandrake, strake, sake, forsake, take, betake, partake, overtake, undertake, stake/steak, mistake, wake, awake, quake, shake -iyc: eke, beak, geek, leek/leak, sleek, bleak, oblique, clique, meek, sneak, peak/pique, speak, bespeak, reek/wreak, creek/creak, freak, shriek, streak, seek, teak, critique, antique, week/weak, squeak, tweak, cheek, bezique, Zeke -uyc: Ike/Eyke, bike, dike/dyke, hike, like, alike, glike, dislike, mike, pike, spike, shrike, trike, strike, tike/tyke, -awc: bowk(er), -ewc: chibouk/chibouque, kook, dook, luke, fluke, stook, yuke, rebuke, duke/juke, neuk/nuke, puke, -owc: oak, coke, folk, bloke, cloak, smoke, poke, spoke, bespoke, broke, croak, stroke, soak/soke, revoke, equivoque, invoke, woke, yolk/yoke, joke, choke -arc: arc, hierarch, heresiarch, bark/barque, embark, dark, hark, lark, clerk, mark, remark, nark, park, spark, Sark, stark, shark, quark -orc: auk/orc, balk/baulk, calk/caulk/cork, fork, catafalque, hawk, pork, talk/torque, stalk/stork, walk, squawk, chalk, -urc: irk, burke, kirk, dirk, lurk, mirk/murk, perk, shirk, turk, stirk, work, quirk, jerk


-alc: calc, catafalque -elc: elk, whelk -ilc: bilk, milk, silk, whilk -olc: = owc -ulc: bulk, hulk, skulk, sulk


-anc: bank, mountebank, dank, hank, lank, blank, clank, plank, slank, spank, rank, drank, frank, prank, disrank, tank, thank, stank, yank, shank -enc: ?! -inc: ink, kink, skink, link, blink, clink, slink, mink, pink, rink, brink, drink, shrink, sink/cinque, stink, think, bethink, outthink, wink, zinc, jink, chink -onc: bonk, conk, gonk, clonk, plonk, cronk(y), honkytonk, wonk(y) -unc: unc(le), bunk, dunk, funk, hunk, clunk, flunk, plunk, slunk, monk, punk, drunk, shrunk, trunk, sunk, stunk, junk, chunk


-asc: asc(ot), basque, madagasque, lasc(ar), masque, mask(eline), sask(atchewan), vasc(ular) -esc: arabesque, desk, burlesque, moresque, picturesque, grotesque, -isc: disc, basilisk, risk, tamarisk, brisk, frisk, whisk -osc: kiosk, mosque -usc: busk, dusk, husk, musk, tusk, -aasc: ask, bask/basque, cask/casque, hask, flask, mask/masque, rasc(al), task


-ag: bag, cag, dag, fag, gag, hag, lag, flag, nag/knag, snag, Brobdingnag, rag, brag, crag, scrag, drag, sag, tag, stag, wag, swag, quag, jag, shag, -eg: egg, beg, keg, leg, Meg, neg, peg -ig: big, dig, fig, gig, pig, rig, grig, prig, sprig, cig(arette), wig/whig, swig, twig, jig -og: bog, cog, dog, fog, Gog, agog, pedagogue, Magog, hog, log, dialogue, analog(ue), catalogue, epilogue, blog, clog, flog, slog, mog, nog, frog, prog, trog(lodyte), shog, tog, wog, gollywog, pollywog, jog, Zog -ug: bug, dug, fug, hug, lug, glug, plug, slug, mug, smug, snug, pug, rug, drug, shrug, tug, thug, jug -uhg: sug(ar) -eyg: plague, renege, vague -iyg: league, intrigue, fatigue, -ewg: fugue -owg: og(re), disembogue, fog(ey), collogue, Mogue, rogue, brogue, prorogue, tog(a), vogue -urg: erg, burgh, exergue


-ulg: vulg(ar/ate)


-ang: bang, fang, gang, hang, lang, clang, slang, pang, rang, harangue, merangue, sang, tang, stang, swang, twang, [also -angg: harangue] -eng: ginseng -ing: king, ling, bling, cling, fling, sling, ring/wring, recovering, bring, spring, string, sing, sting, thing, wing, swing, -ong: bong, cong(a/o), dong, gong, long, along, belong, prolong, prong, pong, wrong, strong, throng, song, tong, thong, Wong -ung: bung, dung, gung, hung, lung, clung, flung, slung, among, rung/wrung, brung, sprung, strung, sung, unsung, tongue, stung, swung, young

Sibilant Endings: s, z


-as: ass, Bass, Cass, gas, Hass, lass, alas, mass, amass, cuirass, morass, Tass, alias -es: ess, B Bess, D shepherdess, F fess, profess, confess, G guess, H Hess, L less, pitiless, numberless, masterless, fatherless, motherless, bless, ransomless, weaponless, motionless, spiritless, comfortless, M mess, N ness, headiness, readiness, steadiness, giddiness, neediness, greediness, sturdiness, surliness, holiness, lowliness, ugliness, comeliness, manliness, womanliness, sprightliness, liveliness, happiness, unhappiness, wariness, weariness, hoariness, haughtiness, mightiness, loftiness, emptiness, filthiness, heaviness, dizziness, laziness, easiness, uneasiness, drowsiness, lioness, patroness, wilderness, tenderness, eagerness, bitterness, governess, hollowness, wickedness, nakedness, wretchedness, sordidness, frowardness, forwardness, fullness, lawfulness, cheerfulness, wakefulness, wilfulness, usefulness, bashfulness, forgetfulness, thoughtfulness, fruitfulness, idleness, littleness, gentleness, noisomeness, fulsomeness, drunken-ness, even-ness, wanton-ness, stubborn-ness, willingness, perfidiousness, righteousness, lasciviouness, heinousness, childishness, foolishness, peevishness, R caress, votaress, sorceress, duress, dress, address, ambassadress, redress, digress, transgress, press, depress, repress, oppress, impress, compress, express, tress, adultress, stress, distress, S cess, assess, recess, possess, dispossess, process, access, excess, success, T Tess, poetess, prophetess, Y yes, acquiesce, (dY) jess, (tY) chess -is: abyss, kiss, diss/Dis, this, hiss, bliss, miss, amiss, remiss, dismiss, piss, sis(ter). -os: boss, emboss, doss, loss, moss, cross, across, dross, albatross -us: bus/buss, arquebus, incubus, cuss, discuss, hazardous, fuss, scandalous, perilous, frivolous, fabulous, miraculous, ridiculous, credulous, incredulous, sedulous, emulous, populous, scrupulous, plus, surplus, overplus, nonplus, muss, famous, infamous, blasphemous, magnanimous, unanimous, venomous, ravenous, villainous, libidinous, ominous, mutinous, ruinous, poisonous, gluttonous, tyrannous, mountainous, pus/puss, slanderous, ponderous, odoriferous, generous, ungenerous, dangerous, numerous, obstreperous, prosperous, adulterous, boisterous, lecherous, treacherous, rigorous, vigorous, valorous, dolorous, amorous, clamorous, timorous, porous, traitorous, adventurous, truss, idolatrous, necessitous, solicitous, calamitous, gratuitous, fortuitous, riotous, thus, suss, mischievous, ambiguous


-aws: douse, gauss, house, louse, mouse, nous, spouse, Rouse, grouse, chouse -ews: caboose, goose, loose, recluse, sluice, moose/mousse, noose/nous, spruce, truce, abstruse, Y use, abuse, excuse, deuce/juice, traduce, deduce, reduce, seduce, produce, introduce, induce, conduce, refuse, profuse, puce, disuse, misuse, obtuse, Zeus -ows: verbose, jocose, dose, close, morose, gross, engross,


-ays: ice, dice, paradise, sacrifice, suffice, lice, splice, slice, mice, nice, spice, rice, price, trice, thrice, precise, concise, entice, vice, device, advice, Zeiss -eys: ace, base, abase, debase, case, dace, face, deface, efface, lace, populace, place, displace, misplace, interlace, mace, grimace, pace, carapace, apace, space, race, brace, embrace, grace, disgrace, Thrace, trace, retrace, chase, -iys: fils, geese, lease, release, fleece, niece, peace/piece, apiece, frontispiece, Reece, crease, decrease, increase, grease, cease, decease, surcease -oys: Boyce, Royce, voice, choice, Joyce, rejoice


-ars arse, farce, class, pass, repass, surpass, sparse, brass, grass, -ors: coarse/course/corse, endorse, force, horse, unhorse, morse, remorse, torse -urs: erse, coerce, disburse, imburse, reimburse, curse, accurse, hearse, amerce, immerse, commerce, nurse, purse, asperse, disperse, intersperse, terse, verse, averse, reverse, universe, perverse, adverse, converse, worse -eyrs: scarce -iyrs: fierce, pierce, tierce


else; false, valse; pulse, repulse, impulse, expulse, insulse, convulse


see -mps


-ans concordance, extravagance, arrogance, vigilance, manse, romance, nance, maintenance, countenance, sustenance, ordinance, dissonance, consonance, expanse, sufferance, temperance, intemperance, utterance, deliverance, ignorance, entrance, complaisance, exorbitance, inheritance, circumstance -ens: precedence, diffidence, confidence, accidence, occidence, incidence, evidence, providence, improvidence, residence, impudence, condense, fence, offence, defence, hence, prevalence, equivalence, excellence, violence, redolence, indolence, insolence, benevolence, turbulence, fraudulence, opulence, corpulence, virulence, vehemence, immense, commence, permanence, eminence, imminence, pertinence, impertinence, continence, incontinence, abstinence, pence, prepense, propense, recompence, dispense, suspense, expense, reference, preference, difference, indifference, circumference, inference, reverence, irreverence, sense/cense, presence, munificence, magnificence, concupiscence, innocence, absence, incense, frankincense, tense, competence, incompetence, pretence, penitence, impenitence, armipotence, omnipotence, impotence, intense, thence, whence, sequence, consequence, eloquence, indigence, intelligence, diligence, negligence -ins: mince, rinse, prince, since, Vince, evince, convince, wince, quince, [see also -ints] -ons: bonce, sconce, ensconce, response -uns: dunce, once -awns: ounce, bounce, counts, founts, flounce, mounts, announce, denounce, renounce, pronounce, pounce -arns: askance, dance, enhance, lance, glance, France, prance, trance, entrance, circumstance, advance, chance, mischance


-ats: bats, cats, that's, fats, gats, hats, lats, mats, gnats, pats, rats, sats, vats, chats -ets: bets, abets, alphabets, parroquets, piquettes, debts, cadets, gets, begets, forgets, hets, lets, violets, epaulettes, amulets, rivulets, nets, cabinets, basinets, wagonettes, coronets, pets, parapets, pipettes, anchorets, frets, egrets, regrets, threats, sets, besets, epithets, vets, wets/whets, sweats, jets -its: its/it's, bits, kits, fits, benefits, refits, gits, hits, flits, splits, mitts, emits, remits, commits, omits, permits, submits, admits, transmits, nits/knits, pits, writs, grits, sits, tits, wits, quits, acquits, twits, outwits, shits, chits, zits, perquisites -ots: cots, apricots, scots, dots, hots, lots, allots, melilots, blots, clots, polyglots, plots, counterplots, complots, motts, knots, pots, spots, rots, grots, trots, sots, tots, watts/what's, quats, yachts, jots, shots -uts: buts, cuts, guts, huts, mutts, nuts, putts, ruts, tuts, juts -arts: arts, Barts, carts, darts, farts, hearts/harts, marts, smarts, parts, departs, imparts, disparts, counterparts, tarts, starts, -orts: orts, courts, forts, exhorts, noughts, snorts, ports, reports, sports, sorts, assorts, resorts, consorts, torts, retorts, distorts, extorts, warts, quarts, thwarts, shorts -urts: urts, hurts, spurts, experts, certs, asserts, desserts, inserts, concerts, exerts, averts, diverts, perverts, controverts, subverts, adverts, inverts, converts, shirts, deserts


(there is a tendency for the t to get lost reducing the sound to -ns, e.g. dents/dense, chants/chance) -ants: ants, pants, rants; -ents: orients, bents, dents, precedents, accidents, incidents, residents, presidents, indents, equivalents, relents, medicaments, ligaments, parliaments, lineaments, laments, firmaments, ornaments, tournaments, temperaments, sacraments, testaments, supplements, implements, complements, elements, tenements, cements, arbitrements, sediments, rudiments, compliments, aliments, experiments, detriments, nutriments, sentiments, regiments, comments, foments, ferments, documents, arguments, monuments, instruments, augments, battlements, settlements, ailments, governments, blandishments, embellishments, establishments, admonishments, punishments, accomplishments, chastisements, disparagements, acknowledgements, continents, repents, rents, brents, cents/scents, ascents/assents, descents, resents, presents, represents, dissents, innocents, absents, consents, tents, incompetents, penitents, impenitents, contents, malcontents, discontents, vents, events, prevents, circumvents, invents, wents, frequents, sequents, gents; -arnts: aunts, chants.


-aps: apse, baps, caps, gaps, perhaps, mishaps, Japs, laps/lapse, elapse, relapse, collapse, claps, flaps, slaps, snaps, maps, naps/knaps, paps, raps/wraps, craps, scraps, enwraps, traps, entraps, straps, saps, taps, yaps, chaps, zaps. -eps: reps, steps -ips: kips, skips, dips, hips, lips, apocalypse, elipse, blips, clips, eclipse, flips, slips, nips, snips, pips, rips, drips, trips, strips, sips, tips, whips, quips, equips, yips, ships, fellowships, chips, zips. -ops: ops, bops, cops, fops, hops, lops, flops, plops, mops, pops, crops, sops, tops, wops, shops, chops -arps: carps, scarps, counterscarps, harps, tarps, sharps, -orps: corpse, gawps, thorps, warps -urps: burps, slurps, discerps, turps, twerps, usurps, chirps -uwps: oops, coops, hoops, loops, sloops, poops, troops, soups, whoops,


amps: camps, decamps, encamps, damps, lamps, clamps, cramps, stamps, vamps, champs; imps, gimps, limps, blimps, glimpse, pimps, scrimps, shrimps, wimps, jimps, chimps; omps: comps, romps, stomps, swamps, chomps.


-acs: ax/axe, backs/Bax, fax, yaks, zodiacs, maniacs, demoniacs, ammoniacs, symposiacs, hypochondriacs, genethliacs, aphrodisiacs, hacks, lacs/lacks/lax, relax, blacks, clacks, flax, slacks, plaques, macs/max, smacks, knacks, knick-knacks, almanacs, snacks, packs/pax, racks/wracks, arracks, brachs/bracks, cracks, tracks, sacks/Sax, ransacks, tacks/tax, attacks, stacks, wax/whacks, thwacks, quacks, yaks, jacks, shacks -ecs: ex, becks, Beiderbex, decks, hex, lex, flecks/flex, circumflex, complex, perplex, mex, necks, annex, pecks, specks/specs, wrecks/rex, sex, tex, vex, convex, checks -ics: biks/Bix, kicks, dicks, fix, affix, prefix, cricifix, infix, transfix, hicks, licks, catholics, clicks, flicks, slicks, mix/micks, intermix, nix/nicks, sardonyx, picks/pyx, ricks, bricks, cricks, pricks, tricks, six, tics/ticks, lunatics, heretics, politics, sticks, wicks, alcaics, chicks -ocs: ox, box/boks, cocks, docs/docks, heterodox, orthodox, fox, hocks/houghs, locks/lochs, blocks, clocks, flocks, mocks, knocks, equinox, pocks, epochs, rocs/rocks, brocks, crocs/crocks, frocks, grocks/groks, socks, shocks, tocks, stocks, woks, jocks, chocks/chocs -uks: bucks, ducks/dux, fucks, hucks, lucks/lux, clucks, flux, reflux, plucks, mucks, pucks, rucks, crux, trucks, sucks, shucks, tucks -owks: oaks, coax/cokes, folks, hoax, blokes, cloaks, pokes, croaks, soaks/sokes, yolks, jokes


inks, kinks, skinks, sphinx, links/lynx, blinks, clinks, slinks, minks/minx, pinks, rinks, brinks, drinks, shrinks, sinks, stinks, thinks, bethinks, outthinks, winks, jinks, chinks; uncs, bunks, dunks, funks, hunks, clunks, flunks, plunks, monks, punks, drunks, trunks, junks, chunks.


-az: as, whereas, has, snazz, topaz, razzmatazz, jazz. -ez: fez, says, glasses, masses, molasses, premises, braces, gainsays, rushes, blazes, riches, breeches, clutches, crutches, damages, ages, wages, galoshes, assizes, elevenses. [Some pronounce -es endings as -iz.] -iz: is, biz, darbies, heebie-jeebies, goodies, undies, fizz/phys, his, wellies, willies, mis/Ms, groceries, potteries, ivories, preliminaries, frizz, missis/Mrs, falsies, swizz, `tis, equities, treatise, panties, viz, civies, whizz, quiz. -oz: `cos/cos, because, pos(ition), bro(ther)s, was. -uz: us, buzz, cous(in), doz(en), fuzz, guzz(le).


-awz: ows, bows/boughs/bowse, cows, dhows/douse/dowse, house, blowze/blouse, espouse, rows/rouse, carouse, brows/browse, prows, sows, touse, vows, wows, chows. -ewz: ooze, boos/booze, coos, dos, hoos/whose/who`s, loos/lose, curlews, clues, flues, glues, slews, moos, poohs, poo-poohs, rues/roos/ruse, peruse, brews/bruise, imbrues, crews/cruise, accrues, screws, trews, sues, ensues, pursues, twos, woos, zoos; Y ewes/use/yews, abuse, imbues, cues/Qs/queues, accuse, skews, excuse, dues/jews, adieus, bedews, residues, subdues, fuse, defuse, refuse, diffuse, suffuse, infuse, confuse, transfuse, hues/hews, purlieus, curlews, mews/muse, emmews, amuse, news, renews, venues, avenues, revenues, retinues, pews, shoes/shoos, misuse, ensues, pursues, purlieus, chews/choose, eschews, views, reviews, interviews. -owz: Os/ohs/owes, adagios, seraglios, beaus/bows, co(mpany)s, porticos, does/doze, those, foes, goes, undergoes, hoes/hose, lows, blows, close, foreclose, enclose, disclose, glows, sloes/slows, mows/mo(ment)s, nos/nose/knows, snows, pose/poes, appose, oppose, propose, depose, repose, suppose, presuppose, interpose, impose, compose, recompose, discompose, dispose, expose, transpose, rose/rows/roes, arose/arrows, bureaux, crows, froze/fros, prose/pros, sews/sos/sows, so-and-sos, toes/tows, those, woes, joes, shows, chose.


-ayz: eyes/ayes,
B buys/byes, alibis,
D dies/dyes, liquidize, hybridize, subsidize, oxidize, standardize, jeopardize, rhapsodize, bastardize, propagandize, merchandise, gormandize, aggrandize,
F defies, stupefies, deifies, edifies, modfies, mollifies, qualifies, vilifies, amplifies, magnifies, signifies, indemnifies, dignifies, terrifies, verifies, glorifies, scarifies, purifies, petrifies, vitrifies, putrifies, pacifies, specifies, versifies, crucifies, falsifies, ratifies, gratifies, certifies, beautifies, fortifies, mortifies, rectifies, sanctifies, testifies, justifies, vivifies, apostrophize, philosophize, anthropomorphize, satisfies,
G guys/guise, disguise,
H hies/highs,
L lies, allies, dialyse, stylize, belies, relies, nebulize; idealize, bestialize, trivialize, serialize, materialize, immaterialize, dematerialize, etherialize, memorialize, editorialize, territorialize, industrialize, realize; actualize, visualize, ritualize, conceptualize, contextualize, sexualize, desexualize, intellectualize, individualize; cannibalize, verbalize, hyperbolize, stabilize, mobilize, demobilize, immobilize, parabolize, metabolize, symbolize, lyophilize, localize, vocalize, alkalis/alkalize, feudalize, scandalize, vandalize, idolize, legalize, illegalize, animalize, decimalize, thermalize, formalize, normalize, caramelize, analyse, psychoanalyse, canalize, channelize, penalize, finalize, communalize, signalise, journalize, vernalize, internalize, externalize, personalize, depersonalize, impersonalize, nationalize, denationalize, renationalize, internationalize, rationalize, institutionalize, fictionalize, conventionalize, monopolize, liberalize, federalize, generalize, mineralize, demineralize, paralyse, naturalize, denaturalize, moralize, demoralize, pluralize, ruralize, neutralize, centralize, decentralize, mongrelize, sterilize, hydrolyse, electrolyse, catalyse, metallize, capitalize, hospitalize, vitalize, devitalize, revitalize, digitalize, totalize, brutalize, immortalize, tantalize, crystallize, recrystallize, orientalize, occidentalize, sentimentalize, departmentalize, compartmentalize, fertilize, utilize, volatilize, breathalyse, universalize, fossilize, specialize, socialize, commercialize, initialize, nasalize, novelize, civilise, equalize, tranquilize, evangelize, flies, butterflies, outflies, plies, applies, supplies, replies, manyplies, implies, complies,
M demise, macadamize, randomize, euphemize, islamize, minimize, synonymize, economize, premise, compromize, atomize, epitomize, phlebotomize, dichotomize, itemize, customize, legitimize, maximize, victimize, optimize, surmise,
N ionize, lionize, carbonize, decarbonize, ebonize, urbanize, suburbanize, mechanize, republicanize, vulcanize, balkanize, denies, modernize, attitudinize, platitudinize, euphonize, agonize, antagonize, organize, reorganize, disorganize, jargonize, paganize, homogenize, nitrogenize, colonize, decolonize, feminize, harmonize, germanize, sermonize, romanize, womanize, humanize, dehumanize, aluminize, bituminize, immunize, communize, canonise, unionize, ironize, tyrannise, synchronize, patronize, pedestrianize, fractionize, latinize, platinixe, gelatinize, scrutinize, fraternize, platonize, botanize, skeletonize, westernize, revolutionize, christianize, heathenize, galvanize, recognize, solemnise,
P pies, spies, despise,
R rise, arise, barbarize, rubberize, deodorize, slenderize, tenderize, aphorize, categorize, vulgarize, plagiarize, grangerize, secularize, circularize, regularize, singularize, popularize, particularize, familiarize, valorize, revalorize, polarize, solarise, nuclearize, denuclearize, bowdlerize, burglarize, glamourize, polymerize, memorize, summarize, isomerize, mesmerize, containerize, vaporize, pauperize, temporize, contemporize, extemporize, terrorize, exteriorize, mercerize, pressurize, depressurize, satirize, cauterize, motorize, notarize, militarize, demilitarize, miniaturize, catheterize, computerize, factorize, characterize, pasteurize, transistorize, moisturize, theorize, authorise, sulphurize, panegyrize, pulverize, cries, decries, scries, descries, dries, fries, sunrise, pries/prise/prize, apprise, uprise, surprise, enterprise, comprise, misprize, tries, symmetrize,
S sighs/size, assize, emphasize, laicize, publicize, anglicize, ostracize, fantasize, plasticize, mythicize, synthesize, photosynthesize, italicize, catholicize, fanaticize, poeticize, romanticize, prophesies, parenthesise, hypothesize, criticise, politicize, depoliticize, oversize, exercise, exorcise, abscise, excise, circumcise, incise, capsize, outsize
T ties, alphabetize, narcotize, digitize, proselytize, dramatize, melodramatize, epigrammatize, anagrammatize, schematize, emblematize, acclimatize, aromatize, achromatize, traumatize, systematize, automatize, legitimatize, anathematize, stigmatize, dogmatize, amortize, sanitize, monetize, demonetize, remonetize, magnetize, demagnetize, hypnotize, dehypnotize, deputize, operatize, democratize, bureaucratize, concretize, syncretize, parasitize, sensitize, desensitize, hyposensitize, hypersensitize, photosensitize, concertize, apostatize, hypostatize, anaesthetize, advertise, sovietize, quantize, unties, baptize, sties/styes, chastise, TH thighs, telepathize, empathize, sympathize, V vies, devise, televise, revise, supervise, improvise, collectivize, advise, W wise/Ys, otherwise, crabwise, likewise, clockwise, anticlockwise, counterclockwise, soliloquize, ventriloquize, somewise, unwise, crosswise, slantwise, Y (dY) elegize, syllogize, eulogize, energize, analogize, geologize, neologize, theologize, psychologize, homologize, apologize, mythologize, demythologize, anthologize, (sY) shies, (tY) franchise, enfranchise, disfranchise, -eyz: -ase/As/ehs, B baize/bays/beys, obeys, disobeys, C cays/kays, decays, applique's, ukase, D daze/days, nowadays, hollandaise, F faze/phase/fays, G gaze/gays, H haze/heys/hays, L lase/laze/lays, allays, malaise, belays, delays, roundelays, relays, forelays, virelays, clays, blaze/blaise, ablaze, flays, glaze, inlays, plays, splays, displays, foreplays, slays/sleighs, M maze/maize/mays, amaze, dismays, N nays/neighs/naze, lyonnaise, mayonnaise, polonaise, P pays, repays, speys, R raise/rays/raze, arrays, erase, mores, brays/braise, craze/crays, drays, phrase/frays, affrays, paraphrase, defrays, rephrase, graze/greys, praise/prays/preys, upraise, sprays, dispraise, trays/treys, betrays, strays, x-rays, S says, essays, gainsays, T lactase, maltase, stays, V inveighs, conveys, purveys, surveys, W ways/weighs, -ways, always, sways, Y yeas, liaise, (dY) jays, (nY) bolognese, (tY) chaise. -iyz: Es/ease, B bees, scabies, rabies, C keys, marquise/marquees, D Ds/dees, antipodes, Hades, Dh these, F fees, G Portuguese, H he`s, L leas/lees/leese, valise, vocalise, legalese, journalese, officialese, isosceles, anopheles, novelese, jubilees, flees/fleas, glees, pleas/please, displease, M mise, chemise, Siamese, Vietnamese, N knees, manganese, Japanese, pekinese, Chinese, sneeze, P pees/peas, appease, trapeze, herpes, R caries, cerise, series, congeries, breeze, decrees, drees, freeze/frees/frieze, refreeze, antifreeze, grees, agrees, disagrees, pedigrees, reprise, trees, threes, S seas/sees/seize, indices, helices, apices, matrices, vertices, vortices, foresees, overseas/oversees, disease, fasces, bases, faeces, axes, heartsease, T teas/tees/Ts/tease, penates, diabetes, expertise, pyrites, sorites, litotes, testes, Th thes/thees/these, V Vs/vees, W we`s/wees/wheeze, squeeze, tweeze, Y (dY) Gs/jeeze/gees, (sY) shes/she's, species, subspecies, (tY) cheese, Z zees. -oyz: oys, boys/buoys, decoys, hoys, alloys, cloys, ploys, employs, noise, annoys, tannoys, poise, equipoise, counterpoise, destroys, toys, convoys, turquoise, joys, enjoys.


-arz: Rs, bars, debars, handlebars, cars, scars, haars, jars, lars, ma`s/mars, pa`s/parse/pars, spas/spars, tars, stars, vase, wahs, turquoise, memoirs, reservoirs, tzars/czars. -orz: awes/oars/ores, boars/bores, cause/caws/cores/corps, scores, daws/doors, adores, jachdaws, fours, metaphors, plus-fours, gauze/gores, haws/whores, haws(er), abhors, laws/lores, claws/clause, flaws/floors, applause, deplores, implores, explores, maws/moors, sycamores, claymores, gnaws snores, paws/pause/pours/pores, roars, craws, draws, withdraws, sores/soars, tors/tawse, centaurs, stores, restores, thaws, wars, yaws/yours, jaws, shores, chores. -orz/uz?: ambassadors, counsellors, bachelors, councillors, governors, errors, conquerors, emperors, horrors, senators, conspirators, orators, creditors, progenitors, competitors, ancestors. -urz: furze, hers, chartreuse, masseuse, secateurs. -awrz: ours/hours, bowers, cowers, scours, dowers, lours, flours/flowers, deflowers, powers, sours, towers, devours, wowers, showers. -owrz: owers, boas, goers, hoers, lowers, mowers/moas, knowers, rowers, sewers/sowers, towers/toers. -uwrz: B boors/booers, C cooers, D doers, L lures, allures, M moors/mooers, amours, paramours, R ruers, S suers/sewers, connoisseurs, T tours/twoers, contours Y ewers, (cY) cures, secures, epicures, procures, obscures, (dY) abjures, adjures, endures, conjures, (mY) immures, (nY) manures, inures, (sY) assures, insures, (tY) miniatures, matures, armatures, amateurs, temperatures, forfeitures, investitures, overtures, (vY) viewers. -eyrz: airs/heirs, bares/bears, forbears, cares, scares, dares, there`s/theirs, fares/fairs, affairs, hares/hairs, lairs, blares, clares, eclairs, declares, flares, glares, mares/mayors, snares, ensnares, co-heirs, pairs/pares/pears, repairs, prepares, impairs, compares/comperes, spares, despairs, prayers, tares/tears, stares/stairs, -stairs, wares/wears/where's, bewares, unawares, squares, swears, forswears, shares, chairs. -iyrz: ears, beers/biers, dears, belvederes, brigadiers, bombardiers, commandeers, endears, fears, interferes, spheres, hemispheres, biospheres, atmospheres, enspheres, gears, hears, coheres, overhears, adheres, menhirs, inheres, mishears, fakirs, leers, chandeliers, fusiliers, bandoleers, gondoliers, gasoliers, cavaliers, clears, meres, amirs, emirs, smears, besmears, nears, engineers, domineers, scrutineers, mutineers, moountaineers, carabineers, pioneers, auctioneers, souvenirs, sneers, peers/piers, appears, reappears, disappears, compeers, spears, rears, arrears, careers, uprears, sears, tears/tiers, privateers, racketeers, rocketeers, musketeers, profiteers, gadgeteers, muleteers, pamphleteers, sonneteers, puppeteers, corsetiers, gazetteers, charioteers, wheatears, volunteers, frontiers, steers, oversteers, megatheres, veers, reveres, perseveres, viziers, weirs, queers, years, jeers, cheers, shears, cashiers,


-ewlz: cools, schools, fools, befools, pools, spools, rules, overrules, misrules, tools, stools, yules, ridicules, mules, pules.


paradigms, limes, climes/climbs, slimes, mimes, rhymes, crimes, primes, times, chimes, enzymes; alms/arms, calms, becalms.


ans, bans, cans, barracans, pelicans, scans, dans, shandydans, fans, clans, plans, mans, unmans, nans, pans, trepans, spans, brans, courtesans, artisans, partisans, tans, vans, caravans; ens, bens, kens, dens, fens, hens, lens, cleanse, men's, pens, opens, wrens, tens, Stens, wens, yens, gens, denizens; beans, keens, deans, leans, cleans, gleans, means, demeans, demesnes, careens, greens, screens, scenes, teens, convenes, intervenes, weans, queens, inbetweens, yeans, machines.


babs, kebabs, cabs, scabs, dabs, labs, slabs, nabs, crabs, grabs, tabs, stabs, jabs; ebbs, debs, plebs, rebs, webs; bibs, dibs, fibs, jibs, nibs, cribs, dribs, squibs; bobs, cobs, fobs, gobs, hobs, lobs, mobs, nobs/knobs, hobnobs, robs, throbs, sobs, swabs, yobs, jobs; cubs, dubs, hubs, clubs, pubs, rubs, drubs, grubs, shrubs, subs, tubs, stubs; imbibes, gybes, scribes, ascribes, describes, superscribes, prescribes, proscribes, subscribes, transcribes, inscribes, tribes, diatribes, vibes; babes, astrolabes; grebes; arabs, scarabs, cherubs; barbs, rhubarbs, garbs; orbs, corbs, daubs, sorbs, absorbs, adsorbs; curbs/kerbs, herbs, disturbs, verbs, adverbs.


coves, alcoves, hoves, behoves, loaves, cloves, mauves, roves, droves, groves, troves, stoves; dives, fives, ogives, hives, archives, skives, lives, knives, connives, rives, arrives, derives, drives, deprives, contrives, shrives, thrives, revives, survives, wives, midwives, jives, chives; eves/eaves, heaves, leaves, interleaves, believes, disbelieves, relieves, cleaves, sleeves, peeves, reeves, bereaves, breves, grieves/greaves, aggrieves, reprieves, retrieves, deceives, receives, perceives, conceives, thieves, weaves, interweaves, inweaves, jeeves, achieves, sheaves; curves, recurves, nerves, innerves, unnerves, pervs, serves, deserves, reserves, preserves, observes, subserves, conserves, swerves.


elves, delves, helves, selves, ourselves, themselves, twelves, shelves.


adze/adds/ads; ides, bides, abides, confides, guides, misguides, hides, slides, rides, derides, brides, prides, strides, bestrides, sides, asides, besides, decides, subsides, tides, betides, divides, subdivides, provides, wides, chides, presides.


ands, bands, disbands, hands, lands, glands, expands, rands, brands, grands, strands, sands, stands, grandstands, understands, withstands; ends, bends, unbends, dividends, fends, defends, offends, forefends, apprehends, reprehends, comprehends, lends, blends, mends, amends, commends, recommends, discommends, pends, depends, impends, spends, suspends, expends, misspends, rends, reverends, friends, befriends, sends, ascends, descends, condescends, transcends, tends, attends, pretends, protends, portends, obtends, contends, distends, extends, vends, wends.

Fricative endings: f, v, th, dh, sh, zh


-af: baff, caff/cafe, daf, faff, gaff/gaffe, haff, naff, raf/raff, carafe, giraffe, asaph, taff, yaff, chaff, Piaf -ef: eff, deaf, Jeff/Geoff, clef, nef, ref, Steph, chef -if: if, biff, kif, skiff, glyph, hieroglyph, cliff, miff, sniff, riff, tiff, stiff, whiff, quiff, jiff -of: off, cough, scoff, doff, gough, prof, soph, toff, quaff -uf: buff, rebuff, cuff, duff, guff, huff, luff, bluff, counterbluff, slough, muff, enough, snuff, puff, ruff/rough, gruff, tough, stuff, chuff/chough -eyf: cafe, nafe/naif, ralph, safe, vouchsafe, chafe, waif -iyf: beef, fief, lief/leaf, belief, relief, reef, brief, grief, sheaf, thief, chief -uyf: Ife, fife, life, knife, rife, strife, wife -ewf: ouph, goof, hoof, behoof, aloof, poof, roof, proof, reproof, disproof, toof, woof, yoof -owf: oaf, loaf -arf: calf, scarf, half, behalf, laugh, draff, graf/graff/graph, engraph, paragraph, epitaph, cenotaph, staff, distaff, quaff/coif, chaff -orf: morph, wharf, dwarf -urf: scurf, serf/surf, turf


-alf: Alf(red)/Alph, alph(abet), Ralph -elf: elf, delf/delph, pelf, self, herself, himself, itself, shelf -ilf: sylph, Wilf(red) -olf: golf, Rolf -ulf: gulf -uhlf: wolf


-imph: lymph, nymph -umph: Humph(rey), galumph, triumph -uhmph: oomph


-av: Cav, have, lav, lav(atory), nav, grav, grav(ity) -ev: lev, rev -iv: give, live, sieve, negative, fugitive, sensitive, positive -ov: of, Rachmaninov, sov -uv: above, dove, love, glove, shove -eyv: cave Dave, gave, forgave, misgave, behave, lave, slave, mave, nave/knave, pave, rave, brave, outbrave, crave, grave, engrave, deprave, architrave, save, sav(iour) stave, wave, shave, Xav(ier) -iyv: eve/eave, heave, leave, believe, disbelieve, relieve, cleave, sleeve, peeve, reeve, bereave, grieve, aggrieve, reprieve, retrieve, deceive, receive, perceive, conceive, thieve, weave, interweave, inweave, achieve -uyv: I've, dive, five, hive, live, alive, knive, connive, rive, arrive, derive, drive, deprive, shrive, contrive, strive, thrive, revive, survive, jive/gyve, chive -ewv: move, groove, prove, approve, disapprove, reprove, improve, disprove -owv: cove, alcove, dove, hove, behove, clove, mauve, rove, drove, grove, trove, throve, strove, stove, wove, interwove, inwove, jove -arv: calve/carve, halve, starve -urv: curve, nerve, serve, deserve, reserve, preserve, disserve, observe, subserve, conserve, swerve


-alv: salve, valve -elv: delve, helve, twelve, shelve -olv/owlv: solve, dissolve, resolve, absolve, evolve, devolve, revolve, involve, convolve


-ath: cath, hath, lath, math, aftermath, rath -eth: Eth, Beth, Elizabeth, death, pleth(ora), breath, encountereth (and other antiquated third person singular present), saith/Seth, steth(oscope), doeth, goeth -ith: kith, myth, smith, pith, frith, sith -oth: Goth, cloth, moth, wrath, broth, froth, troth, swath -uth: doth, azimuth -eyth: faith, wraith/rath -iyth: heath, sheath, neath, beneath, wreath, teeth -awth: mouth, south -ewth: booth, couth, uncouth, Ruth, truth, sooth, tooth, youth -owth: oath, both, loth/loath, sloth, growth, showth -arth: Arth(ur), bath, darth, garth, nearth, marth(a), path, rath -orth: auth(or), forth/fourth, north, swarth/swath -urth: earth, birth/berth, dearth, firth, girth, mirth, Perth, worth,


-edth: breadth, -idth: width,


-iksth: sixth,


-elth: health, stealth, wealth, commonwealth -ilth: filth, spilth, tilth


-anth: anth(em), chrysanth(emum), -enth: enth, nth, tenth, eleventh -inth: plinth, labyrinth, hyacinth -unth: month


length, strength


-adh: blath(er) -edh: leath(er), weath(er) -idh: with, with(er), thith(er) -odh: both(er) -udh: oth(er), broth(er) -eydh: bathe, scathe, swathe, -iydh: heathe(n), wreathe, breathe, enwreathe, seethe, bequeathe, sheathe -uydh: hithe/hythe, lithe, blithe, writhe, scythe/sithe, tithe/tythe -awdh: mouth -ewdh: booth, smooth, soothe, toothe -owdh: loathe, clothe -ardh: fath(er), farth(ing), lath(er), rath(er)


-ash: ash, bash, abash, cash, dash, fash(ion), gash, hash, lash, clash, flash, plash, splash, slash, mash, smash, Nash/gnash, panache, pash(passion), rash, brash, crash, trash, thrash, sash, tache, patache, stash, vache, yash(mak), -esh: flesh, mesh, fresh, afresh, refresh, thresh, Chesh(ire), -ish: bish(op), dish, fish, selfish, Gish, pish, wish, swish, squish -osh: bosh, cosh, dosh, gosh, nosh, posh, caroche, tosh, wash, quash, squash, swash, josh/Josh(ua), -ush: kush, gush, hush, lush, blush, flush, mush, rush, brush, crush, frush, thrush, tush, shush -uhsh: bush, cush(ion)/kush, mush, push, shush, woosh -iysh: quiche, niche, -awsh: gauche -ewsh: douche, louche, cartouche, whoosh -arsh: harsh, marsh, parsh(partial), -orsh: borsch, Porsche,


See also -ltsh. -elsh: welsh/welch


-atsh: batch, catch, hatch, latch, slatch, match, smatch, natch, snatch, patch, despatch, ratch, scratch, attach, detach, thatch -etsh: etch, fetch, ketch, sketch, fetch, retch/wretch, gretch, stretch, vetch -itsh: itch, ditch, fitch, flitch, niche, pitch, rich, enrich, stitch, which/witch, bewitch, switch, twitch -otsh: botch, scotch, blotch, notch, hotch-potch, crotch, watch, swatch -utsh: dutch, hutch, much, crutch, such, touch -uhtsh: butch, putsh -iytsh: each, beach/beech, leech/leach, bleach, peach, impeach, speech, reach, breach, preach, beseech, teach -awtsh: ouch, couch, slouch, pouch, crouch, grouch, vouch, avouch -ewtsh: cooch/couch, Gooch, hooch, mooch, pooch -owtsh: coach, loach, poach, roach, broach/brooch, abroach, encroach, approach, reproach -artsh: arch, larch, march, countermarch, parch, starch -ortsh: scorch, porch, torch, tort(ure) -urtsh: birch, lurch, smirch, besmirch, perch, search, research, church


welch, Quelch, squelch; filch, milch; gulch, mulch


-an(t)sh: blanch/blanche, tranche -en(t)sh: bench, Dench, hench, blench, clench, wrench, drench, trench, retrench, intrench, tench, stench, wench, quench -in(t)sh: inch, finch, clinch, pinch, winch -on(t)sh: conch, consc(ientious), consc(ience) -un(t)sh: bunch, hunch, lunch, munch, punch, crunch, scrunch -orn(t)sh: haunch, launch, paunch, staunch -arn(t)sh: blanch, ranch, branch


-azh: az(ure) -ezh: leis(ure), pleas(ure) -izh: visi(on), revisi(on) -eyzh: beige, eras(ure) -ewzh: rouge -owzh: gamboge, compos(ure)


-adzh: badge, cadge, fadge, madge/Madge -edzh: edge, hedge, kedge, ledge, allege, sacrilege, sortilege, privilege, fledge, pledge, sledge, reg/Reg, dredge, sedge, veg, wedge -idzh: fidge, sacrilege, sortilege, privilege, midge, image, pilgrimage, villeinage, appanage, concubinage, patronage, porsonage, personage, ridge, bridge, abridge, pasturage, hermitage, heritage, parentage, voyage -odzh: bodge, codge, dodge, hodge, lodge, podge, hodge-podge, wodge -udzh: budge, cudge(l), dudge(on), fudge, sludge, smudge, nudge, Rudge, drudge, grudge, begrudge, trudge, judge, prejudge, adjudge -eydzh: age, cage, phage, gage/gauge, engage, disengage, mage, pilgrimage, appanage, comcubinage, personage, parsonage, patronage, villanage, page, equipage, rage, pasturage, enrage, sage, presage, heritage, hermitage, parentage, stage, wage, swage, assuage -iydzh: liege, siege, assiege, besiege -uydzh: oblige, Nige -awdzh: gouge -ewdzh: rouge, Scrooge -owdzh: gamboge -ardzh: barge, large, enlarge, marge/Marge, raj, taj/targe, charge, overcharge, surcharge, discharge -ordzh: forge, gorge, gorge(ous), regorge, disgorge, George -urdzh: urge, scourge, dirge, gurge, merge, emerge, immerge, purge, surge, thaumaturge, absterge, verge, diverge


-aldzh: alg(ebra), neuralg(ia) -ildzh: bilge -uldzh: bulge, indulge, divulge


-andzh: falange, flange, orange -endzh: henge, Stonehenge, Penge, avenge, revenge -indzh: orange, cringe, fringe, infringe, hinge, springe, singe, tinge, swinge, twinge -ondzh: blancmange -undzh: bunge(e), conj(ure), conj(uror), dunge(on), gunge, lunge, plunge, sponge, expunge, grunge -eyndzh: mange, range, arrange, grange, strange, estrange, change, interchange, exchange

Sequence of entries

(a) Vowels within each consonant entry (22)
-a (pat),
-e (pet),
-i (pit),
-o (pot),
-u (put/putt),
-ey (bey), -iy (bee), -uy (buy), -oy (boy),
-aw (how), -ew (flew), -ow (hoe), -uw (foot),
-r (a), -ar (cart), -or (caw), -ur (cur),
— -eyr (care), iyr (peer), -uyr (pyre),
— -awr (hour), -ewr (lure), -owr (lore),

(b) Single consonants (18) -k, -g, -p, -f, -b, -v, -t, -x(th), -d, -q(dh), -s, -c(sh), -z, -j(zh), -l, -m, -n, -h.

(c) Double consonants
-lk (bulk), -nk (bank), -sk (risk),
-lg (vulg), -ng (thing),
-lp (pulp), -mp (lamp), -sp (lisp)
-lf (self), mf (bumf),
-lb (bulb), mb (rhomb),
-lv (valve),
-kt (lacked), -pt (leapt), -ft (lift), -st (last), -lt (lilt), -mt (tempt), -nt (tint)
-lx (filth), -nx (tenth),
-gd (egged), -ld (bold), -nd (band),
-ls (false), -ts (hats), -ns (hence), -ps (hops), -ks (box),
-lc (welsh), -nc (finch), -tc (witch),
-dj (bridge), -lj (bulge), -nj (hinge)
-lm (elm),
-ln (kiln),

(d) Triple consonants
-kst (next), -nkt (linked), -nst (against),
-mps (lamps), -nks (linx), -nts (tents),
-ltc (filch),
-ngx (length),
-ljd (bulged), -njd (plunged),

Reordering: -z: -bz (grubs), -vz (loves), -lvz (elves), -dz (suds), -ndz (bonds), -lz (fools), mz (comes), nz (buns),

New Words

flount: a portmanteau of flout, flounce, flaunt, i.e. to disregard the law with open contempt.


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