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Site updated 7 August 2010

The British Chess Variants Society was formed in 1997 by contributors and subscribers to the magazine Variant Chess, which was begun in January 1990 and is now published by the Society. The most recent issue of the magazine is VC64, published August 2010 and should have been received at UK addresses by 9 August, overseas a little later.

The present office-holders of the Society are:
President: George Jelliss
Editor and Secretary: John Beasley
Treasurer and VC distribution: Peter Fayers
Librarian: George Jelliss
Postal Chess Organiser: Jed Stone
Endings Editor: Paul Byway
Webmaster: Sue Beasley
Web Site: www.bcvs.ukf.net

Other pages on this site:

Variant Chess Magazine, Subscription details, Publication history, Availability of back issues, etc
Articles on particular chess variants with rules, illustrative problems, and example games.
Contents List of all articles published in VCM
LIB: List of contents of the BCVS Library, available to members. Revised June 2007
Links to other sites of Variant Chess interest. Updated 9 August 2006
Obituaries/Appreciations, Various friends and members of the Society

News and Notices: Update 7/8/10

VC64 (the final issue of VC) is now available - UK members should have received their copy by the early August 2010. Overseas subscribers possibly mid to late August.

Note that the email address given for the Treasurer in VC54 has changed - he has moved to @googlemail.com and is now fayers.peter, and NOT "fayers@freeuk.com".

David's Encyclopedia. Update 3 April 2007 The second edition is now available from Chess Direct, P O Box 18, Mexborough, South Yorks S64 9AR or logon to Chess Direct   Price £15.99 plus postage and packing.

Errors and omissions in ECV2.
I have been using “Variant Chess” to report errors and omissions in the second edition of David Pritchard’s Encyclopedia, and it occurs to me that the relevant sections might usefully be posted here as PDF files so that holders of the Encyclopedia who do not see VC can download them. There are currently five of these files:
The text has sometimes been edited to remove or replace references to material appearing elsewhere in the magazine. JDB

David Pritchard’s Encyclopedia files
Now that work on the Encyclopedia has finished and the immediate claims of error and omission have been fielded, David Pritchard’s files have been prepared for transfer to the Musée Suisse du Jeu, where they will be kept in the Ken Whyld Library and made available to future researchers. If anyone with an interest in the subject will be travelling that way with a car and would care to take them on behalf of the Musée, would he or she please be so kind as to contact us? Sue doesn’t drive on the Continent and I don’t drive at all, and we would far rather see this irreplaceable material go in the charge of a trusted courier than rely on a commercial carrier. The Musée is at La Tour-de-Peilz, on the lake side between Vevey and Montreux, and is well worth a visit both for itself and for its lovely setting. The material is stored in five boxes each roughly the size of a 12-bottle wine case (one is a little larger), and weighs around 70 kilogrammes in total. It is currently located at Harpenden, about 40 kilometres north of London between the M1 and the A1(M).

This site was started by George Jelliss in June 2001
and from January 2006 maintained by Sue Beasley, comments and suggestions welcome to vcm using domain suebeasley .co.uk.