My Chequered Career

By George Jelliss

These pages are intended to become a record of my chess compositions; and an attempt to stimulate myself to further work in this field. Soundness of the problems is not guaranteed. If you spot any cooks please let me know. Many of the compositions introduce new ideas that I feel deserve wider publicity, and that I would like others more competent than myself to take up and develop further. Problems using similar ideas are collected together and presented in sequence of publication. To read the solutions run the cursor over the blank area.

Contents: * indicates original ideas of my own

*Ski Pieces
*Antipodean Chess
*Clockwork Mouse
*Arrow Chess
*Greater Grasshopper
*Eccentric Knights
Fairy Retros*
Grasshopper Direct-play
Grasshopper Help-play
Grasshopper Series-play
Grasshopper Last Movers
Chinoiserie (Leo, Pao, Vao, Mao, Moa)
Moose and Zebra
Battle Royal Two-man problems with varied pieces
Orthodox Helpmates
Orthodox Serieshelpmates

Notes on methods of producing chess diagrams on web pages, and on the development of my interest in chess problems, previously on this page have (August 2012) been moved to separate pages (use the back arrow above).