Chess Problems

My Chequered Career

Original Chess Problem Compositions and Inventions

My Chequered Career: Index
This is the beginning of a collection of my chess compositions. Fourteen new pages added, December 2010.

Chess Diagrams
A separate page on the various methods I have devised to show chess diagrams on web pages.

In another section of this website there is a biographical note on how my various interests in chess play, variant chess and problems developed.

Grasshopper Chess

A Collection of Compositions using Grasshoppers

Grasshopper Chess
This link leads to Historical and Technical Introductions to the Grasshopper,
and a number of pages of collected compositions, classified by stipulation and number of men.

The orthodox Grid Chess problems previously here are now in the Variant Chess section.

Research on the Chess Problems of T. R. Dawson

These essays are available on the website of the British Chess Problem Society

T. R. Dawson
Caissa's Playthings
Early Work
Retro-Opposition and Other Retro-Analytical Chess Problems

The above links renewed November 2011, and again October 2013, due to reorganisation of the BCPS website.