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English: Authored Books & Pamphlets

Abbott, Robert, Abbott's New Card Games, Frederick Muller 1965 — contains Ultima pp.121-137.
Albert, Eugene, Ideal Mate Chess Problems, Simmons Publishing Co, 1966
Anderson, G.F., Adventures of my Chessmen, Stroud, 1924
Ball, J. A., Uzzell, B. W. and Stafford, T., 4D Strategy II, The British 4D Association, A5, 40 pages + covers. 1980. [D. Pritchard]
Barnes, B.P., Pick of the Best Chess Problems, Elliot Right Way Books, 1976
Beasley, J.D., Walnut Chess, 2004, Rules of play + Outline, Basic tactics and Ilustrative game + Two half-boards.
Beasley, J.D., Some Flights of Chess Fancy, self-published 1989
Beasley, J.D., More Flights of Chess Fancy, Michal Dragoun, Brno 2000 (bilingual). Two copies.
Beasley, J.D., British Chess Problem Books Published up to 1949, 1997 (2nd edition).
Beasley, J.D., A first survey of published Losing Chess endgame material ..., 1999 (with provisional version and letters).
— also: Check list, Supplementary Notes, and Notes on John Keeble's Book List.
Beasley, J.D., Published material on endgame theory and endgame studies in Losing Chess,
— draft 1 (July 97), draft 1½ (July 97), draft 2 (Aug 97),
— supplement to draft 2 (two copies Nov 97 and Jan 98).
Beasley, J.D., Three-piece Endings in Losing Chess, January 1998.
Beasley, J.D., A Selection of Chess Problems by Philipp Klett, 1978
Bell, R.C., Discovering Chess, Shire Publications, 1979 (second edition revised by K.Whyld)
Bell, R.C., Board and Table Games From Many Civilizations, Oxford University Press 1969;
— vol.1 (softback, second edition), vol.2 (hardback).
Bonavia-Hunt, N. A., et al, Pinning in the two-mover, pamphlets Nrs 1?, 3, 5, 11, 12, Stroud, 1948-53
Burroughs, Edgar Rice, The Chessmen of Mars, New English Library paperback reprint 1973
— novel, includes rules of Jetan (Martian Chess).
Chauvicourt, J. & S., Fanorona, The National Game of Madagascar, (translated by
— Leonard Fox from the 1972 French edition), International Fanorona Association 1984
Citeroni, L., British Chess Problem Society Library List, 1967
Coupe, Brian, Crokey 1999 Rulebook etc.(not a chess variant)
Cross, W., Maximum Tables, One-Mover Construction Tasks, July 1967.
Cross, W. & A.S.M.Dickins, Records in One-Mover Construction Tasks, 1970.
Dawson, T.R. & W.Pauly, Asymmetry, Stroud 1927
Dawson, T.R. & A.S.M.Dickins, Five Classics of Fairy Chess, Dover Publications, 1973
Dawson, T.R. & W.Hundsdorfer, Retrograde Analysis, 1915
Dawson, T.R. (edited K.Whyld) Systematic Terminology (from BCM 1940s), 1984 and 1990
Dawson, T.R. (edited by G.P.Jelliss) Retro-Opposition and other retroanalytical chess problems,
— four versions all slightly different 1989 B5, 1990 B5, 1990 A4, 1997 A4.
Dickins, A.S.M. & H.Ebert, 100 Classics of the Chessboard, Pergamon Press 1983
Dickins, Anthony, A Guide to Fairy Chess, 2nd edition 1969
Dickins, A.S.M., An Album of Fairy Chess, Q Press 1970
Dickins, A.S.M., A Catalogue of Fairy Chess Books and Opuscules, 1973
Dickins, A.S.M., Alice in Fairyland, 1976 (printed copy and proof copy)
Dickins, Anthony, Fairy Chess PrOblEMS, 1979 also 1983 (bound photocopy of 1980 second edition)
Dickins, A.S.M., The Sower Sows on Fruitful Ground, 4 pages, three copies, 1975
Dickins, Anthony, A Short History of Fairy Chess, 1976 + correspondence and photocopies.
Donovan, Patrick, The UK Chinese Chess Championship 1992
Duggan, Matthew, Galactic Chess. (one-sided A4 3pp + correspondence to and from the author, dated 1 Feb, 25 Feb 1991, 28 Nov 1994, 11 Jan, 20 Jan 1995)
Driver, J.E., Prize-Winning Chess Problems, Chessays series Nr 4, 1988
Fabel, K. (translated by Philip Cohen), Introduction to Retrograde Analysis, 1973
Fairbairn, John, How to Play Shogi, The Shogi Association 1979. A4, 24 pages plus covers. [D. Pritchard]
Falkener, Edward, Games Ancient and Oriental, Dover Publications 1961 (reprint of 1892 edition)
George, Alexander, Paradox and Partiality in Retroanalysis: Some Observations and Suggestions, (one-sided A4 22pp typescript + 4pp diagrams + covering letter dated 1st July 1992)
Gibbins, N.M., Fairy Chess Problems, Stroud News Publishing Co, 1946
Glinski, W., Rules of Hexagonal Chess with examples of first openings, Hexagonal Chess Publications 1973. Plus other miscellanea.
Gollon, John, Chess Variations, Charles E. Tuttle Co, 1968.
Harley, B., Mate in Two Moves, G.Bell & Sons Ltd, London 1931 (also Dover reprint 1970)
Harley, B., Mate in Three Moves, Chatto & Windus, London 1943
Hodges, G. F., Middle Shogi and how to play it The Shogi Association, 1980. A4, 8 pages. [D. Pritchard]
Hodges, G. F., Dai Shogi and how to play it The Shogi Association, 1980. A4, 8 pages. [D. Pritchard]
Hodges, G. F., Dai-Dai Shogi and how to play it The Shogi Association, 1982. A4, 12 pages (two blank). [D. Pritchard]
Hodges, G. F., Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi and how to play it The Shogi Association, 1982. A4, 12 pages. [D. Pritchard]
Hodges, G. F., Tai Shogi and how to play it The Shogi Association, 1983. A4, 16 pages. [D. Pritchard]
Hodges, G. F., Tori Shogi The Shogi Association, 1984. A4, 4 pages. [D. Pritchard]
Hooper, D., & K.Whyld, The Oxford Companion to Chess, Oxford UP 1984
Hopper, Millard, Win at Checkers, Dover Publications 1956 (revised reprint of 1941 edition).
Howard, K.S., How to Solve Chess Problems, Dover Publications 2nd edn 1961
Howard, K.S., Spectacular Chess Problems, Dover Publications 2nd edn 1967
Howard, K.S., The Enjoyment of Chess Problems, Dover Publications 4th edn 1967
Howard, K.S., Classic Chess Problems by Pioneer Composers, Dover Publications 1970
Hughes, Brian, Imperial Abdication ring-bound A4, 17 pages (onesided) plus covers. 1990. [D. Pritchard]
Jacobson, Rolf W., Superchess: The Official Rules and Game Description. (A4 printed booklet, 28pp including green cover + letters to and from the author, dated 14 and 21 Nov 1994)
Jelliss, G.P., Figured Tours, 1996
Jelliss, G.P., Retro-Opposition and Other Retro-Analytical Chess Problems by T. R. Dawson, 1997
Jelliss, G.P., Synthetic Games, 1998
Kazic, Bozidar M., The Chess Competitor's Handbook, Batsford 1979 contains detailed Laws of Chess
Kipping, C.S., The Chess Problem Science, Vol.1, The Power of the Pieces, Whitehead & Miller 1938
Lai,C.K., Checkmate in Two: One Hundred Chinese Chess Problems for Beginners, 1991
Kitamura, M. and Yamamoto, D., First Step to Shogi, Oyama Memorial Museum,m 1995
Laws, B.G., The Two-Move Chess Problem, G.Bell & Sons 1920
Lipton, M., R.C.O.Matthews and J.M.Rice, Chess Problems: Introduction to an Art,
— Faber & Faber, London 1963
Ling, J.F., Glossary of Chess Problem Terms, reprinted from The Problemist 1968.
Ling, J.F., The Power of the Pieces, 1976 (experimental copy B5 size yellow cover)
Ling, J.F., The Power of the Pieces, 1976
Ling, J.F., The Power of the Pieces, 3rd edition 1998
Ling, J.F., The Power of the Pieces, Chessays series Nr 3, 1988
Ling, J.F., Form in Two Movers, 1991, two copies.
Locock, C.D., 120 Chess Problems, Stroud 1912
Locock, C.D., Seventy-two Black-checkers, 1918
Lytton, C., Deceptive Chess Problems, Chessays series Nr 1, 1983 and reprint 1988
Mach, Zdenek, Chess Chimes from Prague, 1933, cylinder chess problems.
Mansfield, Comins, Adventures in Composition, Daily Post, Liverpool, 1948
McWilliam, R., Schiffs with Everything, Chessays series Nr 2, 1983 and reprint 1988
Morley, F.V., My One Contribution to Chess, Faber and Faber 1947.
Morse, C.J., Fleck Theme Records in the Two-Mover, 4-pages, 1988
Nasra Bey, G. & Alex. Belleli, Greetings from Egypt to T.R.Dawson, 1939.
Nottingham, Ted; with Al Lawrence & Bob Wade, Winning Chess Piece by Piece, 1998
Nunn, John, Solving in Style, George Allen & Unwin 1985
Oldbury, Derek, Move Over, or How to Win at Draughts, Nicholas Kaye 1957
Pannell, J.T. & M.A.Malpeli, Podionic Chess, Prophecy Games Ltd, 1995
Parton, V.R., Chessery for Duffer and Master, (letter from Conrad Parton, 12/3/75 dates it Dec 1974). 23 pages (onesided). [C.Parton]
Parton, V.R., Enduring Spirit of Dasapada, undated. 19 pages (onesided). [C.Parton]
Parton, V.R., 100 Squares for Chess + Damante, undated. 16 pages (onesided). [C.Parton]
Parton, V.R., Challenge and Delight of Chessical & Decimal, undated. 14 pages (two-sided photocopy). [D. Pritchard]
Parton, V.R., My Game for 2000AD and After, undated. 12 pages (onesided). [C.Parton]
Parton, V.R., Chessical Cubism or Chess in Space, 1971. 16 pages (two-sided photocopy). [D.Pritchard]
Parton, V.R., Chesshire-Cat-Playeth Looking-Glass Cheessys, 1970, Part I, 14 pages (onesided). [a pencilled note says Part II, missing, consists of further 13 pages]. [D.Pritchard]
Pask, Richard, Key Landings, self-published 1989
Pritchard, D.B., The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, Games & Puzzles Publications, 1994
Ram, N. Shankar, Thomas Rayner Dawson, A Birth Centenary Tribute, 1989
Rayner, James, Chess Problems, Their Composition and Solution, Swan Sonnenschein & Co, London 1890
Rice, John, An ABC of Chess Problems, Faber and Faber 1972
Rice, John and Dickins, Anthony, The Serieshelpmate, 1st edn 1971 and 2nd edition 1978
Rice, J.M., M.Lipton & B.P.Barnes, The Two-move Chess Problem: Tradition and Development,
— Faber & Faber, London 1966
Russ, Colin, Miniature Chess Problems, Heinemann, London 1981
Sackson, Sid, A Gamut of Games, Hutchinson 1982 (second edition);
— contains Lines of Action by Claude Soucie pp.34-40
— and Crossings by Robert Abbott pp.46-51
Smullyan, Raymond, The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, two editions: Hutchinson 1980, OUP 1992
Smullyan, Raymond, The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights, OUP 1992
Stanonis, Alphonso, S., Circle Chess, self-published Des Plaines Illinois, 1968
Stevenson, E., Double Pin-Mate after Black King Move, BCPS (undated).
Stone, Jed, Chess Variants, Postal Games Club 1982
Suckling, Nigel, Fidchell; Celtic Chess, A5, 28 pages + covers. Quintessential Games 1990. [D. Pritchard]
Taffs, Anthony, Chess Cabala, self-published 1981
Tylor, Chris, Get Off, Move On or Stay Put!, 2000.
White, A.C., Sam Loyd and his Chess Problems, Dover reprint 1962 of 1st edn 1913.
Williams, P.H., The Modern Chess Problem, George Routledge & Sons Ltd, 1903
Wilson, V., When the Pieces Move, 1978
Wilson, V., MOE The Rewards of Research, 1981
— and two other 4-page pamphlets on MOE (Method Of Evaluation).
Wilts, G. & Andrey Frolkin, Shortest Proof Games, Wilts 1991
Wiswell, Tom, Checkers Made Easy, Wilshire Book Co 1971 (reprint of 1959 second edition)
Wong, Peter, Three Hopper Classes 1996, Article + Rejection letter by G. P. Jelliss 1996 (a version of it was later published somewhere else).
Wood, Peter, Chinese Chess, 2nd Mind Sports Olympiad, International Xingqi Tournament 1998
Zalewski, Chris, Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn, Llewellyn Publications 1994

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English: Periodicals

Abstract Games, issue 3, autumn 2000 (two copies); issue 4, winter 2000; Carpe Diem Publishing, Canada.
BCVS Tournaments 1997-98 (supplements to Variant Chess)
— games in Alice Chess, Progressive Chess, Extinction Chess
Best problems, A. Garofalo, Anno III No.10 (1999)
British Endgame Study News, Special Numbers 4 (Dec 96), 8 (Dec 97), 13 (Dec 98), 18 (Dec 99), 24 (March 2001).
Cheltenham Examiner, April- July 1913, T.R.Dawson on 'Caissa's Playthings' (photocopy)
Chess, Vol 60 Nr 7 (October 1995) Cover photo shows Living Chess on Hastings Pier
Chessics Vol.1, Nos.1-16 (1976-83) & Vol.2, Nos.17-30 (1984-87).
Chinese Chess Newsletter, Editor C. K. Lai (UK Chinese Chess Association), No.1 March-April 1989 [GPJ]; Vol.2 No.2 June 1992.(2 copies) [D. Pritchard]
Chinese Chess, Newsletter of the UKCCA, No.5 March 1990
City of London Chess Magazine, vol.1 1875
— contains pp.111-114 'A Proposed Modification in the Game of Chess' by H.E.Bird.
English Draughts Journal, (June 1989 - December 1992)
— Vol.28, No.4; Vol.29, Nos.1-4; Vol.30, Nos.1-4; Vol.31, Nos.1-4; Vol.32, Nos.1-2.
English Draughts Association Handbook 1991 (and various ephemera).
En Passant (NCCC), (1981) Nos.560-571 and (1987) No.640
Fairy Chess Reviewand Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement, complete, but mainly photocopies.
Games & Puzzles, Old series (1972-81) 2, 3, 6, 32, 51, 52, 72, 78, 81; New Series (1994-95): 1-16
Games and Puzzles Journal, The, Vol.1 (1986-88) Nos.1-12.
Games Castle, Jed Stone (1982-84), Nos.1-7.
Hopscotch, Alan Parr,(1980-90) Nos.1, 42-43, 46, 50, 55-59, 62-63, 65-96, also (2000) 179-180.
Ideal Mate Review, (1983-197) Nos.1-67
Leaves of Chess, May-July 1960, photocopy of single issue.
Octal 100, vol.1 n.1, K. E. Naylor, Johannesburg (1987)
Postal Games Club Newsletter, No.4, 1982
Problem Observer, (1972-1997)
Problemist, The, Vol.1 pp.1-132 (ed T.R.Dawson) photocopies.
— Old format (July 1967 - Nov 1996); New format 1997 to present.
StrateGems, Vol.1, Nos.1-2 , 1998
US Problem Bulletin, (1985-93) 39-88, (1995-97) 99/100, 102-106
Variant Chess, Vol.1, Nrs 1-8 (loose and bound copies); Vol.2, Nrs 9-20 (bound); Vol.3, Nrs 21-28 (bound); Vol.4, Nrs 29-32 (loose), Vol.5 Nrs 33-40 (loose), Vol.6 Nrs 31-43 (loose). Also (Vol.5) Nr 00 (Glossary), two copies.
World Game Review, 1-13 complete
XiangQi Review, Woo, David, Vol.X No.5 Sept/Oct 2000.

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English: Photocopies and Offprints

Asbury-Smith, P.C., Reflecting Pieces, March 1961; photocopy of a letter to C.E.Kemp.
Baskerville, H.D., Hexagonal Chess, Blackwell Oxford 1929 (photocopy)
Benko, Pal and Bisguier, Arthur, Pre-Chess, photocopies of two separate articles (3 and 2 pages) from Chess Life and Review November 1978. [D. Pritchard]
Betts, Douglas A., Chess an Annotated Bibliography ..., photocopy of Title, Verso,
— Introduction, Contents and Sections 39-42, 49-55.
Board Games Studies, No. 1 1998.
Bratko, I, with D.Kopec and D.Michie,'Pattern-based representation of chess end-game knowledge', Edinburgh, The Computer Journal Vol 21 Nr 2 (1978?).
Breyer, G. Chess Amateur February 1922 p.154; April 1922 p.216; Retro problem (No.180) and solution, using the 50-move rule.
British Chess Magazine, Problem World pages, 1894 and 1974 to 1979.
Byway, P. Modern Courier Chess: A Brief Introduction. Includes extracts from Variant Chess Nrs 39 and 40.
Canadian Chess Chat, Adrian Storisteanu, photocopies (1980-1987).
Circular Chess Society, Lincoln. History of the Society, board and rules of play. 8 sheets. [D. Pritchard]. Plus Chessnuts and other circulars.
Dawson, T.R., Elements of Fairy Chess, reprint from FCR April 1943,
— two photocopies with notes by C.E.Kemp.
Dawson, T.R., Space Chess, photocopies of series in Chess Amateur 1926-27.
Galvin, F., Scotch Kriegspiel - A New Fairy Chess Combination, 2 pages (onesided). [D. Pritchard]
Gygax, Gary, Dragonchess, from Dragon August 1985, 7 pages. [D. Pritchard]
Harley, Brian; Introduction and problem section. Chess Pie.
— Official Souvenir of the International Tournament London 1922.
Isham, H. W., More Kriegspiel Endgames, photocopy of p.58 Chess Amateur November 1926.
Kemp, C.E., Home Bases, A Helpmate Feature, photocopy of BCPS lecture (1944).
Maus, Frank, Ellsworth Reporter, July 1941, etc, photocopies of items in BCPS Archive.
Severn, Merlyn, Chess in Three Dimensions (Beatty), photocopy from Picture Post, 9 Feb 1946.
Stewart, Ian, Playing Chess on a Go Board photocopy (4 pages, onesided) from Mathematical Recreations column in Scientific American, Nov. 1994. [D. Pritchard]
Strutt, Joseph, The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, 1801; photocopy of title page,
— preface to 1969 edition, and chapter II on Sedentary Games (pages 245-266).
Sussex Chess Problem Fraternity Reports and BCPS Membership Roll, 1919; photocopy.

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German: Books and Pamphlets

Bartel, Erich & Hans Gruber, Umwandlungen in Märchenfiguren, Erich Bartel 1983 [German]
Bartel, Erich & Hansjorg Schiegl, Krumme Hunde, Peter Kniest 1970 [German]
Bartel, E., Einzuger Rekorde mit minimalem material, 1984
Ebert, H., Zuglängenrekorde in Wenigsteiner, 1986 [German]
Ebert, H., 200 Ausgewählte Schachaufgaben, 1987 [German]
Ebert, Hilmar, Hans Gruber & Jorg Kuhlmann, Das Vielvaterproblem, 1989 [German]
— includes extensive glossary (Märchenschach Erläuterungen pages 74-94)
Ebert, H., Orthodoxe Zuglangenrekorde in Wenigsteiner, Four Men Only series Nr 1, 1981
— plus revised edition 1982, and supplement 1982
Ebert, H., Kronjuwelen, Four Men Only series Nr 1*, 1988
Ebert, H., Kleinode, Four Men Only series, Nr 1**, 1988
Ebert, H., Merk-Wurdige Wenigsteiner, Four Men Only series Nr 2, 1983
Ebert, H., et al. Das Vielvaterproblem, Four Men Only series Nr.3, 1983
Ebert, H., 100 Klassische Wenigsteiner, Four Men Only series Nr 4, 1983
Ebert, H., Rekorde-Datenbank im Wenigsteiner, 1992.
Ebert, H., Neue Rekorde-Datenbank im Wenigsteiner, 1995
Fabel, K. & C.E.Kemp, Schach ohne Grenzen/Chess Unlimited, bilingual, Walter Rau Verlag 1969
Fabel, K., Einfuhrung in das Problemschach, Heidelberg 1976
Feather, C.J., Schwarz am Zug/Black to Play, F.Chlubna Vienna bilingual, undated (1996 ?)
Forster, R., Frankfurt Chess, single page of notes from Feenschach p.345 January 1959.
Görig, Alwis, Neuland des koniglichen Spiels: Reformschach, Freischach, Problempartie, 1929 (photocopies) [D. Pritchard]
Karsch, W. and Hagemann, W. Figuren-Rundläufe im Schachproblem, Feenschach-Verlag 1952 [German]
Klüver, Hans, Doppelzugschach Offprint from Schwalbe 1963. [D. Pritchard]
Klüver, Hans, Doppelzugschach Published by Schwalbe 1963 (photocopy, stapled as booklet).
Klüver, Hans and Kahl, Peter, Dynamoschach, broadsheet, 1969.
Kniest, Peter (editor), Caissa's Schlossbewohner, 1 (1983), 2 (1985), 3 (1987), 4 (1991).
Kuhn, W.E. and Murkisch, G., Das Hans-Kluver-Gedenkturnier, 1993
Murkisch, G., Carl Bilfingers Schachaufgaben, 1984
Niemann, J., Wenigsteiner im Hilfsmatt, P. Kniest/Feenschach 1977.
Petroff, A. v., Das Vierschach mit Festungen, photocopy of pp.377-384 Deutsche Schachzeitung 1850, small format. [D. Pritchard]
Queck, Rudolf, 36 Gitterschachaufgaben, 1984, grid chess problems
Siers, T., Rosselsprunge im Schachproblem, including errata, Schwalbe 1948
Speckmann, W., An der Schwelle zur Miniatur, 1979
Treutgut, A., Böttcher, J., Koller, H., and Stegmann, D., Norrisschach, photocopy, 9 sheets, 1975. [D. Pritchard]
Treutgut, A. and Böttcher, J., Schach für 2 und 3 Spieler, photocopy, 10 sheets, 4th edition 1978. Identical to Norrisschach apart from title page, and no mention of Koller and Stegmann. [D. Pritchard]
Wilpert, Dr Arno von, Wolf-Schach, Kommissions-Verlag Heinz Loeffler 1956(?)
Zander, Heinz, KÖKO (Kölner Kontaktschach), two 3-page leaflets (Andernach 1990 and 1991).

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German: Periodicals

Feenschach, Old series: (Jun-Aug 1956) 250-257; New series: Vol.12 (1971-72) 1-12; Vol.13 (1973-74) 13-26; Vol.14 (1975-76) 27-36; Vol.15 (1977-78) 37-44; Vol.16 (1979-80) bound set 45-52; Vol.17 (1981-82) 53-63; Vol.18 (1983-84) 64-72; Vol.19 (1985-86) 73-81; Vol.20 (1987-88) 82-89;Vol.21 (1989-90) 90-98; Vol.22 (1991-92) 99-106; Vol.23 (1993-94) 107-111 incomplete.
Infoblatt, various 1992-2003
Jugend Schach, (1981-89) Nos.22-77.
Problem Kiste, (1982-99) Vol.1, Nrs.1-29, 32-35, 38-41, 43 + index; Vol.2, 44-60 + index; Vol.3, 61-72 + index; Vol.4, 73-84 + index; Vol.5, 85-96 + index; Vol.6, 97-98, 100-104, 106-108 + index; Vol.7, 109-120 + index; Vol.8, 121-132 + index; Vol.9, 133-151.
Problem Kiste, Numbers 152, April 2004 to 164, April 2006
Problem Kiste, Numbers 165 June 2006 to 171 June 2007. Plus index (Problemkiste Inhaltsverzeichnis Band IX 2001-2002 Heft 133-144).
Schach-Echo, Nos. 15, 16 (August 1976)
Schwalbe, Die, Old series: Nrs.17-20 (1969); New series: Nr.8 (April 1971), Vol.16 50-58 (1977-79) incomplete; Vol.17 64-78 (1980-82); Vol.18 80-96 (1983-85); Vol.19 97-114 (1986-88); Vol.20 115-132 (1989-91); Vol.21 133-140 (1992-94?) incomplete; Vol.22 (1995-96?) none; Vol.23, 163-174 (1997-98) including 171A; vol.24, 175 (Feb 1999)
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, No 12, December 1914. 44 pages (22 photocopied sheets), containing article 'Das Kriegspiel' by M. Henneberger.
Wenigsteiner Jahrespreis, various pamphlets 1979 – 1989
Xiangqi-Kurier, Number 8, 1998 and 9, 1999

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French: Books and Pamphlets

Blondel, D., et al, Miniatures Francaises, 1985
Boyer, Jean-Pierre, 250 Oeuvres Choisies, D.Blondel 1988 [French]
Boyer, Joseph, Les Jeux D'Echecs Non Orthodoxes, self-published 1951
Boyer, Joseph, Nouveaux Jeux D'Echecs Non Orthodoxes, self-published 1954
Boyer, Joseph, (?), Quinze Nouveaux Jeux D'Echecs Interessants, photocopy dated Feb 1957
Boyer, Joseph, (?), Nouveaux Jeux D'Echecs Interesants, photocopy, 5 pages, of hand-printed text with descriptions of 30 games. Undated, but before 1959 (price in old francs). [D. Pritchard]
Couturier, J-P. & Nicolay, R. de, Bibliotheque D'un Amateur. Illustrated catalogue of an auction: 305 lots. 1991. [D. Pritchard]
Davaine, A., Trimmers/Volages/Flatterhafte trilingual tourney announcement.
Meignant, R & K.Widlert, Les Pieces Neutres, D.Blondel 1983 [French]
'Palamède', (probably M. Kraitchik), Les Jeux de l'Echiquier, Brussells 1927
— mainly Draughts, but also Losing Draughts and Fox and Geese [French]
Roese, W., 'L'Echo Dans Le Mat Aide', L'Echiquier, Sept-Oct 1931; photocopy of 19-page article.

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French: Periodicals

L'Echiquier, 1925, Study and problem pages, also 1930-37 Dawson articles and photo (photocopies).
Diagrammes, (1973-96) Nos. 1-83, 88-89, 91-117
— Special issues 1-19 + Belfort 1994
Minotaure, Le, supplement to Probleme 1 (March 1971), 2 (June 1971);
— supplement to Rex Multiplex No.4.
Phenix, (1988-92) Nos.1-20; (1996-2002) Nos.62-83 and 88-113.
Probleme, Nr.50, Jan. 1969
Rex Multiplex, (1982-86) Nos.1-19 — continued in Phenix
Themes 64, No.85 1977; Bound Vol 1980-81; — continued in Phenix

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Italian: Books and Pamphlets

Castelli, A., Informatore AISE No.12, Vinciperdi, AISE 1988
PRBase, Scacchi Progressivi, 1st and 2nd International Championships 1990
Dipilato, g. & Leoncini, M., Fondamenti Di Scacchi Progressivi, AISE, 1987. [D. Pritchard]
Fabbri, Marco, Eteroscacco, Speciale Olimpiadi n^1, AISE, 1987 (rules). Three copies.
Fabbri, Marco, Eteroscacco, Speciale Olimpiade n°2, AISE, 1988 (teams and pairings). [D. Pritchard]
Fabbri, Marco, Album AISE 3, 1a Olimpiade Eterodossa, AISE 1992
Velucchi, Mario, All Kinds ... Best if Unusual!, 1997

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Italian: Periodicals

Best Problems: Rassegna dei migliori problemi, Antonio Garofalo, Anno II, n.10, 1999.
Eteroscacco, Nos.8-10, 12-18 (1980-81); Nos. 33, 39-85 (1986-99); Nos. 86-88 (1999). .
Scacchi e Scienze Applicate, (1983-92), Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 10
Scacco, No.7-8, 1989
Telescacco 92, third series; Vol.6 (1997) 5-7, 9-11; Vol.7 (1998), 1-5, 9

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Other Languages: Books and Pamphlets

Bakcsi, G., Strategia es Gondolat, Budapest 1981 (Magyar)
Belliboni, Caetano, Introducao ao Problema Feerico, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1983 [Portuguese]
B.Djurasevic, 20th Thematic Tourney of 'Mat', Beograd 1990
Janevski, S & N. Stolev, The Modern Helpmate in Two, Skopje 1989 [Serbocroat, Cyrillic]
Olson, Anders, Fantasiproblem, Författares Bokmaskin 1983 [Swedish]
Smulders, Kurt, Sprookjesschaak, fairy chess guide self-published 1987, also 2nd edition 1992 [Dutch]
Stosic, M., Izabrani Problemi, 1979
Ylikarjula, Simo, Satushakin Sanakirja, a fairy chess guide, self-published 1980 [Finnish]

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Other Languages: Periodicals

A feladvany, three issues 1981-83 (Magyar)
Artedrez, Revista de Arte en Ajedrez, No.4 (1997) + Related correspondence.
Boletim da UBP, Nrs.35-42, 46 some duplicates (1980-83); Boletim Biographico Nr.1 J.Figeiredo (1989);
— Nr 63, (1989), Nrs.65-68, 70-73 (1990-92). [Portuguese]
Brädspelaren!!, No.2 (1990) [Swedish]
Mat/Pat Nr.31 Martin, Czechoslovakia 1992-3
Probleemblad, Nr.1 1976, Nr 1 1997.
Problem, 171-174 (May 1976), 175-177 (Sept 1976) and 188-193 (May 1979) [Serbocroat, Cyrillic]
Problemas, Vols.11-17 (1976-95) [Spanish]
Rokada, (Yugoslavia), Nos.85-120 (1981-83) [Serbocroat, Cyrillic]
Sahovska Kompozicija, Nr.45, 1991
Springaren, Nrs.8-10 (1979); 17-27 (1984-86); 33 (1988); 44-52 (1991-93); 68-69 (1997);
— and 72, 74-75 (1998) [Swedish]
Stella Polaris, No.3 (1967); Nos.1-4 (1968); Nos.1, 4 (1969); Nos.1, 4 (1970); No.3 (1971); awards (1972-74).
Suomen Tehtäväniekat 50, Awards in 50-year Jubilee Tourney, Helsinki 1987 [mainly Finnish]
Thema Danicum, Vols.1- 8 (1976-91); Vol.12, Nr.93 (January 1999) [Danish]
Variantim, No.5 (1989) [Hebrew and English]
Xadrez artistico, Nr 6 (1989) single sheet.

A Japanese Chess Magazine. 1976 [Japanese]

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Other Items

Anonymous or Organisational Publications and Tourney Awards

BCVS Library List (June 1999, May 2000)
CNWS, Publicity Leaflet for: Board Games Studies 2, 1999.
Award in Variant Chess Theme Tourney 1 for Two-piece Problems (based on VC 27 and 29).
Japan Shogi Federation, How to Play Shogi, 1963(?).
Memorial Jean Oudot 1976
Miroslav Stosic Memorijal 1979, two copies
Result of the Solving Contest of Mathematical Chess Problems, Suomen Tehtavaniekat 1962
Statutes of the Permanent FIDE Commission for Chess Compositions, 1988
World Chess Composition Tournament of the FIDE, Nr 3, 1984-88; Nr 4, 1988, 89-92; Nr.5 Announcement 1993; Nr.6 Announcement 1996.
YU-Album 1974-1976.
M.M. Neues Kriegspiel / Le jeu de La Guerre Prague 1770. Photocopy (5 sheets) of title pages and contents lsts, in French and German. [D. Pritchard]

Computer disks
BCPS Library Catalogue July 1999 edition.
Chessmen Laser (by Timo Kallio) for Windows 1.0 and for DOS 2.0.
Variant Chess masters for issues 21 (except problem pages), 22 (except figure p.31), 23 (except figure p.49), 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Miscellaneous unsorted one-page leaflets and small pamphlets

These are all together in a magazine file.

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